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Established 1850. President — Captain Stewart of Lesnmrdie. Vice-President — A,
M'Kenzie banker. Secretary and Treasurer — A. Cameron, writer.
President — Provost Grant. Vice-President — John Allan, corn factor.
Cap-tain Culbard. Secretary — S. N. Macdonald, Court House.
Captain —
S. D.
Flour, per sack of 236 lbs 6
Barley or mixt meal, per 112 lbs. 1
Or old boll of do. of 210 lbs 2
Oatmeal, per 112 lbs 1|
Oroldboll 2
Each mare, horse, gelding, colt, &c. 3
Each mare and foal 3J
Each ox or cow, &c. , or do. slaugh-
tered or sold 2
Each cow and calf 2£
Each sheep or goat 1
Each lamb or kid Ok
Three sheep, lambs, or kids,
slaughtered or sold Ik
Calves or swine, each lg-
Each large hide Ik
Each small do oi
Each pair of men's double shoes,
or two pair women's do Oj
Six pair men's brogues, or twelve
pair women's do 2
Each goose or turkey 1
Each hen, duck, or pair chickens Ok
One egg for each dozen
Cheese, per imperial stone 1|
Each pint, or 5k lbs. honey 1
Each creel of fish, dilse, partans, &c. Ok
Cart of mackerel or salmon 4
Cart load of fish 3
Creel of mackerel or salmon 1
Three imperial pints of oil Ok
Cart load of potatoes 2
Firkins of apples, pears, cherries,
plums, &c 1
s. D.
Hamper of gooseberries, currants,
&c 1
Cart load of do. do 3
Cart load of turnips, carrots, or
onions 4
Tenpence value of seeds, vege-
tables, &c Ok
Cart load of earthenware, crystal,
&c 8
Wool, per 24 lbs 3
Woollen cloth, not exposed in
stand, per ell Ok
Plaid or blanket, do 2
Stuffs, checks, or plaidings, do.
perell 0£
Tenpence value of all other cloths
or yarns 0i
Three pairs stockings, do 1
Chapman's stands, eight feet in
length, greater or less in pro-
portion 1 6
Table and sweetmeat stand 2
Pewter or white iron stand 1
Hawker with maps, hardwares,
&c, per day 8
Travelling auctioneer, per day ... 5
Puppet or juggler, do 1 6
Caravan, mountebank, stage, <fec,
do 2 6
Wheels, per pair 2
Riddle or range Ok
Tenpence value of other Wright
or cooper work Ok
Basses, per dozen 2
S. D.
Each beef above 28 stone 9
Under that weight 6
Each calf 3
Each pig 3
s. D.
Each Lamb 2
Each sheep, 40 lbs. and upwards. ..03
Under that weight 2
Each goat 2
To Banff— William Jeans, every Thursday, returning on Saturday night— at 281,
High Street.
To Garmouth — George Inch, on Tuesdays and Saturdays— at 2, Queen Street.
To Burghead— James Hendry, almost every day— at 9, South College Street.
Robert Grant from Forres twice a-week, on Tuesdays and Fridays— at Plough Inn.

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