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This parish, which lies on the south: hank of the Spey, is wholly in Inverness-shire,
and is still attached to Duthil in respect of civil matters, hut ecclesiastically., it has all
the privileges of an independent parish. The name, like all names in this part, is of
Gaelic origin,, Rathad a* mhor Ghiubhais, signifying the district of great pines, a
name thoroughly descriptive of the parish. In extent, the parish may be roughly
estimated at twelve miles in length, from the bank of Spey to the heights of the
Cairngorm range, with an average breadth of five miles. W. P. Grant of Rothie-
murchus is sole heritor. The family mansion is at the Doune, and is at this date let
to the Right Hon. the Earl of Stamford and Warrington, along with the shootings,
Minister — The Rev. Neil MTntyre, ordained in 1855. Stipend, £120, with Manse,
Garden, and Glebe, of from four to five acres. Patron — The Crown.
School — There is but one school in this parish. The accommodation hoth for the
school and schoolmaster is excellent, for which the parish is chiefly indebted to Her
Grace the late Duchess of Bedford, whose many acts of benevolence are still remem-
bered in Rothiemurchus. It is not parochial, being supported, at present, wholly by
the liberality of the proprietor, W. P. Grant, of Rothiemurchus, who guarantees;
to the teacher £35 a-year, inclusive of fees. Other trifling emoluments make the
income of the teacher (James Galbraith) about £40.
Free Church — Rev. J. Grant, minister, ordained 1856°.
Post Office — Lynwilg. Postmaster — William Masson Cumming. Mails arrive front
Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the south, about 9 p.m., and from Inverness, and all parts
to the north of this, about 8 a.m. Lynwilg is; a sub post office, and mail bags are carried
from it to Kingussie on the south, and to Carr Bridge, and Inverness on the north.
Between Lynwilg (which is in the parish of Alvie, and on the north side of the Spey)
and Rothiemurchus there is no regular letter carrier, but letters are left to find their
way as chance may direct.
Ferry— Thomas Cunrming keeps the ferry at the boat house.
Inn — The boat house is the only inn in the parish. The accommodation is only
second-class, but the house is well frequented, and bears an excellent character, Mrs
Gumming being famed far and near, for the art of making her guests feel at ease and
Carriers — There is no regular carrier to Rothiemurchus, but goods, coming from
Inverness are brought by James Haldane, and when they compose a load, he delivers
them at any place in Rothiemurchus ; when he has not a load to deliver, he leaves
them at Lynwilg. He goes to Inverness on Mondays and Thursdays, returning on
Wednesdays and Saturdays. His hours are irregular. Duncan Cameron is on the
road between Forres and Kingussie, and also between Kingussie and DunkelcL He
carries goods for Rothiemurchus from any paints on this long line of road, leaving the
same as he passes at Lynwilg. He is not regular as to his days.
Shootings — Rothiemurchus, and Glenmore in the parish of Abernethy, are joined
together to form one deer forest, and are let to the Earl of Stamford,, who, along with
this, has at the same time, the Kinrara shootings on the north side of Spey. His.
Lordship, when in the country, resides at the Doune.
Anderson, R. J.,, farmer, Crofts
Arras, William, farmer, Guislich
Blair, Peter, sawmiller, Inverclruie
Blair, William, sawmiller,, Inverdruie
Cu mmin g, James, Inverdruie
Cumming, Thomas, innkeeper, Inver-
Cameron, Alexander, grieve, Croft
Collie, Alexander, farmer, Tullochgrue
Collie, Alex., gamekeeper, White well
Collie, Duncan, pensioner, church officer,
Collie, George, mason, Lochanmore
Collie, John, gamekeeper, Moormore
Collie, Robert, gamekeeper, Anchna-
Fraser, James, merchant, Coylum
Galbraith, James, teacher, Inverdruie
Grant, Alexander, of London, Inver-
druie House
Grant, Andrew, gamekeeper, Polchar
Grant,, W. P., of Rothiemurchus
Grant, Robert, professor of astronomy in.
Glasgow Univ., Inverdruie House
Grant, John, of London,, Inverdruie
Grant., James, mason, Lochinellan
Grant Rev. James, minister of Free
Church at Alex. Golhe's, Tullochgrue
Grant, Grigor, Ceyluni
Grant, James, wood carver, Ballachlag-
Grant or Glass, Alexander, mason, Tul-
Grant or Glass* James, Tullochgrue
Grant or Glass, J., farmer,, Tullochgrue
Gordon, William, carpenter. Cairn
Gow,. Donald, mason, Coylum
Gunn, Alexander, slater, Coylum
M'Bean, Angus, farmer, Auchnahatnich
M'Bean, John, farmer, do.
M'Bean, John, Ballachlaggan
M'Bean, John, mason, Coylum
M'Donaldj John, manager, Coylum

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