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Stewart, Donald, fanner, Curr of Glen-
Stewart, James, farmer, Lynecork.
Stewart, William, crofter, Ailenbeg.
Saltmarsh, P., Revack Lodge.
Stewart, Alex., farmer, Inchbrock.
Stewart, P., farmer, Balnagown.
Stewart, Grigor, farmer, Tomchrocber.
Smith, P., crofter, Wester Rynerick.
Stewart, Widow, farmer, Tonterrie, Tul-
Smitb, , Auchernack.
Smith, Peter, Mains of Wester Tulloch.
Smith, D., farmer, Rymore.
Shaw, James, farmer, Achgourish.
Stewart, William, merchant, Mullingar-
Walker, Alexander, farmer, Balliemore.
This Parish lies to the south of Elgin some two and a-half miles. It is seven miles
in length, and averages about one and three-fourths in breadth. It is bounded on the
east, north, and west, by the Parish of Elgin, and is separated from the Parish of
Knoekando, on the south, by the junction of the Parishes of Dallas and Rothes. The
Church, which is three miles south of Elgin, is probably the oldest place of worship
now used in the country. The Bishop's Church was first at Birnie, afterwards at
Kinnedar, near Lossiemouth, then at Spynie, and, last of all, it was changed to Elgin
when the Cathedral was built.
Population — The population in 1861 was 411. Males, 216, females, 195.
Patron— The Right Hon. the Earl of Moray.
Minister— Rev. George Gordon, LL.D., ordained in 1832. Stipend, £150, and £8 63
8d sterling, with Manse, Office, and a Glebe of eight acres.
Parish School — Mr William Gordon, teacher. Salary, £50, with Government Grant,
fees, free House and Garden.
Heritors — The Right Hon. the Earl of Seafield, and the Hon. James Grant of
Parochial Board — For Heritors — Peter Brown, Linkwood, Factor for the Earl of
Seafield, and Alex. Cooper, writer, Elgin, Factor for Hon. James Grant of Main. For
Kirk-Session — Rev. George Gordon, minister, and James Cruickshank and John Sellar,
elders. For Ratepayers — John Stewart, Stankhouse. Rate 4 of Assessment — 6d. per
pound on owners, and 6d. per pound on occupiers.
Inspector — P. Grant, Glassgreen.
Post Town — Elgin. A Foot Post leaves Elgin for Birnie, every week day, at 9 A.M..
and delivers letters at Heath Cottage and Thomshill.
Railway Stations — Elgin, about three miles from the Church, and Longmorn at the
same distance.
Adam, John, farmer, Eastertown.
Adam, John, farmer, Dykeside.
Allan, Wm., farmer, Upper Castlehill.
Asher, Margaret, merchant, Thomshill.
Asher, William, farmer, Star.
Allan, Joseph, farmer, Randygairn.
Brander, William, farmer, Hillhead.
Brown, Alex., carpenter, Edinburgh.
Cruickshank, J., farmer, Shogle.
Cruickshank, Jas. , farmer, Glenlattrach.
Chambers, James, farmer, Middleton.
Dulfus, Alex., shoemaker, U. Castlehill.
Duncan, John, farmer, Greenward.
Duncan, James, farmer, Blairnhall.
Eraser, Alex., sawmiller, Kirkton.
Farquhar, Alex., farmer, Trochaill.
Forsyth, J., farmer, Grangemeadow.
Gordon, Rev. George, LL.D., minister.
Gordon, William, schoolmaster.
George, John, miller.
Gordon, John, tailor, Thomshill.
Grant, Charles, farmer, Bardenside.
Johnston, Thomas, farmer, Rashcrook.
M'Kenzie, D., tailor, Kirkton. - :
M'Kissack, John, farmer, Castlehill.
Munro, John, crofter Wallbrae.
M'Donald, John, farmer, Mossend.
M'Kenzie, D., mason, Grangemeadow.
M'Lean, Hugh, smith, Edinburgh.
M'Kenzie, Robert, farmer, The Durie.
Ogilvie, John, blacksmith, Thomshill.
Ogilvie, Wm., farmer, Hangingfolds.
Russell, John, farmer, Lochbuie.
Stewart, John, farmer, Stankhouse.
Shanks, John, farmer, Level.
Shanks, James, farmer, Claypots.
Sime, Wm., farmer, Burnbank.
Sellar, John, farmer, Wardend.
Wright, Robert, carpenter, Thomshill.
Wink, Wm., farmer, Foths.
This Parish is now more frequently called Fochabers than Bellie, the town of
Fochabers having become the centre of the trade of the Parish, while it has also
within it nearly all the Churches and other parochial and public Institutions of the
district. The Parish is about six miles in length by thi-ee in breadth, and the popu-

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