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The town of Rothes is within three miles of the south end of the parish, lying
along the turnpike road from Craigellachie to Elgin and Keith ; distant from the
former ten miles, and from the latter twelve miles. It is a place of considerable
trade, and is beautifully situated at the foot of a rising ground on the edge of one of
the largest and finest haughs in the valley of the Spey. Its population is 1464
Popidation of the parish so far as situated in the Comity of Elgin —
Families. Males. Females. TotaL
In 1881 551 1171 1203 2374
In 1851 437 918 1063 1981
Increase 114 253 140 393
Population in the Banffshire portion of it is 33, making the whole population of
the parish 2407.
Patron— The Right Hon. the Earl of Seafield.
Minister — The Rev. George Gray, ordained 22d September, 1843. Stipend — £158
6s. Si. sterling, including communion element money ; with Manse, Offices, and a
Glebe of about twenty-five acres.
Rothes Academy — Teacher — Archibald D. "Wright ; salary, £55 ; besides- Dick Be-
quest, Dr Simpson's Bequest, school fees, &c, and free House and Garden. For years
past Mr Wright has also had a large number of boarders.
Female School — Teacher — Miss Black, who has a salary from the Society in Scotland
for Propagating Christian Knowledge, the Government Grant, fees, and a free House
and Garden. Miss Black is assisted by a pupil teacher.
There are also in the town two Female Adventure Schools, supported chiefly
by fees, and taught respectively by Mi ss Christina Calder and Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson.
There is a school at Inchberry, in the north end of the parish, taught by Mr James
Cririckshank, who is allowed by the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian
Knowledge and three of the heritors a salary of £28, and who has a free House and a
Croft of three or four acres, granted by His Grace the Duke of Richmond.
Parochial Library — A Parochial Library was established in 1845, and now contains
upwards of 600 volumes. Librarian — Archibald D. Wright, schoolmaster. Terms,
6d. per quarter ; open every Thursday Evening.
Free Church— Rev. Alex. M'Watt ; ordained in 1839.
Free Church School — Teacher — 'William Dean.
Parochial Board — For Heritors— P. Brown, Linkwood, for Earl of Seafield ; Wm.
Macdonald, writer, Elgin, for A. T. W. Duff of Orton ; John Mantach, Dundurcus, for
Hay Macdowal Grant of Arndilly ; Alex. Marquis, Fochabers, for the Duke of Rich-
mond ; Robert Urquhart, Forres, for Mrs Valiant dimming of Logie ; Wm. Robert-
son of Achinroath ; John Grant of Glengrant ; James Dean, banker ; James Davidson,
Macallan ; Adam Sharp of Clyth ; Wm. Graham, baker, Aberdeen ; George Mackie,
merchant ; James Younie, merchant ; John Smith, merchant. For Kirk-Session — ■
Rev. George Gray ; Wm. Shiach, Ardcanny ; Wm. Gordon, Crofts : James Stables,
Barluack ; James M'Kenzie, Sauchenbush ; James Cumming, Inland Revenue. For
Ratepayers — (No election for 1862). Chairman — Peter Brown. Inspector and, Collector —
Wm. Watson. Medical Officer — Dr. Thomson.
Amount of Assessment—About £600. From Mortifications, &c— £32 Ss. 4d. Rate of
Assessment, 4\ per cent., after deduction of 10 per cent, to land owners, and land
occupiers ; 20 per cent, to owners and tenants of houses ; and 30 per cent, to Railways.
Banks— Caledonian Bank— Agent, Robert Dick ; City of Glasgow Bank— Agent,
James Dean.
National Security Savings' Bank— Established in 1840 in connection with the Elgin
National Security Savings' Bank. Patron — The Right Hon. the Earl of Seafield
Presidents— Captain A. T. W. Duff of Orton ; Peter Brown, Linkwood ; Rev. George
Gray. Vice-President and Treasurer— Rev. Alex. M'Watt. Actuarif — William Watson.
Trustees— Adam Sharp of Clyth ; William Shiach, Ardcanny ; James Younie, mer-,
chant, Rothes ; Alex. Stephen, Nether Glen ; Colonel Marshall, Newfield Cottage
Dandaleith ; John Grant of Glengrant ; Wm. Robertson of Achinroath ; James dim-
ming, Inland Revenue, Rothes ; James Reid, Mains of Orton ; Wm. Sharp, merchant,
Rothes ; John Mantach, Dundurcus ; and James Dean, banker, Rothes.
Rothes Gas Light Company.— Established 1850. Directors — Col. Marshall, Newfield
Cottage ; James Younie, merchant, Rothes ; Peter Brown, Linkwood (Chairman) ;
Adam Sharp of Clyth ; John Grant, of Glengrant ; James Dean, merchant ; William
Graham, baker, Aberdeen ; John Smith, merchant, Rothes ; Rev. George Gray,
Rothes. Secretary and Manager— William Watson. Rate per 1000 feet — 15s.
Insurance Agencies. — Royal Insurance Company and Life Association of Scotland
—Robert Dick, banker ; Northern Assurance Company — James Dean, banker ; Scot-
tish Amicable Assurance Company — Peter Dean, banker ; City of Glasgow Life
Assurance Company— William Watson, Inspector of Poor ; North British Insurance

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