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Sole Heritor—The Earl of Seafield.
Patron — The Right Hon. the Earl of Seafield. Minister — Rev. John Robertson.
Stipend, sixteen and a-half chalders, half meal half barley, and £108 Scots, with
Manse, Offices, and a Glebe of three acres.
Free Church — Rev. John Logan, ordained 1843.
Sch oo Is— Parochial School— Teacher — C. M'Gregor, A.M. ; salary, £35, which, with
Dick Bequest, School Fees, &c, amounts to about £100, besides a House and Garden.
There are three Schools in the Parish endowed by the Society in Scotland for Propa-
gating Christian Knowledge, each with a salary of £18. One of these is a Female
Industrial School, taught by Mrs. M'Lean, and the teachers of the other two are
Lewis M'Gregor and Alex. Robertson. There is also, at Carr Bridge, a Free Church
School, teacher, Bain, and another at Drumullie.
Registrar and Session Clerk — Charles M'Gregor, schoolmaster.
Parochial Board — For Heritors — John Smith, factor for the Earl of Seafield ; Alex
M'Intosh, factor for Rothiemurchus. For Kirk Session — Donald Grant and John
Grant. For Ratepayers— Donald Menzies, Carr Bridge ; Lewis Dunbar, Tulloch-
griban ; Donald Grant, Mullochard. Inspector and Collector — Mr. John Ross, Carr
Bridge. Medical Officer— Dr. Blaikie, Grantown.
The Assessment imposed amounts to about £410 a-year, which is at the rate of lOd.
per pound rent on owners, and lOd. per pound rent on occupiers. The number of pau-
pers on the roll is 78, of whom 52'are in Duthil, and 26 in Rothiemurchus.
Rifle Volunteer Corps— (ith Elginshire Rifle Volunteers — Captain, D. Menzies, Carr
Bridge ; Lieut., Alex. M'Gregor, Inverlaidnan ; Ensign, D. M'Bain, Auchterblair.
Post Office — Carr Bridge, Mr A. M'Lennan, postmaster; and Aviemore, Mr D.
Cameron, postmaster. Mails arrive at Carr Bridge from Inverness at 7 '30 a.m., and
from the south at 9 '30 p.m., while the Grantown mails reach Carr Bridge at 8 "20 p.m.,
and leave at 910 a.m.
Railway Station— -The Inverness and Perth Railway (now being constructed) passes
through the parish, and it is expected there will a station at Kinveachie.
Shootings — Aviemore, John Philips, who resides at Aviemore. Carr Bridge range,
Lord Scarsdale, who resides at Delrachnie Lodge, Carr Bridge
Anderson, Win., weaver, Kinveachie.
Anderson, George, f armer, Knockgranish.
*. Anderson, Donald, farmer, do.
• Anderson, Alex., Cottage, Dellgranish.
. Allan, James, farmer, Easter Duthil.
.Bisset, John, fanner, Delvoult.
. Cumming, James, farmer, Lackgluie.
* Clark, George, merchant, Drumullie.
• Cameron, J., farmer, Chapelton of Deshar
» Cameron, Jas., blacksmith, Drumullie.
• Cumming, Donald, farmer, Croft, Kin-
Cameron, Widow Ann, Laggan-tighe-
• Calder, John, farmer, Avielochan.
. Cumming, Widow Ann, farmer, Avie-
Cameron, Duncan, sub-postmaster, Easter
- Cameron, Margt., farmer, Knockgranish.
Campbell, Alex., shoemaker, Aviemore.
Cameron, Alex., do., Carr Bridge.
Cameron, John, blacksmith, do.
- Cameron, Alex., farmer, Aitenlea.
. Cameron, Peter, farmer, Slack.
.Cameron, Alex^ farmer, Lynardry.
.Cameron, Dun.f^f armer, Tullochgriban.
Collie, Allan, gamekeeper, Tullochgri-
■ Cumming, Robt. , farmer, Burn of Duthil.
, Cruickshank, Jas., farmer, Lyntarr.
Cameron, James, gamekeeper, Dalrach-
nie Lodge.
• Cameron, John, farmer,' Shealachan,
. Cameron, Duncan, farmer, Carr.
. Cameron, Donald, farmer, Carr.
. Cumming, Peter, farmer, Lethendry.
, dimming, Alex., farmer, Beananach.
. Cumming, John, farmer, Dalnahatnich.
Cumming, Robt., carpenter, do.
. Cameron, Duncan, farmer, Balnacrive.
Cumming, Alex., crofter, Loggie.
. Davidson, Wm., farmer, Milton, Avie-
Dallas, Hugh, miller, Milton, Aviemore.
Dickson, Donald, crofter, Bogroy.
■ Dunbar, Win., farmer, Slackmuick.
. Dunbar, Lewis, farmer, Tullochgriban.
» Ferguson, Thos., farmer, Avingornach-
Ferguson, Hugh, tailor, Carr Bridge.
Fisher, Alex., carrier, Slack.
, Fraser, Lewis, farmer, Aultcheananach.
Fraser, Duncan, carpenter, Elian.
. Grant, Donald, farmer, Mullochard.
. Grant, Duncan, farmer, Balnafruch.
Grant, Wm., farmer, Lynechurn.
Grant, Duncan, farmer, Wester Delvoult.
Gibb, James, Carter, Muir of Deshar.
- Grant, Duncan, floater, Muir of do.
'Grant, Sweton, farmer, Cornaich.
Grant, John, farmer, Glebe of Deshar.
Grant, John, farmer, Kinveachie.
Grant, Widow, farmer, Avielochan.
Grant, John, gamekeeper, Knockgranish.
Grant, Lewis, farmer, Braes of Aviemore.
Grant, William, farmer, do.
Grant, William, do., do.
Grant, Alex., farmer, Delfaber.
Grant, Donald, gamekeeper, Aviemore.
Grant, John, cattle dealer, Carr Bridge.

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