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*Duiicaii, J. B., 6 Hill street
*Dun(las, R., 16 St Andrew sq.
Dundas, R. N., 16 St Andrew sq.
*Dundas, W. J. , 16 St Andrew sq.
*Dunlop, George, 20 Castle st.
Dykes, W. S., 7 York place
Edwards, James R. Peacock,
5 Albyn place
Esson, G. A. , 22 St Andrew sq.
*Esson, T. S., 66 Queen street
*Ewart, John, 58 Frederick st,
Henderson, G. F,, c/o Black, 6
Pitt street
Henderson, Thos., 57 Queen st
Henry, Matthew, 20 St Andrew
Herdman, J. J., 19 S. Castle st.
Hog, A. W., 10 Hill street
Hope, James, 42 Charlotte sq.
*Hope, J. A., LL.B., 119 Princes
Hope, Jas. E., Inland Revenue
Waterloo place
Falconer, Jas., 46 George street
*Ferguson, W. R., 122 George st.j Home, Thos., 39 Castle street
Findlater, H. J., 30 Buckingham, *Hossack, C, 25 George street
"Finlay, C. P., 18 Young street
Finlay, J. H., 19 Glencairn cres
Finlay, N. J., 24 Charlotte sq.
Finlay, Walter, 77 Gt. King st.
Finlay, Wm. F., 18 Young st.
Fleming, A. B. , 66 Frederick st.
Fletcher, William, 12 Hill street
Flett, R. J. R., 57 Castle street
*Forman, A. G., 11 Charlotte
Forrest, John, A.. 51 Castle st.
*Forrester, Andrew, 40 Castle st.
Forrester, A. Ludovic, 12 Green-
hill place
*Fraser, W. Stuart, 16 Castle st.
French, John, LL.B., 35 Dublin
*Galbraith, William, LL.B., 16
Castle street
Garson, James, 5 Albyn place
*Garson, Wm., 5 Albyn place
Gibson, J. T., LL.B., 37 George
Gibson, Wm., 41 Northumber-
land street
Gifford, Adam W., 28 Castle st
*Gillespie, Sir J., 15 S. Char
lotte street
Glegg, Andrew H., 24 Char
lotte square
*Glover, John, jun. , 1 Hill st.
Gordon, A. S., 58 Queen street
Gordon, James, 8 E. Castle road
Howe, Alex., 32 Charlotte sq.
Hunter, Frank, 7 York place
*Hunter, Thos., City chambers
Hunter, Wm. C, 15 Hill street
Hyslop, W. A., 16 Hope street
*Inglis, H.H.,8N. St David st.
Inglis, Joseph, 110 George st.
*Ivory, H., 6 Albyn place
Jackson, George E., 5 Thistle
Jackson, Patrick C, 20 Young
*Jameson, J. H. , 55 Constitution
street, Leith
*Jamieson, J. A., 66 Queen st.
Japp, Wm. Buchan, 122 George
*Jolmston, R. F., 17 Grosvenor
*Johnston, R. Herbert, 66 Fred-
erick street
*Johnston, W. C, 43 Castle st.
Johnstone, W. Charles, 39
Frederick street
Kennaway, A. L., 122 George st.
* Kennedy, J., 71 Great King st.
*Ker, Robert D., 50 George st.
Kermack, George, 9 Hill street
*Kerr, Thos., LL.B., 16 Hill st.
Kinnear, G. T. Balfour, 35
Queen street
*Kinuear, Jas. Balfour, 35 Queen
Kirk, W. J., 119 Princes street
Gordon, Jas. E., 58 Queen street Kirkpatrick, J. G., 9 Hill street
*Gordon, T. J., 46 George street Lees, J. Carr G., 15 S. Charlotte
Grant, F. J., 41 New Register
Gregorson, A. M., 77 George st.
Greig, S., 134 George street
Guild, Alex., 2 Thistle court i
*Guild, J. E., 63 Castle street
Guthrie, L. A., 1 N. Charlotte st.
*Hagart, J. V., 140 Princes st.
Haldane, F. G., 4 N. Charlotte
*Haldane, W. S., 4 N. Charlotte
Hamilton, W. H., 43 Castle
Harley, Harry H., 41 Charlotte
* Hartley, W. A., 1 Heriot row
Henderson, Allan M., 4 Char-
lotte place
S., 33 Queen st.
Liglis, 16 Queen
Leslie, Arch.
Lindsay, H.
Lindsay, R. J. , 9 Abercromby pi.
*Lindsay, W. P., 16 Queen st.
Livingston, J. C, 54 Queen st.
*Logan, Sir Charles B., LL.D.,
D.K.S., 23 Queen street
Loudon, Chas. E. , 6 Rutland sq.
*Lowe, W. D., 66 Queen street
Lyell, D., 39 Castle street
Macbean, H. H., 143 Princes st.
M'Candlish, Edward J., 31
Charlotte square
M'Candlish, J. M., 27 Drum-
sheugh gardens
M'CuUoch, J. S., 10a George
*Macdonald, James, 21 Thistle
*M'Ewen, W. C, 9 S. Char-
lotte street
Macfie, Robert, LL.B., 31 India
*MacGillivray, W., 32 Charlotte
MacGillivray, W. A., 32 Char-
lotte square
M'Gregor, A. W., LL.B., 21
Thistle street
Macgregor, J., 21 Castle street
M'Intosh, Geo., 87 George st.
Maclntyre, Ian, LL.B., 9 Hill
Mackay, James F., 29 Rutland
Mackay, Norris, 112Thirlestane
*Mackenzie, D. , 12 Gt. Stuart st.
Mackenzie, John, 16 Royal circus
'■'Mackenzie, J. 0., 9 Hill street
Mackenzie, Laurence M., 4 Staf-
ford street
*Mackersy, Lindsay, 74 Queen
Mackersy, W. R., 3b Dundas st.
Mackintosh, Thos., 1 Forres st.
Maclachlan, J., 48 Castle street
M'Lachlan, W. M.,108George st.
Maclagan, Douglas P., 6 Rut-
land square
M'Laren, Lawrence, LL.B., 2
George street
MacLaren, T. S., 11 Hill street
M'Lean, Arthur H., 8 George
Macphail, Geo. W., 4 Melville
Macrae, C. G., 57 Castle street
Macrae, H. R., 57 Castle street
*Maitland, Keith Ramsay, 5
Thistle street
Manson, James Wilson, 6 Pit
Manson, Wm. George, LL.B.,
10 St. Andrew square
Marshall, R. D. Calder, 21
Castle street
Marshall, W. H., 25 Heriot row
*Martin, F. J., 1 N. Charlotte
Marwick, D. W., LL.B., 18
Heriot row
Mathers, Geo. F., 47 Frederick
Maxwell, D. , 12 Hart street
Maxwell, Hamilton, 86 George
Meik, H. H., 44 Queen street
Melville, Alex. P., 10 Albyn pi.
Melville, Andrew P., 11 South
Charlotte street
Menzies, A. L., 123 George st.
*Menzies, W. J., 123 George st.
Methuen, James, 12 Queen st.
Millar, J. A. S., 20 Castle st.
*Miller, Hugh, 2 York place

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