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Burrows, Stephen, evangelist. 11 Wallace
Canby, Ciiristoplier, engraver, 5 Friars
Chalmers, James, reed and canib maker.
.'» Friars street,
Chalmers. Thomas, bellman. 13 St. John ?t.
Chrystal, John, hosier, (IS Upper Craiu'--.
Costeilo, James, steamboat porter, i;} St.
John street.
Cowie, Andrew, hostler, S Maxwell place.
Cunninp, William, ajrent. lletorin Friendly
Assurance Society, (J8 St. Mary's wynd.
Daljileish, G. &. D., candleinakers, 5
Baker street.
Fernie, Thomas, factor for Sir Alex. C. R.
Gibson ISIaitland, 1 Albert place.
Forrester. G. N., agent for L'Extincteur,
Graham. Jas., music-seller and pianoforte
warehouse, 3 Murray place.
Gray, James, missionary, "it Broad street.
Jenkins, William, general dealer, 68 King
Livinijston, Gavin, agent for the Royal
Liver Friemlly Society, Jo (.^ueen st.
Maclean, J. G.. accountant, stockbroker,
and insurance agent, 11 Kinii street.
Maloch. Andrew, gunsmith and cutler, Gl
King street.
Masson. llobert, bookbinder, 43 Spittal
JIiddleton,David.cattle food manufacturer.
54 King street.
Middleton, D.. II.M. inspector of schools
for the Western District of Scotland.
Moore, Wni., agent for the Scottish Leiral
Burial and Loan Society, 'JO Broad st.
Morrison, John, superintendent Coney-
park nursery.
Jl'Calluni, Alex., missionary, 20 Broad
M'Cormick, Alexander, trunk maker, 20^
Cowane street.
M'Elfrish, J. &, A,, soapmakers, 4 Abbey
M'Farlane, Miss, staymaker, S5 Baker st.
M'Intosh, John, hostler. T>2 King street.
M'Killop, John, hawker. 5(J Broad street.
M'Lean, John, superintendent Wallace
Monument. 3 Bruce street.
M'Luckie. Thomas, boarding establish-
ment. 19 Albert place.
M'Nellan, Alex., steamboat porter, 20
Broad street.
Paton, Alex., quarrier. 05 Upper Craigs.
Paton. Misses, teachers of white seaiu
sewing, 15 King street.
Raines, Thomas, proprietor of travelling
thrashing machines. Bridgehaugh, Old
Reid. Miss, furrier, 2 Port street.
Robertson. Peter, collector of Corn-Ex-
clinnge and Shore dues.
Sinclair. William, newspaper reporter, 2
Barn ton place.
Stoddart, ^Irs. and blisses, white seam
sewers, IG Port street.
Sutherland. Mrs., muslin sewing and
stamping. 12 Port street.
Thomson, Wm., valuator, 42 Port street.
Wojenski, N., teacher of modern lan-
guages, 18 Melville place.

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