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* — by some closes to the westward, in the same Har-
row unclean state as the others in different parts of
the town, — by North Tay-street and several lanes
farther to the west ; and it is the great opening to
all the business from Coupar Angus, Blairgowrie,
Meigle, and all that district. The Hawkhill leads
on to the Perth-road.
From the great square, and on the south of the
Episcopal Chapel, runs the Nethergate, which con-
tinues out in suburb to near the Blackness toll.
This street is by far the most improved in the
town, — a whole range of buildings having been pur-
chased by the Magistrates, and pulled down for the
purpose of making the street wider, and especially
to lay open to view the ancient venerable churches.
It is better paved, and the footpaths on each side
are kept in very good order, — the whole making an
excellent entry from the west.
In this street stood Whitehall, in which resided
many of the kings of Scotland at different periods.
There Parliaments met, Conventions both of estates
and boroughs were frequently called, and General
Assemblies of the church were sometimes held. A
close going down to the shore still retains the name;
and in the new buildings, several stones of the old
ruins are preserved. There was an ancient ehimney
piece, bearing the name and arms of James VI.
with the date 1588 ; and over the entry of the close
from the street are the name and arms of Charles
II. who lodged there previous to his expedition to
Worcester, which turned out so disastrous to him-
self in the first place, and eventually to Dundee
during the usurpation of Cromwell.
c 3

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