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Baxter, David. 1 1 Baker street.
])rvs(lnle. J. 6L W.. Mart. ( (rcliard place.
Henderson L I'attcrson, '-'0 Murray place.
Kellv. Joseph I).. 3 Princes street.
ThoinsoD, William. 42 Port street. ^
Wallace. Peter. Hock cottage, Irvine place.
Bryce, John, 40 Port street.
Waucli, William. 27 Murray place, house
7 Maxwell place.
â– WATCnMAKERS— [5e6 Jewelleus.]
Camy)bell, William, I'.irk lane.
Johnston, John, Burpliraill.
Johnston, Peter, i'M CoAvaue Etrcet.
Keid, James. Abbey road.
Stepiienson, Robert, II Forth place.
Thomson & Sons. Andrew, 5 Abbey road.
Hunter. Geo., 11 Irvine place.
Hunter. William, Park laue.
Mouat, George. 5 Melville place.
I'nterson. W. K., 2 Siiore road.
Taylor, James, 14 Burghmuir.
Campbell, Robert, procurator-fiscal to
Sher ff and Justices, clerk to the commis-
sioners of supply, clerk cf lieutenancy, clerk
to the prison nikd hniacy boards, and to the
police committee of t lie county, and collector
of county rates, 30 Fort street.
Chrystal & Macfarlane. apents for the City
of Glab<ro\v Bank (James Chrystal. clerk to
the assessed tax commissioners), 37 Kinpst.
Crawford. Andrew, procurator-hscal to the
faculty of WTiters of Stirlingshire, ItJG Uaker
Davidson. .Tohn. collector of taxes and dis-
tributor of stamps for the counties of Stirling,
Linlithgow, and Clackmannan, 10 Port st.
Dick. John, G Melville place.
Galbrailh, Thomas L., sheriff clerk, town
clerk, &c. &c., 'I'own-house, 47 Uroad st.
Gentleman. E. & E. (Ebenezer Gentle-
man, sen., dean of the faculty of writers,
and commissioner for taking oaths in Chan-
cery- in England; I'^benezer Gentleman,
jun.. collector of poor, water, and police
rates), 17 Baker street. [road.
Ilill&,Cathcart, Wolf Craip. 14 Dumbarton
Hutton. Andrew, commissary clerk, 34
Murray place.
Jenkins. Alex.. 2.j Kinp street.
Macnab. iJuncan, 44 Kinp street.
Mathie. J. vc J., & Macluckie, solicitors to
the Forth cc Clyde ItaiUny Co., and law
acents for Midland Counties Investment
Society f.T. &: J. Matliie, aceuts for the
Union bank of Scotland: James Mathie,
cha;nbcriai;i for the burgli ; John l>ick
Mathie. ci»rk and treasurer to the (jiiildry
incorporation, clerk to Linlithgow bridge,
to Stirling turnpike road trust, to Kcdrow
and Teathill road trust, and to the Forth
district of .-itirlinpshire statute labour roads),
W olf Crai-. \^ Dumbarton road.
Morison. Patrick G.. 3 Kinp street.
Morri.son & Cunningham f Ebenezer Mor-
rison, assessor of property and income tax
for the Stirling district of the county ; John
M. Cunnnigham, clerk-depute of the peace
for Stirlimrshire), 17 King street.
Muirhead. John, 23 Kinp street.
Stevenson. William, J> King street.
Winpate, Charles, '1 Port street.
Winpate, Jas. T., clerk to commissioners of
property and income tax, and secretary to
Murray's Hall Lime Co., 12 Murray place.
Younp. John, commissary clerk-depute,
34 Murray place.
Cathcart. Wm., Wolf Craig. 14 Dumbarton
Chrystal, James, 37 Kinp street [road.
Fleminp. James S., 10 Port street.
Galbraith. Thomas L., 47 Broad street.
Hill, Alexander, 14 Dumbarton road.
Hutton. Andrew, 34 Murray place
Mathie. John D., Wolf Craig, 13^ Dum-
barton road.
(not licensed agexts.)
Curror. Robert, 73 Kinp street.
Drvsdale. George. 3it Port street.
L.ipie, 1). W.. 39 Port street.
Walker, Roijert M., 47 Bro.id street.
Young, John. 34 Murray place.
Adam, Rob:., corkcutter, 8 Dumbarton rd.
Aitken, J. G.. treneral merchant. Shore rd.
Anderson, William, lime merchant.N.B.R.
Baird L Sons. Alex., umbrella makers, 28J
Murray place.
Banks Brotiiers, iron bedstead and peram-
bulator makers, fi(i Kinp street.
Barclay. Wm.. sculptor. l.T Barnton place.
Barnetson. David, evangelist. Queen st.

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