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President— John Gordon, moulder. Vice-President — Thomas Tindal, shoemaker.
treasurer — Geo. Forsyth, Morayshire Foundry. Secretary — John Findlay, carpenter.
President — Wm. Jenkins, carpenter. Vice-President — Jas. Scott, dyer. Treasurer
— James Mellis, shoemaker. Secretary] — Arthur Farney, agent for Scottish Legal
Burial and Loan Society.
Offices. Names and Designations.
Sun Fire Office James Petrie, banker
Phoenix Insurance Company A. M'Kenzie, banker
Caledonian Fire and Life Thomas Allan
Scottish UnionFire and Life Insurance Com- f ^^^^^^
P any \ Alex. Forbes, writer
Edinburgh Life Insurance Company Robert Brander, banker
( Wm. Grant, accountant
North British and Mercantile Insurance Com- J George Gatherer, writer
pany J James Grant, writer, and (for Fire)
( James Anderson, writer
Norwich Union Insurance Company Rev. P. Merson, Elgin
Scottish Equitable Life Company Murdoch & Forsyth, writers
Scottish Provident Institution { ^^SSS^SS^
Insurance Company of Scotland (united with / Alex. Cooper, writer •
Alliance Company) \ Alex. Morrison, writer
Standard Life Assurance Company James Petrie, banker
European Life Assurance and Annuity Co.... George Gatherer, writer
British Commercial Life do Alex. Gordon, writer
Scottish Provincial Insurance Company Murdoch & Forsyth, writers
Northern do Grigor & Young, writers
Yorkshire Fire and Life do F. D. Robertson, town clerk
Scottish Widows' Fund do Wm. Macdonald, Caledonian Bank
f A. Russell, Main,
Scottish National Fire and Life do < W. Macdonald, Caledonian Bank, and
(Alex. Cameron, writer
British Guarantee do Grigor & Young, writers
English and Scottish Law Life do Grigor & Young, writers
Medical Invalid Life do James Petrie, banker
Life Association of Scotland Alex. M'Kenzie, Commercial Bank
City of Glasgow Life Assurance Company . . . Alex. Cameron, writer
Scottish Amicable Assurance Office John Milne, accountant
Colonial Life do J. D. Murdoch, sheriff -clerk depute
[ Wm. Robertson, druggist,
Royal Insurance Company < John Milne, accountant, and
( James Allan, bootmaker, Bishopmill
Queen Insurance Company W. S. Ferguson, jeweller
Crown Insurance Company Thomas Smith, bookseller
Lancashire Insurance Company J. D. Murdoch, sheriff -clerk depute
Mutual Life Assurance Society Fife Duff Robertson
Reliance Mutual Life Assurance Anderson & Wilson
•Rvi+isfc r m ,;tnWo / Wm - Jeans, Courier Office, and
British Equitable j j Turnbull> New Market
Minerva Life Assurance Society Alex. Cooper, and R. Jeans
Scottish Mutual Plateglass Assurance George Mel vin, architect
United Kingdom Pro violent James Allan, bootmaker
London Assurance Company Wm. Macdonald, bookseller
Collector — James M'Fadzean. Clerk — John Batterberry. Supervisor — John Swan-
son. Officer— William Mackay.
Supervisors of Divisions — Charles Roles, Grantown ; William Stuart, Huntly ;
Joseph Blairs, Banff.

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