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Cameron, Miss, straw liat maker, 45
Spittal street.
Cameron, Mrs., lodgings, 10 Friars street.
Campbell, Alex., superintendent county
police, 20 St. John street.
Campbell, Archibald, Royal hotel, 1
Barnton pl.ice and 21 Friars street.
Campbell, Duncan, Qolden Lion hotel,
51 Iving street.
Campbell, Miss, 1 Abercromby place.
Campbell, Miss, 37 Cowane street.
Campbell, Misses, dressmakers, 69 Port St.
Campbell. Mrs., 8 Victoria place.
Campbell, Mrs., lodgings, 66 Baker street.
Campbell, Robt., procurator-fiscal, writer,
and county rates collector, 39 Port St.,
house 21 Allan park.
Campbell, Wm., wood merchant, Park lane.
Canby, Christopher, engraver, 5 Friars st.
Carmichael, John (Mrs. Burden), brewer,
10 Barn road.
Carmichael, Michael, Raploch farm.
Carmichael, Peter, confectioner and Tem-
perance hotel, 2 and 4 Murray place.
Carnegie, John, agent N.B. Railway, 64^
Cowane street.
Carson. William, painter, 29 Port street.
Cathcart, William (of Hill & Cathcart),
2 Irvine place.
Chalmers, Geo., builder, 46 Lower Craigs.
Chalmers, James, reed-maker, 5 Friars st.
Chalmers, James, tailor, 85 Baker street.
Chalmers, John, M.D., chemist, 59 King
street, house 68 King street.
Chalmers, Johnjflesher, 21 St. Mary'swynd.
Chalmers, Miss, dressmaker, 85 Baker st.
Chalmers, Thomas, bellman and bill-
poster, 13 St.' John street.
Cherry <:il:i Son, Alex., skinners, 13 Lower
Christie & Son, brick and tile makers, Stir-
ling shore aiid'Cornton.
Christie, John, Forthbank; George, 10
Melville place (of Christie & Son).
Christie, James, 3 Victoria sqnare.
Christie, James, dairy, 63 Cowane street.
Christie, John, ironmonger, 14 Murray
place, house 7 Melville place.
Christie, Miss, 34 Shore road.
Christie, Mrs., lodgings, 30 Castlehill.
Christie, William, watchmaker, 18 Partst.
Christie, William (Commercial Bank),
accountant, 3 Victoria square.
Chrystal & Macfarlane, writers and
bankers, 37 King street.
Chrjstal, James (of Chrystal & Macfar-
lane), 8 Allan park.
Chrystal, James (James Millar & Sons),
vanman, 4 Viewfield street.
Chrystal, John, publican, 34 Port street,
and hosier. 08 Upper Craigs.
Chrystal, Miss. 5 Viewfielil place.
City of Glasgow Bank— Chrystal & Mac-
farlane, agents. 36 King street.
Clark, Jolm, dairyman, 82 Upper Craigs.
Clark, Mrs., lodgings, 7 Bank street.
Clarke, William J. (Wm. Drummond &
Sons), seedsman. 10 Nelson place.
Clink, Stewart (Gonld. Smith &Co.), fore-
man blacksmith. 2 Vicwfield street.
Clugston, Mrs., lodcings, 09 Port street.
Clydesdale Bank — James Drysdale, agent,
9 King street.
Cochrane, Neil, Comely Bank, 29 Upper
Bridge street.
Cochrane, William (of W. & A. Johnston),
11 Pitt terrace.
Colquhoun, Andrew, brewer, Burghmuir,
house 25 Nelson place.
Colville, Jas.. provisions, 9 Upper Craigs.
Combination Poor-house, Union street.
Commercial Bank of Scotland — J. & J.
M. Morrison, agents. 13 Spittal street.
Comrie, James, tea tnerchant, Raploch.
Condie, Robert, joiner, 72 Cowane street.
Convery, P., broker. 89 St. Mary's wynd.
Cook, George (G. Ilandyside), 40 Baker st.
Cook, Joseph, quarter-muster sergeant,
Stirlingshire Slilitia, house Esplanade.
.Cooper, Miss, milliner, 12 Bow street.
Council Chambers. 49 Broad street.
Coutts, Mrs., lodgings, 2 Wallace street.
Corbett, Thomas, Viewforth, Pitt terrace.'
Costello, James, steamboat porter, 13 St.
John street.
Cowan, Dougald, coach wheel maker, 54
King street.
Cowbrongh & Co.. James, grocers, 7 Port
street, 93 Baker street. Bridge of Allan
and Callander.
Cowbrough. James (of James Cowbrough
& Co.), 6 Port street.
Cowen, James, publican, 9 Bow street.
Cowie, Andrew, hostler, 8 Maxwell place.
Cowie, Robert, gardener, Newhouse.
Craig, James, rag and china merchant,
9 Spittal street.
Craig, Mrs., 12 Park terrace.
Craig, S., broker. 6 St. John street.
Craigic, John, 66 St. Mary's wynd.

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