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Sutherland, James, fisherman
Sutherland, John, do.
Sutherland, Thos., do.
Sutherland, Win., do.
Simpson, Ales., pensioner
Smith, James, cooper and merchant
Sutherland, John, cooper
Taylor, John, shipowner
Walker, Wm., carrier
This is a small village near the Church. It is the property of Sir Archibald Dunbar,
Bart, of Northfield, and is a regular, clean, tidy looking village, occupying a beautiful
situation. In 1861, its population was taken along with the country part of the
parish ; in 1851, however, it was taken separately. The number it contained then was
172. It has no constitution or organisation of any sort separate from, the country
district around it. The directory for it is as follows : —
Anderson, James, feuar
Cameron, Mrs., midwife
Falconer, Wm., shoemaker
French, Widow
Eraser, James, shoemaker
Grant, Archd., carpenter
Gray, George, merchant
Gerrie, Alex., shoemaker
Grant, Widow
Matheson, Finlay, postmaster
Mellis, John, tailor
Murray, Widow
Melvin, Widow
Mellis, Wm., carpenter '
Morris, Mrs., feuar
Munro, Margaret, feuar
M 'Donald, Roderick, flesher
M 'Donald, John, shoemaker
M'Pherson, Widow
M'Leod, Mrs., feuar
Pirrie, Mrs., feuar
Shanks, Wm., blacksmith
Thomson, Widow
Webster, Robert, lately farmer at Keam
Wilkie, Robert, tailor
Whyte, James, tailor
This is a small village, composed of indifferent houses, and almost without
any trade. It lies along the road from Burghead to Hopeman, and is about half-way
between the two towns. Its population in 1851 was 220 ; in 1861 it was included
with the rural portion of the parish. The following is the directory for Cummingston :
Allan, Wm*, sen., cooper
Allan, W., jun., cooper
Beaton, Murdoch, cooper
Cobban, Widow
Cobban, John, carter
Duncan, Mrs., teacher
Finlayson, John, coachman
Fraser, James, mason
Gillan, Widow
Grigor, Widow
Gill, George, carter
Grigor, John, carter
Hay, John, shoemakef
Hay, Wm., mason
James, Mrs., merchant
Jamieson, Widow
Jack, Widow
Macaulay, Widow
Moir, Wm., seaman
Murdoch, Widow
Mitchell, Widow
M'Knockater, John, farmer
M'Knockater, George, farmer
M 'Donald, Widow
M'Kenzie, John^ farmer
M 'Hardy, Wm., carter
Peddie, John, mason
Rhind, Thomas, crofter
Ross, Widow
Rhind, John, carter
Ritchie, Widow
Sutherland, Roderick, carter
Spence, James, farmer
Scott, Wm., carter
Wink, Widow
Wiseman, Andrew, carter
Urquhart, Widow
Name, &e. — From the Gaelic Taobh*thall, the side beyond, signifying a part of the.
parish beyond a ridge of hill that divides the parish into south and north — the south
side, where the Church and Glebe formerly were, being called Deshar, signifying
having a southern exposure — or in contradistinction to this, Tuaithe-al, from tuah,
northern, and iul, direction. It is sixteen miles long by thirteen miles broad, and is
situated on the banks of the Spey, adjoining Abernethy — twenty-six miles from
Forres. Rothiemurchus, once a part of this parish, and still connected with it in
civil matters, is now a Parliamentary Parish. (See below.)
Population — The population of Duthil in 1861 was 791 males, and 815 females — in
all, 1609.

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