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M 'Donald, Angus, road contractor, In-
M 'Donald, Alexander, shepherd, Giuslich
Mitchell, Duncan, Beringmill
Mitchell, John, miller, Lochinellan
M'Gregor, Donald, crofter, Coylum
M'Gregor, James, Bennyside
M'Intosh, Alexander, farmer, Dell
M'Intyre, Rev. Neil, Manse
M'Intyre, Duncan, crofter, Coylum
M'Intyre, Donald, Inverdruie
M'Kenzie, Donald, mason, Tullochgrue
M'Kenzie, Alexander, do.
M'Kenzie, John, farmer, do.
Maloney, William, groom, The Doune
Reid, David, Tlie Doune
Rutherford, Mrs., Lochinellan Cottage
Robertson, James, Ballachlaggan
Stewart, Donald, gardener. West Lodge
Stewart, John, merchant, Ruinachar
Stamford and Warrington, the Right
Hon. the Earl of, The Doune House
Smith, , farmer, Renanuan
Thomson, James, gamekeeper, TheDoune
Taylor, Duncan, carpenter, Inverdruie
Taylor, William, blacksmith, Inverdruie
Warren* James, tailor, Dell
Extends to about twenty-seven square miles, and is situated on the south-east of the
Moray Firth, and on the west side of the River Findhorn, about four miles west of
the town of Forres.
Population in 1861— Males, 563 ; females, 676; total, 1239.
Patron— The Crown and James Murray Grant of Moy and GlenmorristoiL,. alter-
Minister— Rev. John M'Ewen, inducted 23d November, 1843. Stipend, eighteen
Chalders, one-half barley and one-half meal, with £8 6s. Sd. for communion elements,
and £20 Scots, in hen of a grass Glebe, with Manse, Offices, and two Glebes of ten
acres, worth £27 per annum.
Schools— Parochial School— Teacher— Alex. Paxton, A.M. ; salary, £55„ with Dick
Bequest allowance, interest of mortification of £200 left by Mrs. Anderson for edu-
cating poor children, amounting at present to about £9 annually, fees, and free House,
and allowance for a Garden. Female School in Village of Dyke— Teacher— Miss
Gatherer, supported by a Mortification left by the Brodie family, who also give a
free House and Garden, by an allowance of £5 from the Society in Scotland for Pn>
pagating Christian Knowledge, and by fees, &c. Female School in the Village of
Kintessack— Teacher— Miss Fraser, supported principally by Mrs Captain Grant of
Moy and Glenmorriston.
Free Church— Rev. Mark Aitken, retired minister ; acting minister, Rev. William
Session Clerk and Registrar — Alex. Paxton, schoolmaster.
Parochial Board— For the Heritors— William Broclie of Brodie j. Norman MTLeod
of Dalvey ; Robert Grant of Kincorth ; Alex, Colvin, for the Earl of Moray ; Wm.
Sclanders, for Mr Grant of Moy. For Kirk-Session — The Rev. John M'Ewen,
minister ; John Clark, Dyke ; and Alex. Black, Kintessack,
Amount of Assessment, £410. Rate of Assessment, 6d. per pound an proprietors,,
and 6d on occupants. Inspector — Alexander Paxton.
Post Toivn—Foxres. A foot post, who leaves Forres every morning at 8 '30 a.m.,
passes the Village of Dyke at 9"30, and goes on to a sub-post office at Earlsmill, kept
by Alex. Ross. In returning he passes Dyke at 3 39 p.m.
Anderson, John, sawyer, Whitemire
Allan, James, farmer, Bankhead
Allan, Alex., Brodie Porter Lodge
Brodie, Wm., of Brodie, Brodie Castle
Bezzack, Robert, farmer, Bineness
Black, Alex., farmer, Kintessack
Black, Thomas, mason, Dyke
Berry, George, gardener, Dalvey
Bliss, Thomas, coachman, Logiebuchnie
Bowie, Wm., crofter, Broad Shaw
Badenoch, Peter, farmer, Cottertown
Colvin, Alex., factor for Earl of Moray,
Cameron, Wm., sawyer, Bogs, Dalvey
Campbell, Kenneth, mason, do.
Campbell, Alex., gamekeeper, do.
Campbell, John, surfaceman, Dyke
Clark, John, Post Office,. Kintessack
Clark, Robert, farmer, Kintessack
Collie, James, farmer, Blackhill
Clark, John, shoemaker, Dyke
Cumming, David, tailor, Dyke
Cutler, D., forester, Darnaway Castle
Dallas, John, road inspector, Kintessack
Dallas, Joseph, farmer, Snabb
Dingwall, Andrew, miller, Bogs, Dalvey
Dallas, Robert, farmer, Craigfield
Falconer, Wm., cartwright, Dyke
Fraser, Simon, blacksmith, do.
Fraser, Donald, saw-miller, Coldhome
Eraser, Hugh, gamekeeper, Brodie
Fraser, Alex., station agent, do.
Falconer, James, grieve, Bogs, Dalvey
Fraser, Thomas, crofter, Lake

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