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Free Church— Minister- -Rev. David Norris Mackay, ordained 1844, inducted at
Rafford in 1860.
Free Church School— At Reade. Teacher— John Watson,
Cattle Market— Second Wednesday of November.
Parochial Board— For Heritors— H. M. S. Mackay, land surveyor, Elgin, factor for
Burgie ; Robert Walker, factor for Altyre ; Alex. Colvin, Earlsmill, factor for Earl
of Moray ; and William Hunter, advocate, Aberdeen, factor for Blervie. For Kirk-
Session— Rev. Hugh M'Intosh ; J. Smith, Templestones. Fleeted Members— D. Cruick-
shank, Granary ; and John Ogilvie, Laurencetown. Inspector and Collector— James
Watson, schoolmaster.
Post Office— Forres, with Sub Post Office at Moor of Granary. Postmaster— James
Walker. Post leaves Forres at 8 A.M., and is at Granary at 930, then proceeds to
Dallas. In returning, he passes through Rafford at 4 p.m., reaching Forres about 5 p.m.
Railway Station— -Nearest Railway Station at present (1863), Forres, but the In-
verness and Perth Junction Railway passes through the parish, and will in all proba-
bility have a Station at some convenient point.
Allan, Alex., forester, Cothall
Anderson, James, farmer, Moss-side
Anderson, Thos., farmer, Hill of Burgie
Anderson, Wm., blacksmith, Scotsburn
Bain, John, miller, Marcassie
Bain, John, shoemaker, Granary
Barclay, Alex., teacher, Dam of Burgie
Barron, James, gamekeeper, Burgie
Cruickshanks, John, farmer, Marcassie
Cruickshanks, David, farmer, Granary
Calder, John, farmer, Todholes
Clark, William, farmer, Blervie Castle
dimming, Sir A. P. Gordon, of Altyre, &c,
Altyre Hou.se
Davidson, James, farmer, Tore
Fletcher, Charles, farmer, Brockloch
Forsyth, Alex., farmer, Firmoss
Fraser, Francis, farmer, Phorp
Forsyth, Miss Phillis, Farm of Tarras
Forsyth, Miss Bella, Farm of Tarras
Forsyth, Jane, teacher, Dam of Burgie
Grant, Alex., farmer, Rewerrand
Hood, David, farmer, Starwells
Hood, Alex., carpenter, Starwells
Hood, Thos., innkeeper, Granary
Innes, Thomas, forester, Burgie
Jamieson, W., manager, Mains of Blervie
Laing, James, sen., farmer, Breach
Laing, James, jun., farmer, do.
Laing, John, farmer, Blackhillock
Laing. Wm., farmer, Square of Burgie
Littlejohn, John, farmer, Blackballs
Matthew, John, contractor, Bahill
Macdonald, Jas., farmer, Blackhillock
Macdonald, John, farmer, Tulloch
Mackay, Rev. D. N., F.C. Manse
Mellio, Robert, grocer, Cantsford
Macgillivray, James, farmer, Bognie
Macgillivray, Mrs., farmer, Shogle
Macgillivray, John, farmer, Sourbank
I Macgillivray, George, farmer, Sourbank
I Macgillivray, Alex., fanner, Bothies
Maver, Wm., farmer, Climy
Millar, Mrs., farmer, Tulloch
Macgowan, James, gardener, Altyre
Mason, Al., blacksmith, Rafford Village
Munro, Donald, blacksmith, Altyre
Munro, Donald, farmer, Wardend
Murdoch, John, farmer, Cassieford
Mackintosh, Rev. Hugh,. The Manse
Miller, Alex., cartwright, Lawrencetowrt
M'Cloy, Alex., gamekeeper, Milltown
Ogilvie, John, farmer, do.
Orr, Alex., tailor, Craighead of Burgie
Paul, Wm., farmer and distiller, Kilnffafc
Philip, David, farmer, Brockloch
Reid, William, proof mart, Tarras
Ross, Widow D.j midwife, Granary
Shepherd, George, farmer, Lochiehill
Scott, John, contractor, Rafford Village
Sim, John, wood merchant, Damhead
Storm, John, mason, Granary
Stalker, Peter, farmer, Clodach
Smith, Wm., farmer, Templestones;
Stewart, James, farmer,, BroomhiU
Stronach, John, farmer, Clashdhu
Smith, Mrs., farmer, Hillhead
Taylor, Widow, grocer, Rafford Village
Tulloch, Hugh, blacksmith, Grange
Taylor, David, shoemaker, Phorp
Urquhart, Alex ,, banker, Moraypark
Watson, James, School House, Rafford
Wilson, Alex., shoemaker, Granary
Watson, J., Free Church teacher, Read©:
Walker, George, farmer, Burnside
Watson, Alex., farmer, Farnaley
Walker, James, wright, Granary
Younie, John, farmer, Rafford
Younie, Alex., farmer, Clodach,
The name of this parish is derived from Raudh-im, signifying red water,, from tk«;
red banks of the river and brooks. It extends from north to south along the river
Spey for upwards of nine miles, and has an average breadth of nearly three miles. It
is bounded on the south by the river Spey and Knockando, on the west by Birnie.
Elgin, and St Andrews, on the north by Speymouth, and on the east by the Spey and
Boharm. The whole of the parish is on the left bank of the Spey, and in the County
of Elgin, except the district of Aikenway, which is on the right bank of the Spev, on
the estate of Arndilly, and in the County of BanfL

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