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Fairbairn, James, spirit dealer, 14 Drummond
street ; lio. Leader vale, 1 West Savile road
Fairbairn, John, 82 Marchmont crescent
Fairbairn, John, plumber and gasfitter, 10
Dewar place
Fairbairn, John, 13 Avondale place
Fairbairn, John, 1 Ashley terrace
Fairbairn, John C, stockbroker, 6x George st.
Fairbaii'n, John Collins {Fairhairn Ltd.),
advertising agent, 10a George street ; house, 5
Nelson street; Telephone, 2231a
Fairbairn, Robert, 34 Leveii street
Fairbairn, Thos. , ordained surveyor {Lorimer,
F., d: Lighibocly), The Red House, 1 Cluny
Fairbairn, Thomas, 63 Cumberland street
Fairbairn, Walter, 149 Buccleuch street
Fairbairn, AVilliam, furniture dealer and French
polisher, 129 Buccleuch street ; house, 35 West
Preston street
Fairbairn, William, 24 Montague street
Fairbairn, Wm,, photographer, 15 Crown street
Fairbairn, Wni., optical limelight lanternist, 10
Marchmont crescent
Fairbairn, W. M., stationer, 6 Deanbank place
Fairbairn, William {representing Nobles d:
Hoare, London), 88 Dalkeith road
Fairbairn, Mi's Dr., 12 Merchiston park
Fairbairn, Mrs F. Stewart, 48 London street
Fairbairn, Mrs George, 2 Morningside gardens
Fairbairn, Mrs James, 72 Northumberland street
Fairbairn, Mrs J., 69 Warrender Park road
Fairbairn, Mrs William, 88 Dalkeith road
Fairbairn, Mrs, dairy, 23a Brougham place
Fairbairn, Mrs, 10 Gladstone terrace
Fairbairn, Mrs, 11 Salisbury street
Fairbairn, Mrs, 32 Forbes road
Fairbairn, Mrs, 9 Warrender Park terrace
Fairbairn, Mrs, apartments, 218 Easter rd. Leitli
Fairbairn, Mrs, 10 Leslie place
Fairbairn, Misses, milliners, 81 Leith walk
Fairbairn, Miss Agnes, 6 Bellevue terrace
Fairbairn, Miss, 72 Broughton street
Fairbairn, Miss, fruiterer, 10 Kirkgate
Fairfoul, Miss, 58 Findhorn place
i Fairfowl, Mrs, 37 South Clerk street
Fairfowl, M. M., Restalrig
Fairgray, George {church officer, Vieiv/orth U. P.
Church), 4 Westhall gardens
Fairgrieve, James, tobacco and snuff manufac-
turer, 124 Duke st. ; ho. 12 Craighall gdns.
Fairgrieve, JohnB., bookseller, stationer, and
newsagent, 7 and 9 Cockburn street ; house,
1 Savile terrace
Fail-grieve, W. B., advertising agent, 28 Gay-
field square
Fairgrieve, William, 14 Waverley park
F'Jiirgrieve, Mrs George, 11 Sylvan place
Fairgrieve, Mrs James, 40 Marchmont crescent
Fairgrieve, Mrs, 4 Argyle Park terrace
Faii'grieve, Mrs, 6 Burgess terrace
Fairgrieve, Mrs, ladies' nurse and midwife, 8
Gayfield square
Fairie, Andrew, baker and confectioner, 147
Morrison street ; house, 26 Gardner's crescent
Fairlej% Alex., & Sons, wholesale wine and spirit
merchants, 4 Nottingham place
Fairley, Alex. & Son, Avine and spirit merchants,
SI Leith street ; house, 7 Minto street
Fairley, C. R. S., 4 Dalgety road
Fairley, G. {janitor, Castlehill j^uMic school),
17 Johnston terrace
Fairley, Henry, 149 Morrison street
Fairley, Henry W., 24 Valleyfield street
Fairley, James, 37 Dick place
Fairley, J. Graham, F.R.LB.A., architect and
ordained surveyor, 1 India buildings
Fairley, Capt. J. H. {Retired), 32 Comely Bank av.
Fairley, J. M'Lellan, ai'chitect, 17 Young street;
house, 19 Grange road
Fairley, John, 1 8 Stewart terrace
Fairley, John A., 4 Comely bank
Fairley, Mungo, coal merchant, 7 Polwarth ores.
Fairley, Thomas N., 6 South Elgin street
Fairley, William {Langlands, M,, d- Sons), 47
Charlotte street, Leith
Fairley, William, dairyman, Pilrig Gardens
dairy, Dryden street
Fairley, Wm. M., 6 Leopold place
Fairley, Mrs, 46 Lauriston street
Fairley, Miss, 9 Marchhall road
Fairley, Miss, fruiterer, 7 Rosebank place
Fairley, Madge Blanch, 19 Sliandwick place
Fairman, Mrs J. A., 17 Fettes row
Fairweather, Alexander, 33 Lome street, Leith
Fairweather, Charles, mason, 11 Grange loan
Fairweather, David S., 41 Leith walk
Fairweather, Rev. David, M.A., 2 Gillsland rd.
Fairweather, George, 5 Lord Russell place
Fairweather, Jas. F., S.S. C. {Gordon, Falconer,
& F.), 17 Glengyle terrace
Fairweather, Jas. Gibson, B.Sc, professor of
engineering in the College of Science and
Technology, 53 Frederick street ; house, Lux-
mount, Duddingston crescent, Portobello
Fairweather, John, 29 Royal Park terrace
Fairweather, Primrose, 201 Easter road
Fairweather, P., butcher, 4 Deanbank place ;
house, 11 West Claremont street
Fairweather, Mrs A., 41 Clerk street '
Fairweather, Mrs John, 62 Leamington terrace
Falcon, Mrs, 38 Findhorn place
Falconer, R. & W., & Co., iron and tin plate
workers. Lower Gilmore pi. ; Telephone, 695
Falconer, Alexander, janitor, Royal High school.
Regent road
Falconer, Alexander, 30 Earl Grey street
Falconer, Alexander, bookseller, 27 Warrender
Park terrace
Falconer, Alex., 24 Dundonald street
Falconer, David, 9 Ingliston street
Falconer, David, 12 Cambusnethan street
Falconer, David, baker, 114 West Port
Falconer, George, jeweller, 11a Hanover street
Falconer, James, W.S. {Gordon, F., dj Fair-
weather), 40 Heriot row
Falconer, James, 16 Cathcart place
Falconer, James, 86 Comely Bank avenue
Falconer, James, builder and house agent, 11
Polwarth crescent ; yard, 24 Dundee street
Falconer, James H., clerk, 20 Gosford place
Falconer, John, 31 Polwarth gardens
Falconer, Rev. John, 93 Morningside drive
Falconer, Richard, 144 Gorgie road
Falconer, Robert D., 25 Watson crescent
Falconer, Thomas, 23 M'Donald road
Falconer, Thomas, 10 Rankeillor street
Falconer, Thomas, smith, etc. , Henry pi. ; ho. 1

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