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son, M W Fife Sa, Bell, Wnr-wlck lane
IRVINE. .Daily, aft 4, Bull & Mo.iitli
ISFIELD, Sussex 44.. f^an, daily .'i,Nen
Inn, Dover-road, and 56 Walling st. .
If aggon, daily, Catharine Wheel, Boro
ISLEHAJl, Cambridge 65.. Th noon 1<!.
Simst. Bishopsgate i>t..Saaftl, Vine,
Bishopsgate st
ISLE OF VVI.iHT, Hants.. Tan, Tn I
4 aft, Castle and Falcon, Aldersgale st. .
daily, 2, Swan, Great Carter lane, anil
Black Baar, Piccadilly. . fVagguii, daily,
33 White Cross st, CripplegalcOKl
Ship, Boro; New White Horje Cellar,
Piccadilly ; White Hart, and King'-
Head, Boro..Tu and F aft, Gerard's
Hall, Basin? lane, and Bell, Wood si,
Cbeapside..Tu and Sa morn 10, King's
Head; Old Change; Old White Horse
Cellar, Spread Eagle, and White anil
Black Bears, Piccadilly ; Saracen's
Head, Snowhill, and Talbot, BorcTu
nndandSaaft 4, Oxfoid Arms, War-
vricU lane.. M W and F noon, White
Horse, Friday st..lVlW and F ev
Green Man & Still, Oxford st
ISLEWORTH, Middlesex S. .Daily, Ge
raids Hall, Basing lane ; Ship, & Silver
Cross, Charing cross ; Swan, Holborn
bridge; George, Old Bailey; Goose and
Gridiron, and Crown, St. Paiil'sChnrih-
yard ; Black Boy and Camel, Leaden-
hall st ; Kings and Key, Fleet st ; Cock,
Snowhill: Spotted Dog, and Red Lion,
Strand ; MaRpie and Stnmp, Newgatt
st,Fortuneof War, and White Hart.
Giltspurst; Swan, Skinner st. Pewter
Platter, Cross Keys, George and Gate,
Bell, Bell yard. No. II and No. 4,
Gracechurch'st ; King's Arms, Bishops-
gate st ; Black Bear, Piccadilly ; and
Blue Posts, Holborn.. M W F and Sa,
Angel, St. Clement's
ISLINGTON, Middlesex 2. .Daily, Cock
Snowhill ; Rofe, and George, Old Bai
ley; Blue Posts, Holborn ; Magpie and
Stump, Newgate st ; Kings and Key
Fleet .st; Red Lion, Stiand ; Flowe
Pot, King's Arms, and Marlboro Head,
Bishopsgatest ; Black Eoy and Camel,
Leadenhall st ; Bell, Bell yard, George
and Gate, Cross Keys, Half Moon, and
ISo. 11 Gracechurcli st; Spotted Dog,
Strand ; Fortune of War, and White
Hart, Giltspurst; Swsn, Skinner st ;
Pewter Platter, and No. i Gracechurch
st ; and Nag's Head, Covent-garden
ISLIP, Northampton 74. .MW and Sa,
One Swan, and Catherine Wheel, Ei-
sbopsgate st
ISLIP, Oxon .?6..M Til and Sa noon,
George, Snowhill
ITTERINGHAM..M W and Sa 12, Bull
Bishopsgate st
IVER, Bucks 16.. Daily, Rose Inn, Fleet
market; King's Arms, Snowhill; and
Boar and Castle, Oxford st..Tu and Sa
mcrn 8, Bull, Holborn; Griffin's Green
Man & Still, Oxford st ; and Black Bear,
IVINGHO.H;, Bucks 32..Fri morn 10,
Swan, HoU;orn bridge , Green Man and
IVYBRIDGK, Devon 204— Kan, daily,
4 aft, Bell, Friday ■^t. .Waggon, daily,
Castle and Falcon, Aldersgate st & b
nioin. Bell, Friday-st-M W and F aft.
Swan, Holborn bridge; and New S' Old
White Horse Cellars and Black Bear,
IXWORTH, Suffolk 77. . Tan, Blue Boar,
*Aldgate..Tu Th and .Sa, Catharine
Wlieel, Bishopsgate st..Sa, One Swan,
Bi.'hopsgate st..alt at 4,Saiacen'sHead,
Snowhill, and Thiee Nuns, Aldgate..
Th and Sa 3, Blue Boar, Aldgate. .W &
Sa, Bull, Bishopsgate st..MTh& Sa
aftn 4, Bnll, Aldgate. . ^Fa^gon, daily,
Ipswich Arms, Cullum-st
JEDBURGH, Roxburgh 332.. Dally, aft
4, Bull and Mouth
JERMANS..M W and Sa, Catherine
JERSEY, (Isle of). .Daily, White Horse,
Friday .st) Bell, Wood st, Cheapside ;
New White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly ;
and Ship, Charing cross. .Tu and Sa aft
4, Oxford Arms, Warwick lane. .Tu Th
and Sa 12, Saiacen* Head, Snowhill/
and King's Head, Old Change.. Tu and
F aft, Gerrard's Hall, Basing lane
JEVINGTON, Sussex 61.. W and Sa,
White Hart, Boro
JULIANS. .F l,Vine, Bish<ip.«gate st
KEIGHLEY, York 212-Daily, aft 4,
Bull and Mouth, <k Axe, Alderman-
buiy.. White Horse, Cripplegate
KELSALE, Suffolk 90.. Tu Th & Sa 12.
Saracen'.s Head, Aldgate.. ?a. King's
Arms, Leadenhall st
KELSAL GREEN, Middlesex. .Daily,
Blue Posts, Holborn
KEl.SHALL, Herts 3.1.. F 12, Catherine
Wheel, Vine, and One Swan, Bishops-
gate street
KELSO, Roxhnrgh 339.. Daily, aft 4, Bull
and Mouth
KELVEDON, Essex 41.. Daily 4, Ips-
wich Arms, Cuilum st— Sa 10, Saracen's
Head, Aldgate.. Tu& Sa, King^s Arms,
Leadenhall st..Tu W Th and Sa, Blue
. .Boar, Aldgate
KENDAL, Westmorland 264. .Daily, aft
4, Bull and Mouth ; noon, White Horse
Cripplegate, and Axe, Alderinanbury.,
W aiur?a morn. Bell, Warwick lane
KKNILWORTH.. Tan, daily, !> alt, i;
Old Change
KENNKT1, Cambridge 67.. Sa 1, Vine,
and One Swan, Bishopsgate st..Tu Th
& Sa, Catherine Wheel, Bi.sbopsgate s'
KENNINGHALL,' Norfolk 90. ..^an,
daily. Bull, Aldgate; morn ^, Blue
Boar, Aldgate.. Th noon, 12 Sun st,
Bishopsgate street- Sa aft 4, Saracen's
Head, Snovvhill; and Three Nuns, Aid
gatc.W and Sa 2, Ipswich Arms, Cul
ium ^t.. Waggon, Tu Th & Sa, Catber
ine Wheel, Bi'shop.sgate St.. Th and Sa,
3, Blue Boar, Aldgate.. M W & Sa 12,
Bull, Bishopsgate st..Sa, One Swan,
Bishopssate st.
KENNINGTON. Surry 2.. Daily, Cock,
Snowhill; Marlboro Head, BLsbopsgate
st ; Blue Posts, Holborn ; Catherine
Wlieel, Dog & Bear, & Talbot, Boro;
Bell, Bell yard, George and Gate, and
No. 1 1 , Gr'acechiuch st ; Ship, & Silver
Cross, Charing cross ; Goose and Grid-
iron, St. Paul's Church yard ; Kings &
Key, Fleet .st ; Cock, Haymarket ; Red
Lion and Spotted Dog, Strand ; Magpie
and Stump, Newgate st; Flower Pot,
& King's Arms, Bi.sbopsgate st ; Black
Boy & Camel, Leadenhall st ; Fortune
of War, and White Hart, Giltspur st ;
George, Old Bailey ; Swan, Skinner st;
Pewter Platter, & Cross Keys, Grace-
church st ; and Boar and Castle, Ox
ford .U
KENSINGTON, Middx 2..DaiIy, New
Inn, Old Bailey; Fortune of War. and
White Hart, Giltspnr-st ; Pewter Plat-
ter, and No 4, Gracechurch st ; King's
Arms, Bishopsgate st ; Blue Posts, Hol-
born ; Cock, Snowhill ; Nng's Head,
Covent garden ; Kings and Key, Fleei
st; Swan. Skinner street ; George, Old
Bailey; White & Black Bears, Picca-
dilly ; Gebrge & Gate, Gracechurch st ;
Magpie & Stump, Newgate st, Black
Boy & Camel, Leadenhall st ; George &
Crown, Broad st, Bloomsbury ; Flower
Pot, Bishopsgate .st : Ship, & Silver
Cross, Charing cross: Bell, Bell yard:
Cross Keys, & Half Moon, Gracechurch
st: Goose & Gridiron, arfcl Crown, St.
Paul's Church yard : Brown's Ware-
hou.se, 248 Oxford st; and Red Lion,
Spotted Dog, and Edinboro Castle,
KENTFORD, Suffolk e.'i. .Th Th and Sa,
Catherine Wheel, Bishopsgate st. .Sa,
One Swan, Bishopsgate st
KENT ROAD, daily, aft 3, Silver Cross,
Charing cross: Magpie & Stump, New-
gate st ; Fortune of War, & White
Hart, Giltspurst; Cock, Snow-hill;
George, Old Bailey ; Swan, Skinner st ;
and Pewter Platter, & Bell, Bell yard,
Gracechurch st
KENTISH TOWN, Middlesex 3. .Daily,
Cock, Snowhill ; Nag's Head, Covent
garden ; Blue Posts, Tottenham courl
road & Holborn ; Kings Arms, Flower
Pot, & Marlboro Head, Bishopsgate st ;
Silver Cross, Charing cross; Black Boy
& Camel, Leadenhall st; Georg« and
Gate, Cioss Key.=, 4 No. ll Grace-
church 8t ; Magpie & Stump, Newgate
st : Red Lion & Spotted Dog, Strand:
George, Old Bailey : Fortune of War,
& White Hart, Giltspur st: Swan, Skin-
ner st:&Penter Platter, Gr<iccchurch ft
KliNTON, /on, da 1>, 4 alt, and Wag-
gon, 8 morn, Bell, Friday st
K?:RSEY, SuHolk ."ie.. Daily, Ipswich
Arms, Cnllum st : Saiacen's Head, Aid-
gate: & Bull, Leadenhall sL.Tu Th &
Sa, King's Arms, Leadenhall st
KESGRAYE... Daily, Ipswich Arms,
Cuilum st
KESSINGLAND, Suffolk 108.. Tu Th &
Sa 12, Saracen's Head, Aldgate
KESTON, Kent 14. .W & Sa morn 9,
Catherine Wheel, Boro
KESWICK, Cumberland 293.. Daily, aft
4, Bull & Mouth
KETTERING, Northampton 74..Th &
Sa noon. Cross Keys, St. John st..M
W and Sa, Catherine Wheel, & One
Sn an, Bishopsgate st
KETTLEBASTtJN, Suffolk 6.')..Tu Th
& Sa 2, Blue Boar, Aldgate
KEW, Sutry 7..Daily,alt 3, George &
Gate, Pewter Platter, Cross Keys, No.
II, & Bell, Bell yard, Gracechurch st:
Fortune of War, & White Hart, Gilt-
spur st : George, Old Bailey : Swan,
Skfnner st. .Silver Cio?s,Charing cross
..Blue Posts, Holborn.. Black Boy and
Camel, Leadenhall st. . Goose & Grid-
iion, & Crown, St. Paul's Church yard
..Kings & Kc), Fleet st..Red Lion
& Spotted Dog, Strand.. Magpie &
Slump, Newgate st, & Cock, Snovi hill
KEYNSH A.M.. Tun, daily, 4 aft. Swan,
Great Carter lane
KEYMER, Sussex 46.. Tu & F 2, Cather-
ine Wheel, Boro
KEY STREET, Kent 38.. Daily, Ship,
Charing cross.. Tu Th & Sa, White
Hart, Boro
KIDDERMINSTER, Worcester 126..
Fan, Mon W F 12, White Horse,
Cripplegate, <fe daily. Castle & Falcon,
Aldeisgate st../ra^go", daily, 13 Al-
dersgale st, & Green Man & Still, Ox-
ford'st..W & Sa 10, Ram, Smithtield
KIDLINGTON, Oxon 67..W & Sa aft
2, Oxford Arms, Warwick-lane
KIDWELKY..;aw, Tu Th&SaH..
Waggon, 12 & 7, daily, 33 White Cross
st, Cripplegate
KILBURN, Middlesex 2.. Daily, aft 2,
Boitr and Castle, & Brown's Wi)re-
house, 248 Oxford st. .Flower Pot, Bi-
shopsgate st. ..^lagpie & Stump, New-
gate St.. Fortune of War, & White
Halt, Giltspur St.. Cock, Snowhill..
George, Old Bailey. .Swan, Skinner st
. .Pewter Platter, Cross Keys, George &
Gate, No. 11, No, 4, Bell, Bell yard,
Gracechurch st; and Blue Posts, Hol-
born. .Tu Th & Sa, Angel. Fleet market
M W & Sa, Blue Posts, Holborn
KILDWICK, York 211. -Daily, aft 4,
Bull & Mouth
KILGARRAN, Pembroke iii. .Waggon^
daily, .^3 White Cross st, Cripplegate
KILHAM. Northumberland 320— DaUy,
aft 4, Bull and Mouth
KILHAMPTON, Cornwall ; 222. . Fan,
daily, 4, & Waggon, 8 moru, Bell»
Fiiday st
KILMARNOCK, Ayre 410. .Daily, aft 4,
Bull & Mouth
K1LM1NSTER..TU & Sa aft 4, Oxford
Anns, Warwick lane
KILNDOWN..W, Talbot, Boro
Tan, daily, aft 4, Swan with Two
Necks, Lad lane
KIMBOLTON, Hunts 63. .W & Sa,
Catherine Wheel, & One Swan, Bi-
shopsgate st..M Th & Sa 12, Three
Cups, A Idersgate st. .Sa noon, Red Lion,
Aldersgatc . , . , ^
KIMPTON, Herts 27.. F, Windmill, St;
John st , ., .
KIN ETON, Warwick 8.5. .Ton, daily, 5
aft. 17 01ilChange.W«#«on, daily, noon,
17 Old Change'andl3 Aklersgatest..M
\V F and Sa, Bell, Warwick lane;
ami Green Man and Stil'., Oxfoid st
KINGHAM,Oxon-2..Tu morn 10,Swan,
Holborn liridge,

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