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Castle Lodging House, 75 Grassmarket ; Alfred
Dye, manager
Caswell, Thomas, bootcloser, 91 Rose street
Catclipole, 6. F., 20 Bruntsfield avenue
Cathcart, James, & Co., wine merchants, 90 St
Andrew street, Leitli ; Telegraph, ' Cathcart,
Leith ' ; Telephone, 564
Cathcart, Charles W., M.B., F.R.C.S., surgeon,
8 Randolph crescent
Cathcart, John F., 19 Belgrave crescent
Cathcart, Mrs, 31 St Bernard's crescent
Cathels, Miss, 14 Pitt street ^
Cathie, James B., 6 Tarvit street
Cathie, Wm. , litho. artist, 12 Perth street
Cathie, Miss, apartments, 82 Marchmont crescent
Catliles, John, secretary, North British Railway
Co., 2-3 Waterloo place; house, Strathmore,
Mortonhall road
Catholic Cathedral Academy, 35 and 37 Albany
street ; Catholic Cathedral Schools, 3 York
and 52 Lauriston place ; lion, secretary,
Frederick J. Smith, 8 Chalmers street
Cation, George, 12 Bell place
Cattanach, A., 30 Alva street
Cattanach, A. P., 67 Brunswick street
Cattanach, Donald, dairy, 26 Cathcart place
Cattanach, Donald, grocer, 30 Cathcart place ;
house, 28
Cattanach, James, 23 U]iper Grove yilace
Cattanach, James {late H.M.G.), 31 Summerfield
Cattanach, Jam.es G., M.B., CM., F.R.C.P.E.,
3 Alvauley terrace
Cattanach, J., refreshment rooms, 9 Albert
Cattanach, John, collar maker and saddlers'
ironmonger, 3 Johnston terrace ; house, 4
Cattanach, Peter Lorimer, advocate, 14 London
Cattanach, Peter. 109 Gorgie ro;id
Cattanach, MissS. , dressmaker, 6 Gardner's ores.
Cattanach, Miss, certificated nurse and masseuse,
12 Bruntsfield gardens
Catto, Thomas, slater and glazier, 43 Barony
street ; house, 18 Claremont terrace
Cauvin's Hospital, Duddingston ; factor for the
Governons, And. Scott, C. A., 2 York buildings
Cavan, Rev. James, St. Medan's, 6 Grange
Cavagnari, Joseph, moulder and caster, 16 Grove
Cavanagh, John, coal merchant, contractor, and
dairyman, Eyi'e place
Cavanagh, N., 2 Blackfriars street
CAVANAGH, P. F., plasterer, modeller, tiler,
cement worker, and artificial stone merchant,
Dean Park meuse. ^See Adw index
Cavaye, Andrew, cask commission and insurance
agent, 34 liernard st. ; Telegraph, ' Empties,
Leith ' ; Telephone, 4211 ; ho. 7 Ryehill place
Cavaye, Mrs R. , dressmaker, 6 Northfield
cottages, Jock's lodge
Cave, Wilfred K., stationer and tobacconist,
39a Morrison street
Caverhill, Thomas F. S., M.B., F.R.C.P., 16
Randolph crescent
Cavers, Mrs, dairy, 6 Easter road, Leith
Caw, James, 15 Royston terrace
Caw, James L., curator of Scottish National
Portrait Gallery, Queen street ; house, 36
Woodburn terrace
Caw, Lewis, mes.senger-at-armsandsherifFofficer,
257 High street ; ho. 18 Marchmont road
Caw, William Strathie, treasurer and clerk.
Royal Infirmary ; ho. 37 Merchiston crescent
Caw, Mrs Thomas, 24 Morningside road
Caw, Mrs W., 6 Montpelier terrace
Cawfield, Mrs W. M., 10 Wardlaw place
Cawkwell, Albert Arthur, mechanical draughts-
man, 4 Abercorn road
Cawood, Chaides J. {acting manager, Empire
Theatre), 4 Oxford street
Cawood, J., 45 Newington road
Cawthorn, Philander, grocer, 252 Bonnington
road ; house, 3 1 Cambridge avenue
Cay & Johnstone, tinplato workers and lamp
makers, 12 St James' place
Cay, William Dyce, C. E., 1 Albyn place
Cay, Mrs, 10 Alva street
Cece, A., confectioner, 241 Dairy road
Cemeteries —
Eastern, Easter road ; John Richardson,
Edinburgh Cemeterj'-, at Warriston
Edinburgh and Leitli, Rosebank, Broughton
road; J. Aikmaii Smith, C.A., 3 Thistle
court, sec. ; G. Simpson, superintendent
Edinburgh and Portobello Cemetery, Jock's
lodge ; superintendent
Metropolitan Cemeteiy Company Limited,
Morningside ; secretaries, J. & W. Pollard,
C.A., 17 Duke street
Newington, Dairy and N. Merchiston ; David
Henderson, 21 Montagu terrace, secretary
Southern, Grange ; W. H. Riddell, secretary,
treasurer, and superintendent
Western, Dean; John Mathison, S.S.C., 21
York place, secretary ; Wm. Black, supt.
Center, J. A., chemist and druggist, 302 Gorgie
road ; house, 2 Appin terrace
Center, John, bagpipe and reed maker, 64 Grove
street ; house, 20 Angle Paik terrace
Center, Robert J. {G.P.'O.), 56 Maryfield
Center, Mrs, dressmaker, 20 Angle Park t^race
Central Halls, 18 Nicolson street
Central Hotel, 121b Princes street ; Geo. M.
! Brown, proprietor
I Central Loan Office, 10 Riddle's close, Leith
Central Meat Market Co. Limited, 22, 24, and
I 26 Ponton street ; manager, R. Smith
Central News Limited, 3 East Register street
Central Saw Mills, 33 Bath street and 10 James'
Cervi, A., confectioner, 7 Lothian street
Cessford, Charles {church officer, Old Kirk), 51
Arthur street
Cessford, James, 1 6 St Leonard's lane
Cessford, Mrs, 30 Hamilton place
Challenger Expedition Office ; director. Sir
John Murray, K.C.B., 45 Frederick street;
assistants, James Chumley and J. B. Sliand
Chalmeks Hospital fok Sick and Hurt, 55
Lauriston place; Mary D. Stephenson, matron
Chalmers House for Working Girls; matron,
Miss Hutcheon, 62 Gilmore place
Chalmers Institute, 20 Ponton street

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