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Newgate st ; Flotrer Pot, and KlngV
Anns, Bifhnpi-sate s(; Spoiled Dug.
Strand; and Geot^e and Gate, CrOf>
Keys, and No. i l, Graccchiircli ft.
BAR'TROM THOS Tiins..Kea, War-
■nipk lane; calls at Brovin's Warebouse.
2« Oxtord St.
BASfl, Walthainstow.... Flower Pot.
Bi«hon.esate .street.
BASING, Newbury.. Rose, Fleet market;
calls at White Bear, Picca illy.
BASSETT, DIGGINS & Co. Tunbridgt
WeUs..Caiherine Wh el, Bore.
BATCHELLOR,Linstield...Georee, Boro
BATCHiiLLOR JAS'^HeinelHemptead. .
Qeora;e, Siiovrhill ; calls at Brown'.-
. , 'VVarehoii.'ie, 24? Oxford st.
BAYNE, Brentford.. Pewter Platter,
Gracechi.iTcli-st, Goo-<e and Gridiron, St.
Paul's Cliurch-yard, George, Old Bvilev,
Spotted Dog, Strand, Black Bov & Ca
-.nel, I.eadenhall-Bt, Mag:pie and Sfuiiip.
Ne«-gate->t, and Flower Pot & KingV
. Anns, Bi.-hopsifate-st.
BAYNES ROBERT, Croydon. .Talljot,
Borou,g;li ; cills at Horse Shoe, and Do.!:
and Bear, Borou.2;h.
BEACH J. Hadlow..Nas;s Head, Boro.
BKaN, Broiiipfon.. Goose and Gridiron,
and Crown, St. Paul's Church yard;
Ship, ChaVing Cross; and Kings and
Key, Flee (-St.
BEAN, Wimbledon, White Bear, Pic-
cadilly ( Spotted Dog and Red Lion.
BEAUCHAMP WM. Blackhealh.. Goose
& Gridiron, St. Paurs Church yard ;
Silver Cross, Charing Cross; Red Lion,
Strand;. and No. 11, and George a:ii
Gale, Gracechurch st.
BEAUMONT, Watford. .Ram, Smith
field, and Angel, Broad st, Bloomsbury.
BELLTNGHAM, TunbridgcSpur, and
Talbot, Boro.
BliNGE J. Foots Cray and Chisl€hnr.st. .
Ship, CharinE; Cioss; Spo t-.d Dog,
Strand ; and Half Moon,- Boro.
BENNETT, Edmonton... .Maepie and
Stump, Newgate-st; and Flower Pol,
Bishop.>^cale st.
BENNETT — , Kingston. .White Horse,
BENNETT ROBERT, Wrnd.>ior..Swan,
Holborn bridge ; calls at Spotted Dog,
Strand, & White & Black Bears, Picca-
BENNETT RT. Tunbridge Wells.. Nag's
Head, Borough ; calls at Brown's Ware-
248 Oxford St.
BENTON & f'o. Dover. .New Inn,Dover-
road, and 56 Watling-.st.
BERRISS and GR1NNELL, Wind-or. .
Rose, Fleet-market; call M WhUe-
Hor.se Cellar, and Black,Bear Pircadilh.
SETTLE ROBT. Hendon..01d Beil,
Holborn ; calls at Blue Posts, Toltcn
■ ham court mad.
' BETTS&BURY, -Norfolk a .nd Suffolk. .
Saracen's Head, Aldgate, and Ipsniuh
Arms, CuUiim st.
BINKS, Camberwell, Red Lion, Strand
BIRD ROBERT, Cambridge, Four
Swans, & Catherine Wheel', Bishops
gate St.
BIRD T. Seven 0»ks, Talbot. Boro.
BlSTON WM. Swaffhnm..One Swan
BIshopsffale st.
BITTLEROBT.Totferidge.. Blue Pose,
Tottenham court road.
BLACKNELL SL. Greenwich, Talbot,
B^ro ; George and Gate, and Cross Kevs.
Gracechurch st ; Blossoms Inn, Law-
rence lane,; Marlboro Head, Bishop,*.
gale-.tt ; and Boar & Castle, Oxford-st.
BIOOMFIELD J. (general carrier) Ro.se,
Fleet- market.
EOALTKR WM. Hertford.. Vine and
Catherine Wheel, Bishopsgate st.
BORER N. Guildford.. Catherine Wheel,
Bonugh, & New Inn, Dover road.
EOTTING P. Cucklield, Half Moon,Born.
BOWTKLL W.M. Thaxtead..Blue Boar,
BOXALL JAS. Arundel.. Queen's Head,
- and White Hart, Borough.
BOYCE, CHAPLIN and' Co. Brighton..
Spread Eagle, PiccajdiUy, and Spre,->d
:^agle and Cross Keys, Graeecburch ti ;
calls at Brown's Warehouse, »48 Ox
ford stj & Queen's Head, Boro.
BOYSON JOHN, Tamworth.. Windmill,
St. Johr-sl.
BRADFORD, Brighton . .Nag's Head,Bo-
rough, & Bull, Holborn ; calls at Black
Beai , Piccadilly.
BRAND & SONS, Lynn &Downham..
One Swan, BishopsHafe-st.
BRAND J. Linton.. Blue Boai, Aldgate,
and Ipswich Arms, Culluin-sf-
BRAND THOS. 1 hurlow and Haverill..
Blue Boar, Aldgate.
BRAZIER J. Shrewsbury.. Ca.«tle* Fal-
con, Alder.sgale-sf. [tield.
BREE & Co. Daventry.. George, Smith
BRICE & Co. Bridgewater* Taunton.,
Castle and Falcon, Aldersgate-st.
BRISCOE V\'M. Aspenden.. Catherine
Wheel, Bishopsgate st.
BROOKS, Winchmore-hill-King'sArms,
Bishop.sgate-st. [Fleet-market.
BROOKS. Chalfont St. Peter's. .Angel
BROOM & WINTER, Norwich.. Ips-
wich Arms, Cnlhim-st.
BROWN, FIELD, and Co. Bedford-
White Hart, St. John-st.
BROWN & Co. Rusliden.. White Hart,
!-t. Jolui-st.
BROWN * Co. Wincanton.. Castle and
Falcon, Aldersgate-st; calls at White
Bear, Piccadilly. [St. John-st.
BROWN, Whcathamstead..GoWenLion,
Bristol. .Castle ife Falcon, Alder.sgate-.-^t
BROWN WM. Salislinrv-Whit.-Horse.
Friday-.^, and Spread Eagle, and Black
Bear. Piccadilly.
BROWN, Chenies.. Angel, Fleet-market.
BROWN K WM Huntingdon-One
Swan, Bishop?gafe-st.
BRYANT & Co. Newmarket.. King's
Arms, Leadenhall-st.
BUDD W. Gloucester.. Three Cups, Al
der.sgafe-.st, and Saracen's Head, Friday
st; calls at Green Man & Still, Brown':
Warehoii.se, and Boar & Castle. Oxford
st, and New White Horse Cellar, and
White Bear, Piccadilly.
BULL J. Richmond, .p'lowcr Pot, King'i
Arms, and Vine, Bishopsgate-st ; Goo.^f
and Gridiron, St. Paul's Church-yard, &
George & Gale, and Cross Keys, Grace-
BULL J. Norwich.. Bull, Lcadenhall-st.
BULLEN GEORGE, Buntingford. .One
Swan, Bishopsgate-st.
BULLEN W. 'Buntingford.. Catherine
Wheel, Bishopsgate-st.'
BUNDLK J. Cheam.. Catherine Wheel,
Borough ; calls at Spotted Dog, Slrand,
Spread Eagle, & Black Bear, Piccadilly,
and FloNTcr Pot, Bishopseate-st.
BURBRIDGE, Bedford-Red Lion, Al-
dev.'-gnte-st. [Boro
BURBURY. Be(chworth..Hnlf Moon.
BURCH JAMES, Turnham Gieen-New
Inn, Old Bailey, & Red Lion, Strand.
BURLEY, Wennington— Blue Boar, Aid-
BURNETT WM. Portsmonlh.. King's
Head, Old Change, and Saracen's Head,
Snou hill; calls at Old White Horse Cel-
lar, White and Black Bears, and Spread
Eagle, Piccadilly.
BITRTENSHAW & Co. Steynintr. .Spur,
Boro. [Fleei-st.
BUTLER, Brenlford..Kin£s and Key.
BUTTERLEY, Blaclcheath. .Red Lion,
Strand. [mhall-sl.
BYFORD, HaveriU.. King's Arms, Lead-
CAIN MICHAEL, Newbury.. Kina's
Arms, Snowhill ; calls at Old While
Horse Cellar, Piccadilly.
CAMBRIDGE THOS. Cambridge.. One
Swan, Bishopsgate-,-t.
CANNON, Kmgston. .Flower Pot, Bi
CAPKLL RICHARD, Northampton..
Windmill, St. John-st.
CARRIN.GTON WM. Bedford. .Cros^
Keys, St. John-st. fjohn-sl,
CARTK J. AmpthilK.Whi'e Hart, St
CARTER & Co. Windsor.. WhiteHorse,
Frii'ay-st, Spread Eagle, and White A
Black' Bears, Piccadilly, and Spotteci
Dog. Strand.
..King's Arms, Bishnpsgate-it, & Cocli'
CARTER EDWARD, 6hcnley..Rose3
Smiihlield, & Boar& Ca<tle, Oxlord-s|.
Dis, *c..i-arncen~s Head, Snowhill;
_ calls at Three Nuns, Aldgate.
CHAD JOHN, Harrow & Pinner..Bun,
and Old Bell, Holborn, & Angel, Fleet-
market ; calls at Boar& C'asUe, and
Brown's Waiehouse, 2-18 Oxford-st, and
Angel, Broad-st, Bloomsbury.
CHALK R. Linton.. Vine, and Catheiino
Wheel, Bi.-hop.sgate-st.
CHANDLER Wm. Arundel.. Catherine
Whiel, Boro, aiid New Inn, Dover-rd.
CHAPMAN, Barnes. .Goose & Gridiron,
St. Paul's Church- yard. While Bear,
Piccadilly, and Spotted Dog, Slrand.
CHART W.Hartheld.. Nag's Head,Boro
CHEAL ROBERT, EastGnnstead.. Hall-
moon, Boro.
CHEESE Vv'M. High W\ combe.. King's
Head, Old Change; calls at Brown's
Warehouse, 2J8 Oxlord-st.
CHILMAN JOHN, Epsom.. Catherine
\A heel, Boro, Vine, Bishopsgale-st, and
B.iHi- and Castle, Oxford-st.
CHIPP, Henley.. White Horse, Friday-
si; cal's at White and Black Bears,
CLARIDSE W. LeightonBnzz3,rd..Gol.
den Lion, St. John-st ; calls at Brown's
Warehonse, 248 Oxford-st.
CLARK JOHN,Pcntonville&I.slington..
Black Boy and Camel, Leadenhall-st,
Kings * Key,Fleel-st, Magpie * Stump,
., Newgate-st, Flower Pot,& King'.s Armg,
Bi.shoi\«gate-st, .^potted Dog, Strand,
George & Gate, No. 11, & Cross Keys,
CLARK THOS, Norwood.. Flower Pot,
Bishop.«gate-st, Silver Cro.«s, Charii»g>
cross, Spotted Dog. strand. Cock, Snow-
hill, and Half Moon, Boro '
CLARK, Slanmore..Angel,F!eet-market,
calls at Bronn's- Warehouse, 2-18 Ox-
CLARK,Luton.. Three Cups, Aldersgate-st
CLARK JAS, Missenden..Ki-ng's Arms,
Snow-hill; calls at Green Ma'n & Still,
and Biown's Warehonse, 2-18 Oxford-st,
CLARK JAMES, Northaw.. Windmill.
St. John-st.
CLARK THOMAS, Hatfield. .Windmill,
CLARK J. Deptford..Half Moon, &No.
J I Gracechurch-st, & Swan, Skinner-sl.
CLARK WM. Staines.. New Infl, Old
CLAYTON, Braintree,. Blue Boar, Aid-
C'lEMENTSS. Ongar.. Ipswich Arms,
Cnllum-sf. & Blue Boar, Aldgate.
CLLMEN1S JAS. Bishops Stortford..
One Swan, Bishopsgate-sl.
CODGBROOK * Co. Wellingborough..
Cross Keys, St. John-.i^t.
COE A. Ockendon..Swan, Whitechapel.
COKEHAM, Hi-hgafe.. Pewter PJniler,
GracechuTch-sl, Spotted Dog, Strand,
King's Anns, Bishop.sgale-9t,'iS' George,
Old Bailey.
COLE, Watford.. Angel, Fleet-market,
calls at Brown's W'arehouse, 2-18 Ox-
ford-sf, & Angel, Bioari-st, Bloomsbury.
COLE, Layton^-B]ack Bull, Aldgate.
COLES JOHN, Blenheim.. Oxford Arms,
Warwick-lane ; calls at Brown'sWare-
house. 2tS Oxinrd-st.
COLLINS & CAPELL, Northampton..
Windmill, St. John- t.
COLLINS JAS. Greenwich.. Edinhoro*
Castle, Strand.
COLLINS JOHN, Petworib..King'«
Head, and Nag's Head, Boro.
COLT JAS. Chelmsford, Norwich, &Ci.
One Swan, Bishopsgate-st.
COOK AAKON, Wallingford. .Oxford
Arms, Warwick-lane ; calls at White
Bear, Piccadilly.
COOK J. Lnton. .Golden Lion, St.John-et.
rOOKK, Wendover. .Angel, Fleei-aiaiket
COHKE T Lewes.. S|.ur, Borough.
Inn, Old Baily ; calls at Black Boy and
Camel, Leadenhalt-st.
COTTON, Blackwall.. Marlboro' Head,
Bishopsgate-st, & Swan, Slririn«-s't.

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