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Baxter & Co., James, ilrapcrs, 13 Broad st.
Baxter, Jnmes (of James Baxter & Co.),
15 Brond street.
Bayne, David, grocer, .">3 Cowane street.
Bean, Alex., (jas Cutnpuny's mechanic.
Thistle street.
Beath, Andrew, surgeon, Craigs house, 58
Upper Craigs.
Beath, James, 6 Queen street.
Beattie, George T., commission agent, 51
King street.
Beith, D.D.,Bev. Alexander, Free Church
manse. 24 Allan park.
Bell, Mrs. Dr., 2 Allan park.
Bell, Mrs., Southfield.
Bennet, J., musketry instructor, Stirling-
shire Militia, 33 St. Mary's wynd.
Bennie, David, currier, 1 Upper Bridge st.
Berrie, David, teacher, Industrial School,
12 Spittal street.
Bett, Feter, fruiterer, iiGbmonger, and
game dealer, 1 Friars street.
Binnie, D.D., Rev. Wm., 25 Albert place.
Binnins, Thomas, saddler and coal agent,
43 King stree(.
Black, A., bootmaker, 10| Upper Craigs.
Black, Mrs., provisions, 52 Cowane street.
Boos, Frederick, teacher of languages and
music. High School, house 9 Albert pi.
Bortlnvick, Robert, 1!) Wallace street.
Bowie, Andrew, bugle-major, Stirlingshire
Militia, 53 Broad street.
Bowio, Thomas (Stamp and Tax office),
clerk, 10 Wallace street.
Boyes, Ed., maltster, 59 St. Mary's wynd.
Brnkenridge, William, assistant, High
School, house 35 Baker street.
Bridgett. John, grocer, GO^^ Cowane st.
Brodie & Co., wine and spirit vaults, 1
Orchard place.
Brodie, Alex. D. (of Brodie & Co.), 16
Nelson place.
Brown, Charles (Menzies & Melrose), 5
Dambarton road.
Brown. James, letter-carrier, and lodgings,
()(] King street.
Brown, Jas., White Hart hotel, and dairy,
24 Tort street.
Brown, Jus. (J. & J. Mathie & Macluckie),
law clerk, 27 Upper Bridge street.
Brown, John (D. <& J. MocEwen &. Co.),
grocer, lOj Upper Craigs.
Brown, Jolin, confectioner, 51 Baker st.
Brown, John (W. & A. Johnston), 27
Upper Bridge street.
Brown, Mrs., 4 Cowane street.'
Brown, Mrs., publican, I St. Mary's wynd. .
Brown, Mrs., 27 Upper Bridge street.
Brown, Ralph (W. Vost), clerk, 2 Bruce st.
Brown, Robert, grocer, 3 Broad street.
Brown, Robt., publican, 09 St. Mary's wynd.
Brown, William (of Davie, Brown &
Young), 98 Baker street.
Brown, William, 1 Maxwell place.
Bruce, David, 13 Clarendon place.
Bruce, John, clerk. Inland Revenue; office
12 Queen street.
Bruce, Mrs. Jas., lodgings, 102 Baker st.
Bryce, J., veterinary surgeon, 46 Port st.
Bryce, Wm., cabinetmaker, 54 King st.
Buchao,D.(of Lamb & Buchan), 7 Orchard
Buchan, Edward, 30 Queen street.
Buchan, Henry, superintendent burgh
police. Castle wynd.
Buchanan, Alex., weaver and bill-poster,
11 Upper Bridge street.
Buchanan, Mrs., 26 Nelson place.
Buchanan & M'Millun. Misses, milliners
and dressmakers, 16 Port street.
Burden, Mrs., brewer. 52 St. Mary's wynd.
Burden, Mrs., 5 Irvine place.
Burden, William, 5 Irvine place.
Burgess, Miss, 38 Murray place.
Burnett, James (Robt. Walls), 32 Port st.
Burnett, John, mason, 3 King street.
Burns, Mrs., of Garvald, 68 Broad street.
Burns, William, wood carver, 94 Baker st.
Burrows, Stephen, evangelist, 11 Wallaces!
Burt, Andrew, grocer and weaver, 23j^ .
Cowane street.
Burton, Mrs. and Misses, boarding and
educational establishment for young
ladies, 13 Allan park.
Caddel, Mrs., 26 Allan park.
Caddis, Jane, matron, Stirling prison.
Cairns, John, corn merchant, 23 King st.-
Cairns, Peter (J. & A. Drummond), St.
Caledonian R.ailway Goods Office, Thistle
street— William Grcig, agent.
Cameron, Angus, foreman locomotive de-
partment C.R., 73 Cowane street.
Cameron, Donald, gardener, 66 Baker st.
Cameron, Ewan, clerk in charge, Railway
Clearing-house, Mill entry, 30 Cowanest.
Cameron, James, upholsterer, 116 Baker
Cameron, John, horse dealer, 2 Union st.

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