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COWDERY JAS. Bagshot.-New Inn,
Old'BaUy; calls at Whit« and Blaul!
Bears, P'ioeadilly.
COX. T. Portsmoulh..CCaravan) Three
>'iins, Aldgate ; calls at Black Bear.
COXHEAD, Chobliain..Swan, Ilolboin-
Cock, Siinwhill, & Half Moon, Boio.
Boar, Aldfiate.
CREAKER & Co. Bracknall and Oalcing-
bain.. Oxford Arm.s, Warviiclclane.
CRISELL WM. Bury St. Edmonds and
Nor\vich. .Blue Boar, Aldsate.
CROCKFORD, Uxbridge.. Angel, Broad
ft, Bloomsbiiry; calls at liron-n'sWare
house, 2JS, Green Man & Shll, Boar and
Castle, Oxford-st, Angel, Fleet-market,
and Kins's Arms, Suowhill.
CROCKET, Amersham.. Angel, Flcet-
m irket.
CR0S3WELLER & Co. Brighton. .Swan
Holborn-bridse, & George, Boro.
CROWLEY, HICKLIN, & Co. \'\^tvei-
liaiiiptoii..Castle& Falcon, Alders;ate-s(
CROWfON, Wrotham..Tr.!bot, Boro.,
'JK<')XF0RD, Clnpliam.n'.ilhot, Bot'o ;
calls nt Mivgpie & btunip, Newgate-st.
CRO.VON THOi. Pur.ey..Blue Boar,
CROtWELL RICH. Bath, Bristol, , and
South Wales.. Swan, Holborn-bridge ;
calls at Old White Horse Ce!lar,-and
Spread Eagle, Piccadilly, and Brown'!
WarohoMs^e, 218 Oxford-st.
CUTHBERT ROBT. Cranbroob..Half
Moon, Boro.
DALU.MORE T. & G. Bath, Bristol, &
South Wales.. Sn-an, Gt Carter-la: call:
at Spread Eatrle, & Black Bear,Pic( dly
DALTON JOHN,Mitcham..Four Snans,
DANCE, 'Basingstoke. .Rose, Fleet-mar-
ket ; calls at White Bear, Piccadilly.
DANCE JAS. Acton & Ealing.. Silver
Cio,-E, Charing-cross, Bed IMon, Strand,
■George, Old Bailey, Kings and Key,
Fleef-st, Black Bov & C;imel, Leaden-
hall-st,Spread E^.gl'e, & Black Bear, Pic-
cadilly, and Brown's Warehouse, 24S
DANCE SAMUEL, Brentford. .Newlnn,
Old Bailey.
DANCE T. Dnhvirh..Haif Moon,Grace
chiirch-st, and Spotted Dog, Starnd.
DANCE, Croydon. .Half Moon, Boro.
DANCER, Rochford..Blne Boar,Aldgate,
DANCER W.M. High Wjcoiiibe.. George,
Snowhill ; calls at Green Man & Still,
*■ GloucesterW.i rehouse, '248 Oxford-st
DANN, Wateringbiiry,. Queen's Head,
DARVILL R. Princes Ri.sborougb.
Saracen's Head, Friday-st ; calls at
Brown's Wavehon.se, Sis, Oxford-st.
DAVEY JAS. Chelmsfoid.. Three Nuns,
DAWES llTCH. CheUenbain. .Ben,V/ar
wick-lane"; calls at Spread E;igle, am
Black Bear, Piicadi:ly, and Brown":
Warehouse, 24s Oxfoul-st.
DAWSON, Horsham.. Catherine Wheel
DAY S. Brandon.. Vine, Bishopsgat,e-st
DEACON and Co. York. .White Horse
DEAN TUGS. Worinley. .Vine, Bishops-
DEMMOX, Norwood it Heme Hill.. No
1 1 GracechiiYcli-st.
DENNIS RICHARD, Chelmsford.. Sara-
cen's Head, Alu:;ate.
DEXTER T.juu. Egham..Rose, Fleet-
! marliet.
DICItASON & Co. 0.'cford..BlossomsInn
DrCKASON, King's Langley..0.xford
Anns, Warwick-lane
DOCWRA EDW. St. Ives. .Red Lion
Aldet.sgate-st, and Catherine Wheel, &
One Swan, Bi.-hop.s'gate-st
DODD JA.MES, Betchworth. .Halfmoon,
Boron eh. .'
BOWKER & CO. Kendal.. 'Castje and
Falcon, A!<leis§at«-st.
DRAY THOiMAS, Farninghain..Spur,
DREW E. Bury.. Bull, Bishopsgate-st
DREWELL, Hendon..Blue Posts, Tot-'
tenham-court-road, and Magpie and
Slump. Newgate-st.
DRY, West Dra)t-jn.. Nag's Head, Co-
DYMOCK, Nor wowt.. Kings and I^ey,
EAMES &C0. Brentford.. Angel, St. Cle-
ment's, Strand.
EASTWICK WM. Cheshnnt..Vine, Ei-
EATOM FRAN'CTS, Abingdon.. Oxford
Anns, Warwick-lane
EDNEY GEO. Bromley, Kent.. No. ll,
Cross Keys, and George & Gate, Grace-
church st , Magpie and Stump, .Vewgate
St; Kings and Key, FlSetstj Dog and
Bear, . Borough ; Nag's Head, Coveni
gaidt-n ; Spotted Dog, Strand ; & King's
Arms, Bishopsirate-st
EDWARDS JNO. Ampthill.. Windmill,
St. John-st
EDWARDS WM. Bletcbingley. .King's
Head. Borough.
ELDRIDGK, Wind.sor...Ar,ge], Fleet-
liiarket ; calls at White & Black Bear
ELLIOTT* CO. Wisboroagh.. White
Halt, Borough.
ELLIOTT & CO. Dublin. .Castle & Fal
COP, Aldcrsgftte st
ELLIOTT JOHN, Dublin.. Ca.stle and
Falcon, Aldersgate st
ELLIS J. Dunstable.. George, Smithfield
EVANS THOS. Kaling.. Blue Posts, Tot
tenhain court road ; Brown's Ware
house,24 8 Oxfoid st; & Cock, Pnow-hill
EVKXDEN, Igtham. .George, Borough.
EVETT & CO. Birmingham.. Castle \ind
Falcon, Aldersgate st
EWINS J. Clapham and Mitcham..New
Inn, Old Bailey ; Dog and Bear, and
Horse Shoe, Borough ; Swan, Holborn
bridge, and Half Moon, Borp.
FEN'SOM, Honierton.. Flower Pot, Bi-
shopsgate st.
FINCH, Greenwich.. Nag's Head, Coveni
garden J Spotted Dog, Strand, and
Flower Pot, Bishopsgate.
FINCH, Hounslow..Snread Eagle, Pic-
cadilly; Spotted Dog, Strand, Goose *
Gridiron, St. Paul's; and White and
Black Bears, Piccadilly.
FINCH, Witham.. King's Arms, Leaden
hall st
FISHER ELIZ. Hertford.. F:mt Swan;
and Vine, Bishopsgate st
FISHER, Abinadon.'.Ro.se, Fleet market
FITCH, Soutlund.. King's Arms, Lea
delihall st.
FLACK, Bi.shops Stortford. .King'sArms
Lcadenhall st.
FLETCHER, Orset, Blue Boar, Aldeate
FLITT JOS. Finchley..Blue Posts, Tot
tenham court road.
FOOT J. Hitchin... White Hart, St
John St.
FORD, Godstone. .Ship. Charing cross.
FOSSICK and CO. Hampstead. .Swan,
FOYIE and DAWS, Andover.. Angel,
Fleet market.
FRANCIS EDW. Tootins:. .Nag'sHend
Borough ; calls at Fhnver Pot, Bishops
gate st : Spotted Dog. Strand; While
Bear, Piccadilly; and No. 11, Grace-
church st
FRAMKLIN JAS. Mitcham..Ship, and
Silver Cro.ss, Charing Cross; George &
Gate, and No. 11 Gracechurch st ; Cock,
Snowhill ; and While Hart, Boro.
FREVCH G. Maiden. .Blue Boar, Aldgate.
FULLER R. Epping..Swan,Whitechapl
Down.. Catherine Wheel, Borough
GAME JAS. Enfield.. Four Swans, Bi-
shops'jate ; calls at Marlborough Head,
and Kings Arms, Bishopsgate st
GARRETT, Dunmow.. King's Arms,
Leadenhall st
GARROWAY, Pinner.. Angel, Broad st,
GATER, Sydenham.. Flower Pot, Bi-
shopsgate St.
GEE, Bourne.. Ipswich Arms, Cnllum st
GEORGE JAS. Reading, .Getrard's HsIL
Basing lane ; calls at Old White Horse
Cellar, Sjiread Eagle, and Black and
White Bears, Piwadillv. . .
GIBBONS WM. Maidenhead.. .Oxford
Anns, Warwick lane
GILBERT JOHN, Bedford.. Crosr Keys,
St. John st
GILBY GEO. Buntingford... Catherine
Whtel, Bishopsgate
GILHAAl THOMAS, Alton.. Angel Ian,
Fleet innrkei.
GILES and HOOPER, Bridgewaler..
King's Arms, Snowhill ; calls at Old
White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly.
GODDARD, Kilbnrn.. Brown's Ware-
house, '248 Oxford St.
GODDARD, Emswortb.. George, Boro.
GOLBYJNO. Birmingham.. Bell, Wood
st ; calls at Black Bear, Piccadilly, and
Brown's Waiehouse, '248 Oxford-st
GOLDING, Beaconsfleld., Angel, Fleet
GOODE, Longhton..Blue Boar, Aldgate,
ami King's Arms, Bishopsgate-.st
GOODMAN and TAYLOR, Worthing..
Saracen's Head, Friday sireet.
GOODWIN, Tenterden.. George, Boro
GORE, Hackney. .Flower Pof, Bishops-
gate St.
GOWERS, Roxwell... Ipswich Arms,
Ciilluin St.
GRACK and ADSY, Wantage.. Swan,
Holborn bridge.
GRAY TS. Boysfoh..Vine,Bishopsgt st
GREEIV, Kdgevvare.. Angel, Fleet irlar-
kct ; Boar and Castle, Oxford st; and
Cock, Sntj^whiU.
GREKN, Chelsea. .Goose and Gridiron,
St. Paul's ; Black Bear, Piccadilly, A
George, Old Bailey.
GREEN J. Furnix Pelham. .Vine, Bi-
shopsgate st, and Windmill, St.John st.
GRIGG' J. Lewisham.. Blossoms Inn,
Lawrence lane; calls at Pewter Platter,
Graccchurch-st ; Flower Pot, Bishop.s.
gate .St. and Half Moor, Boro.
GRIMMETT JOSHUA, Beaconsfield,
Oxford Arms, Warwick lane; calls at
Brown's Waiehouse, 248 Oxford st.
GROBETY EENJ. Bradford and Trow-
bridge. .Swan, Holborn bridge; calls at
Old White Horse Cellar, A Black Bear,
GROBETY B. Marlborough and Devizes
..Swan, Holborn bridge, and Gerard's
Hall, Basing-lane; calls at Old White
Horse Cellar, Black and White Bears,
and Sjirend Eagle, Piccadilly.
GROVES B. 'Elenbridge...CatheTirie
Wheel, Boro.
GUNNER, Chittingstone..Half Moon,
GURR JAS. Hawkhurst.. Talbot, Boro, &
Saracen's Head, Friday st.
HACK, Kingsland..Shck Boy A Camel,
Leadenhall st.
HALL THOS. Barnet..Bull, Holborn;
and Blue Posts, Tottenham court road
HALL, Dartlord.. Nag's Head,Coventgdn
HALL WM. Chester.. Castle and falcon,
Aldersgate st
HAMMON LEVI, Princess Risboro..
Bell, Warwick lane.
HAMMOND, Billericay... Black Bull,
HAMPSHIRE WM. Guildford.. Cathe-
rine Wheel, Borough.
HAMSWORTH, Lewisham.. flowerPot,
HAND, ■\Vinilsor..Ro.«p, Fleet market
HAND ABRAHAM, Clapham.. Talbot-,
Borough, and Cock, Snowhill.
HARE, Hatlield..01d Bell, Holborn;
calls at Boar and Castle, Oxford st
HARGRAVE, Carlisle.. White Horse,
Cripplegate, and Bull & Mouth, Bull &
Month St.
HARRIS, Epping. .King's Arms, Lea-
denhall st, and Blue Boar, Aldgate.
HARRIS WM. Tunbridge. .Catherine
Wheel, Boro.
HARRISON WM.SaffronWalden . . Vin*,
Bishopsgate st.
HATTON JOHN, Thame. .Oxford Arms,
Warwick lanej calls at Brown's Ware-
house, 248 Oxford St.
HAWKES, Stanmore and Edgeware..
Brown's Warehouse, 248 Oxford st, &
Angel, Broad et, Bloomsbury.

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