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lation in 1861 (so far as the parish is in Morayshire) was 591 males, and 724 females
—in all, 1315. In the Banffshire portion of the Parish there were 652, giving a total
of 1967.
The population of the town of Fochabers in 1861 was 1145— the males and fe-
males respectively being 574 and 631.
Patron — His Grace the Duke of Richmond.
Heritors — His Grace the Duke of Richmond, whose principal seat in Scotland,
Gordon Castle, one of the most princely mansions in the North, is within half a-mile
of the town of Fochabers, and the Right Hon. the Earl of Seafield.
Minister — Rev. Robert Cushny. Inducted 26th October, 1843. Stipend augmented
by grant from the Exchequer, £150, with £8 6s. 8d. for communion elements ; and a
Glebe (including garden and site of manse and offices) of thirteen acres.
Parochial School— Rev. Alex. Brownie, teacher. Salary, £50, with free house and
garden, and an allowance of £40 per annum in lieu of school fees, from the funds
bequeathed by the late Alex. Milne, New Orleans. Mr Brownie has also the Dick
Free Church — Rev. David Dewar.
Episcopal Church — The Very Rev. Dean Christie.
Roman Catholic Church — Rev. Mr Weir.
Parochial Board Members — Thomas Balmer, for the Duke of Richmond;
Peter Brown, for the Earl of Seafield ; Rev. Robert Cusbny, Minister of Bellie ;
Alexander Marquis ; Alexander Christie, sen., carpenter ; Robert M'Kay, farmer ;
James Annand, farmer ; Wm. Geddes, farmer, Saughwell ; Geo. Menzies, Fochabers ;
Alexander Reid, merchant, do. ; John Gray, cabinetmaker, do. ; Alex. Thomson, do. ;
Alexander Gray, merchant, do. ; James Clapperton, feuar, do. ; Alexander Milne, do.,
do. ; Rev. George Milne, Careston ; Rev. David Dewar, mandatory for Miss Stewart,
Fochabers ; John Shepherd, farmer, Althash ; John Grant, innkeeper, Fochabers ;
Robert Innes, feuar, do. , the last three being the representatives of the ratepayers.
Chairman — Thos. Balmer. Secretary— J as. Strachan. Treasurer — Joseph Wiseman.
Amount of Assessment — £652.
Rate — On Heritages, Is 0£d per £.
,, — On Occupancy of Houses, Is 9^d „
,, — On Occupancy of Lands, 0s7id ,,
Annand, J., farmer, Upper Dallachy.
Anderson, Alex., farmer, Carsemoor.
Ansermet, J. P. , deerpark-keeper, Gordon
Briggs, Jas. , gatekeeper, Gordon Castle.
Brown, John, keeper, Tynet Gate.
Bowie, Adam, mason, toll-bar.
Burgess, Jas., farmer, Bogmoor.
Burgess, Alex., crofter, do.
Brander, J., crofter, U. Dallachy.
Brander, Widow, farmer, do.
Brownie, Rev. Alex., schoolmaster, U.
Cuthbert, Andrew, farmer, Pathside.
Chapman, G., farmer, Cowiemoor.
Court, Ed., gatekeeper, Gordon Castle.
Cruickshank, Archibald, farm overseer,
Gordon Castle.
Duffus, Geo., farmer, Bellie.
Davidson, P., crofter, Nether Dallachy.
Davidson, Alex., do., do.
Forsyth, Wm., blacksmith, U. Dallachy.
Forbes, Mrs., farmer, N. Dallachy.
Forbes, James, farmer, do.
Gibb, Alex., sheriff-officer, Bogmoor.
Gordon, Wm., sen., merchant, Dallachy.
Geddes, Wm., farmer, Sauchwells.
Garden, J., farmer, N. Dallachy,
Gordon, W., jun., crofter, do.
Gray, James, farmer, Cunnenhaugh.
Gordon, John, farmer, Longhowe.
Geddes, G., farmer, Nether Auchinreath
Geddes, William, N. Auchinreath,
Geddes, Alex., do. do.
Humphrey, T., crofter, Fochabers.
Harrower, W., crofter, U. Dallachy
Hutcheon, A. , crofter, Nether do.
Inglis, W., crofter, Ordifish.
Innes, John, do., do.
Jamieson, John, crofter, Bogmoor.
Johnston, Geo. , cartwright, N. Dallachy.
Jubb, Matthew, gamekeeper, Gordon
Keir, Peter, crofter, Bogmoor.
Kay, Wm., Swiss Cottage.
Leslie, W., crofter, Ordifish.
Logie, Gordon, farmer, U. Dallachy.
Logie, Wm. , crofter, Nether do.
Munro, Alex., colporteur.
Morrison, George, crofter, N. Dallachy.
Mitchell, Alexander, farmer, N. Auchin-
M'Kay, J., farmer, Millstone Roads.
M'Kay, Geo., crofter, Ordifish.
M'Kay, Mrs., farmer, N. Dallachy.
Paterson, W., crofter, Pathead.
Palmer, Geo., crofter, N. Dallachy.
Packman, Jas., crofter, do.
Petrie, Alex., farmer, N. Auchinreath.
Robertson, John, farmer, Bogmoor,
Riach, Geo., farmer, Carsemoor.
Rae, John, superintendent of salmon fish-
ings, Tugnet.
Robertson, Adam, farmer, Floods.

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