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Purves, John Dove, 17 Walker
Purves, Wm., 4 N. Charlotte st.
Rainy, John B., 5 North Char-
lotte street
*Kanken, R. B., 68 Queen street
Rankin, Wm. B., 61 Frederick
Reid, James, 2 Thistle court
15 South
Miller, J. A. Graham, 44 Fre-
derick street
Miller, J. C. S., 26 Frederick
*Miller, R. S., 10 Duke street
Milligan Fred. P., 39 Royal
*Milligan, John. 15 York place
Mitchell, Alex., 33 Howard pi.
Mitchell, William, jun., 11 S. !*Richardson, H. E..
Charlotte street I Charlotte street
Moncreiff, J. F., 6 Ainslie pi. j Richardson, Ralph, 2 Parlia-
*MoncreifF, The Hon. J. W., 23 ment square
Queen street i Robertson, Andrew Gifford, 24
*MoncrieiF, David Scott, 28 ' Castle street
Rutland square ; Robertson, George, 13Northum-
MoncriefF, Robert Scott, 28 ! beriand street
Rutland square Robertson, John, 15 Morning-
*Morton, John S., 18 St Andrew | side place
square j Robertson, J. L., 54 Queen st.
*Mortou, William, 31 Queen st. (Robertson, W. D., 12 St Andrew
*Mounsey, John L. , 5 Thistle st. _ square
''Muir, A. G., 19 York place
*Murdoch, A. B., 140 Princes
*Murray, Alfred A., 20 Warris-
ton crescent
Murray, Jn., 37 St Bernard's cres.
Murray, P. , 43 Castle street
Murray, T. M., 9 Albyn place
*Murray, W. H., 48 Castle st.
"Mutter, A. D., 43 Hanover
Mylne, J., 36 Castle street
Napier, A. J., 11 Heriot row
*Nisbet, C. C, 11 Alva street
Norie, F. J. , 26 Frederick street
Norman, George Prentice, 8
Scotland street
Notman, Jas. H., 15 York pi.
Officer, Jn. L., LL.B., 21 Castle
Oliphant, Stuart, 24 Castle st.
Paterson, Arthur B., 11 York
*Paterson, T., 15 S. Charlotte st.
Paterson, T. S., 140 Princes st.
Paterson, Wm , 35 Warrender
Park road
Paton, V. A. Noel, 22 Young st.
*Patten, H., 42 Castle street
Pattison, G. G., Viewpark,
*Paul, G. M., 16 St Andrew
Pearson, Andrew, 13 Castle st.
Pearson, Dalziel, 11 York bdgs.
Pearson, D. A., 13 Castle st.
Peddle, A. L. Dick, 8 Rothesay
Penn, Charles J., 33 Ann street
Pitcairn, A. Y., 6 York place
Pitcairn, John Wyld, 56 Dick
*Pitman, A. R. C, 48 Castle
Pitman, J. S., 48 Castle street
Pringle, R., 24 Charlotte sq.
*Prosser, John, 19 York place
Robertson, W. Hope, 61 Castle
Robertson, W. P., 13 Castle st.
*" Romanes, Jn. Hyslop, 2% Fred-
erick street
Rorie, James, 29 Queen street
Rose, James, 4 Picardy place
*Ross, John, 68 Queen street
Ross, P. M., 5 Belford terrace
Roughead, Wm., 122 George st.
*Roxburgh, James F., LL.B.,
29 Rutland square
Russell, Arthur W., 76 Thirle-
stane road
Rutherfurd, James H. , 14 Great
Stuart street
*Rutherfurd, J., 7 Nelson st.
*Sanderson, K., 15 York place
Sang, George, 10 Hill street
Sang, J. H., LL.B., 10 Hill st.
Scott, A. G. , 4 Crawfurd road
Scott, A. T. S., 1 Hill street
Scott, Chas. F., 4 Thistle court
Scott, H. Bell, 14 Glencairn
Scott, John, LL.B., 13 Hill st.
Scott, R. G.-, 6 Hill street
*Shaw, D., 1 Thistle court
Shaw,. M. S., c/o Gunn, 59
Marchmont road
Shepherd, A., 63 Castle street
Sibbald, W. G., 67b Hanover st.
*Simpson, R. R., 10 Albyn pi.
*Simson, C. S. R., 47 Queen st.
Simson, Robert, 55 Frederick st.
Skinner, William, 35 George
Smith, Andrew, 46 George st.
Smith, C. L. Addison, 19 Heriot
Smith, Donald M., 12 Hope st.
Smith, Harry W.. 21a Duke st.
Smith, H.Wallace, 62 Frederick
Smith, Hy., 5 S. Charlotte st.
Smith, R. B., 48 Castle street
*Smith, W., 4 N.E. Circus pi.
*Soote, G. G., 23 Queen street
Steedman, W. K., 37 Castle
*Steuart, A., 17 India street
Steuart, Geo. G. B., 17 India st.
Steuart, Geo. M., 6 St Andrew
Steuart, Jas., 17 India sti'eet
Steven, C. B., 13 Manor place
Steven, Robt., 20 Chalmers st.
Stevenson, H. J., 64 Princes st.
Stewart, Arthur N., 6 Lennox
*Stewart, Chas., 29 St Andrew
Stewart, Ian C. L., 32 Char-
lotte square
Stewart, J. D. Hay, 14 Hill st.
*Strathern, Robt., 12 S. Cliar-
lotte street
Stuart, G. M. , 56 Frederick st.
Stuart, Joseph Gordon, 56 Fred-
erick street
Sturrock, J. S., 122 George st.
Sym, James P., 49 Castle st.
Tait, John C, 41 Northumber-
land street
Taylor, J. P., 19 Young street
Thain, John W., 25 Castle ter.
Thomson, E. P., 76 George st.
Thomson, F. H. L., 114 George
"Thomson, G. M., 123 George
Thomson, James Miller, LL.B.,
21 Hill street
Thomson, Wm., M.A., LL.B.,
23 York place
Tod, Henry, 45 Castle street
Towse, H. B., 68 Queen street
*Trail, John Arbuthnot, LL.B.,
28 Rutland square
Traquair, Wm., 11 Hill street
*Tiirnbull, D., 5 S. Charlotte
Turnbull, G. G., 49 George sq.
Turnbull, John, 7 Nelson street
*Tytler, J. W. Fraser, 22 Young
Urmston, Chas. H., 140 Princes
Waddell, A. Peddle, 6 Albyn
AValker, Chas. , 21 Castle street
Wallace, Alexander, 1 N. Char-
lotte street
Wallace, H. S., 18 Buckingham
"Wallace, J. W., 28 Constitu-
tion street, Leith
Wallace, R. W., 14 Frederick st.
Wallace, T. W., 9 Abercromby
Wardlaw, David, 5 Thistle st.
Watson, Graham G., 32 Albany
Watson, J. P., 13 Hill street
*Watt, James, 28 Charlotte

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