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Erskine, William, 2 St. Peter's place
Erskine, William, 54 Hawthoriivale
Erskine, Mrs D., 21 Fettes row
Erskine, Mrs George, 1 Warrender Park crescent
Erskine, Mrs William, 39 Carlyle place
Erskine, Mrs, 105 Trinity road
Erskine, Mrs, 14 Belgrave crescent
Erskine, Miss E. Marian, L.K.C.P. & S.Ed.,
105 Trinity road
Erskine, Miss, 21 Fettes row
Erskine, Miss, apartments, 22 Gillespie crescent
Eschle, Leopold, 8 Gladstone terrace
Espie, George, 12 Forbes read
Espinasse, Miss, Frenclr teacher, 27 Nelson
Esson, George A. {Bell, Cowan, <£• Co.), 1
Clarendon crescent ; Telephone, 333
Esson, Thomas S., W.S., 66 Queen street
Esson, Mrs A., lO Parkside terrace
Ettershank, Mrs D. , grocer, 31 Dalmeny street .
Eugenie, Mdlle., milliner, 18a George street
Eunson, Andrew, 7 Kirk street
Eunson, Andrew, joiner, 22 Morton street
Eunson, James, 6 Fort place
Eunson, John, tailor and clothier, 54 Cumber-
land street
Eunson, J., 74 Elm row
Eunson, Robert, clothier, 7 Earlston place
Eunson, William, 251 Dalkeith road
European Agent for Northern Steamship Co. of
New Zealand Ltd. and Union Steamship Co.
of British Columbia Ltd., E. G. Buchanan
& Stevenson, 27 Quality street
Evans, John, draper, 84 Great Junction street
Evans, Peter, water officer, 10 Kemp place
Evans, Thomas, wood carver, 89 N.-W, E,ose
Street lane ; house, 5 Bell place
Evans, William, actuary, 38 Moruingside park
Evans, Mrs Maurice J., 5 Marchhall road
' Evening Dispatch, ' Publishing and Advertise-
ment Offices, 24 and 26 Cockburn st. (Tele-
IDhone, 628); Leith office, 53 Leith walk
(Telephone, 499)
'Evening News' Publishing Offices, 18 Market
street, 91 Leith walk, Deanhaugh street, and
14 Clifton terrace ; H. J. & J. Wilson, pro-
prietors; Telephones, Editorial, 674, Reporters,
856, Counting Room, 2339
' Evening Times,' office, 16 St Giles street
Evcrad, Mrs, 10 Henderson row
Everett, George, waiter, 39 Comely bank street
Evrard, Auguste, teacher of French, 29 Frederick
street and 70 Queen street
Ewan, Mrs G. M., 4 Bernard terrace
Ewan, Mrs, 15 Morningside place
Ewan, Misses, Bellwood House Institution, 58
St Alban's road
Ewan, Miss, 1 Sciennes Hill place
Ewart, John, & Son, builders, joiners, etc., 14
Royal circus ; works, 7 Deanbank place
Ewart, James (-£^., John, d: Son), 14 Royal circus
Ewart, J., bootmaker, 59 Causewayside
Ewart, J. A., 31 Hermitage gardens
Ewart, John, 3 Gillespie place
Ewart, John, 17 Rintoul place
Ewart, John, spirit dealer, 74 and 75 St
Andrew street, Leith
-Ewart, John, W.S. , 58 Frederick street
Ewart, Ralph, 159 Gilmore place
Ewart, R. C, shipping and insurance agent, 22
Bernard street ; house, 8 Stirling road
Ewart, W., teacher of typography, 17 Rintoul pi.
Ewart, Mrs A., 5 Bangor road
Ewart, Mrs, 23 Jessfield terrace
Ewart, Miss M., china merchant, 43 London
Ewart, Miss, 22 Maryfield
Ewen, John, ladies' tailor, 137 Princes street
Ewen, William Stevenson [Peddie, E., & Co.),
57 York place ; house, Willowbrae avenue
Ewing, Archibald, 40 Henderson row
Ewing, George, 44 Queen street
Ewing, James L., Enterkin, 37 Craigmillar park
Ewing, J. F. {G.P.O.), 6 Drumdryan street
Ewing, Mrs Alexander, 82 Thirlestane road
Ewing, Mrs A., 83 Duke street, Leith
Ewing, Mrs Elizabeth, 35 Home street
Ewing, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 4 Downfield place
Ewing, Mrs, 12 Maryfield
Ewing, Mrs, laundress, 25 Balcarres street
Ewing, Mrs, 10 Henderson row
Ewing, Miss Orr, 3 Lynedoch place
Excelsior Boot Repairing Co., 13 Montrose ter.
Exchange Reading Room, 35 Constitution street
Exchange Telegraph Co., 21 Leith street
Exchequer Chambers, 1 Parliament square
Excise Duty-Free Warehouse, Breadalbane st.,
'Expository Times,' 38 George street
Extractor's Chambers, 3 New Gen. Register
House ; D. K. B. Whyte, assistant-extractor,
28 Broughton place
Eyvell, Mrs Margaret, 1 Eyre terrace
Ezard, Herbert B., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 18
Manor place ; Telephone, 2209
Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland, 24 George
street ; George M. Low, president ; Henry
Moir, acting secretary
Faed, James, engraver, 7 Barnton terrace
Faed, Mrs, fruiterer, florist, and confectioner, 5
Union place ; house, 6
Faichney, M., dairy, 4a Downfield place
Faill, Campbell, S.S.C, 53 George street; ho.
8 Glenorchy terrace
Faill, P. Salmon, 8 Glenorchy terrace
FAIRBAIRN LTD., advertising agents and
contractors, 10a George street, Edinburgh.
Branch ofiices — 103 Bath slreet, Glasgow,
and 124 Donegall street, Belfast ; also at
London. Advertisements received for the
Entire AVorld's Press. Estimates of cost fur-
nished free. Letters in reply to advertise-
ments may be addressed to a No. at the
offices of Fairbairn Ltd., 10a George street.
Telephone, 2231. ^See Adv. index
Fairbairn, M. & J., feather cleaners, dyers, and
curlers, 13 George iv. Bridge, 31 Albert place,
and 53 Kirkgate ; works, Stead's place
Fairbairn, David F., 7 Gilraour road
Fairbairn, George R., commission agent, 9
Spence street
Fairbairn, G., 26 Watson crescent
Fairbairn, Hamilton D., surveyor, 56 Queen
street ; house, 88 Dalkeith road
Fairbairn, Henry, 57 Grange road
Fairbairn, Henry, 21 Torphichen place
Fairbairn, James, 1 Eden terrace

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