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and that Iiis property had been given away during
the time he was abroad.
At the Overgate port, the street branches out in-
to two suburbs — Hawkhill and Scouringbura, run-
ning both west at a small acute angle, stretching
into the lands of Dudhope, Logie, Balgaty, and
Blackness, in general without any regard 1 1> taste,
convenience, or cleanliness. Though one part of
the ground called the Witchknoll had a fine; decli-
vity, with plenty of water, and was capable of be-
ing made a handsome square, and had eve) a room
for parallel streets, the ground, which beloi iged to
the Hospital, being feued to persons of small capi-
tal, the houses have been built generally low, and
so arranged that every dne obstructs or defiles the
other. Some indeed are left unfinished. It iV; there-
fore, with few exceptions, the receptacle oft he low-
est and worst part of the community ; the continual
abode of the typhus fever ; and is convertedi from a
fine green healthy meadow into a lazar-hoi ise, and
the fixed residence of filth, disease, uncleanness,
and wretchedness.
In this quarter, from the command of water run-
ning by the back of the town, and by the great im-
provement in the steam-engine, there are numerous
and large mills for spinning tfax, just now in the most
thriving state. There are likewise three excellent
nurseries on the estates of Dudhope, I-iOgie, and
Blackness; and close by in the Pleasancc: is a most
extensive Brewery, which has long been famed and
This street communicates with the Wards and
north, by Barrack-street, formerly the B urial wyncj,

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