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Chalmers & Houston, produce and grain brokers,
wholesale and export tish merchants, 4 Bank
street, Leith ; Telegraph, ' Chalmers ' ; Tele-
phone, 522
Chalmers & Scott, cabinetmakers, upholsterers,
and furniture dealers, 21 S. St Andrew street ;
works, Broughton market
Chalmers, E., & Co. Ltd., wholesale rag, rope,
paper, and metal merchants, Bonnington ;
Telegraph, ' Giles, Leith ' ; Telephone, 465
Chalmers, Adam, cabinetmaker, 18 Torphichen
Chalmers, Alexander, 2 Airlie place
■ Chalmers, Alexander R., 44 Montgomery street
Chalmers, Andrew, 41 Comely Bank avenue
Chalmers, Archibald, grocer, wine and spirit
merchant, 22 Beaverhall terrace ; house, 25
Carson street
Chalmers, Charles, saddler, 65 Clerk street and
229 Morningside road
Chalmers, C. B., photographer, 86 George street
Chalmers, D. R. (David Robertson <fe iSon), 17
Elbe street ; house, 9 Bonnington terrace
Chalmers, E., 4 Hawthornbank terrace
Chalmers, Ebenezer [E. C. cD Co. Ltd.), 178
Ferry road
Chalmers, George, Esslomont liouse, Esslemont
Clialmers, Hector, artist, 6 St Vincent street
Chalmers, James, 21 Torphichen place
Chalmers, James, 10 Leslie i)lace
Chalmers, James M., 72 Easter road, Leith
Clialmers, James Walker, 13 East Arthur place
Chalmers, J. K., C. A., 3 North St David stieet ;
house, 2 Glencairn crescent
Chalmers, J. T. {G.P.O.), 3 Montgomery street
Chalmers, John, tailor, 10 Caledonian crescent
Chalmers, John, 31 Comely Bank road
Chalmers, John, grocer, 133 Gorgieroad; house,
3 Newton street
Chalmers, John, coal merchant and shipowner,
8 Port Hopetoun ; house, Dean villa, North
Chalmers, John {Larimer <£• Gillies), Esslemont
house, Esslemont road
Chalmers, R., 6 Viewforth square
Chalmers, Thomas, 5 Summerside street
Chalmers, W. Graham {Nat. Bank of Scot. Ltd. ),
2 Glencairn crescent
Chalmers, Lady, 8 Buckingham terrace
Chalmers, Mrs, 12 Glenorchy terrace
Chalmers, Mrs A., 28 Gillespie crescent
Chalmers, Mrs C. S., 9 Bonnington terrace
Chalmers, Mrs D., 66 Marchmont road
Chalmers, Mrs D., 29 Earl Grey street
Chalmers, Mrs James, 39 George street
Chalmers, Mrs Margaret, 1 Grange terrace
Chalmers, Mrs Thomas, Hawkhill villa, Lochend
road, Leith
Chalmers, Mrs, 10 Dudley gardens
Chalmers, Mrs, 8 Brandon terrace
Chalmers, Mrs, 2 Glencairn crescent
Chalmers, Mrs, 1 Summerbank
Chalmers, Miss, St Leonards, Mnrrayfield
Chalmers, Miss Catherine Rosie, 8 Brandon
Chalmers, Miss, 14 Caledonian [dace
Chalmers Ethel, decorative art teacher, 6 St
Vincent street
Chalmers, Marj', confectioner,! 71 Gt. Junction bt.
Chalmers, Mary, stationer and newsagent, 116
Spring gardens. Abbey hill
Chambek of Commerce axd Manttfactup.es,
2 St Andrew sq. ; James Pollard, C.A., 17
Duke St., sec. ; A. K. Wright {Royal Bank oj
Scotland), honorary secretary to the directors
Chamber of Commerce, Leith Exchange, 35
Constitution st. ; Donald W. Beattie, secy.
Chambers & Murray, umbrella makers, 38 Dairy
Chambers, ^Y. & R., Ltd., publishers, 339 High
St.; Telegraph, 'Chambei's'; Telephone, 900
Chambers, Arthur, Belford bank, 3 Queensferry
terrace, Belford road
Chambers, C. E. S. {W. d; R. 0. Ltd.), 44
Drumsheugh gardens
Chambers, George, 19 Argyle place
Chambers, John, 3 Caledonian road
Chambers, R. G., 208 Easter road, Leith
Chambers, Thos., umbrella maker, 1 Brunswick
pi. and 31 Cockburn st. , and fanc}' stationer,
115 Brunswick st. ; house, 48
Chambers, Mrs, apartments, 3 Oxford street
Chambre, H. W., 5 Coltbridge avenue
Chancellor & Peterkin, electrical engineers, 30
Frederick street ; house, 53 Castle street
Chancellor, Plenry, 125a Princes street
Chancellor, J. S. H., B.Sc. {€'. d; Peterkin), 53
Castle street
Chancellor, Mrs, 10 Stafford street
Chandless, Arthur, fancy draper, 30 Great
Junction street ; house, 1 Tinto place
Chapin & Co. {Lo7iis Duvau Aine) Saumiir;
agents, J. & Vv''. Hardie, 4 Picardy place
Chapin, Trull, & Co., distillers of New England
rum, Boston, LT.S.A. ; Robertson & Baxter
Limited, 90 Constitution street, agents
Chapman & Co., clothiers and shirtmakers.
South Bridge ; house, 149 Dalkeith road
I Chapman, "Watson, & Co., printers and
I stationers, 11a Hanover street
j Chapman, Andrew, confectioner, 74 Canongate
j Chapman, Arthur {cashier. Prudential Assur-
I ance), 3 Kilmaurs road
[Chapman, General {G. 0. C. Scottish District),
7 Grosvenor crescent
Chapman, H. H., L. D.S., 31 Howe street;
house, 2 Eyre crescent
j Chapman, J., 4 M'Laren terrace
j Chapman, John, 54 South Clerk street
Chapman, John (C d: Co.), 149 Dalkeith road
; Chapman, Josejih, engineer, 9 London row
Chapman, Robert {joint-secretary, Caledonian
j Insurance Co.), 16 Hartington gardens
•Chapman, William, tobacconist, 5 Clerk street
Chapman, Wm. Lennox, commercial traveller,
j 43 Slateford road
Chapman, William L. , 99 Henderson row
Chapman, Wm., confectioner and newsagent,
51 Couper street
Chapman, William H., brewer, 34 Ivy terrace
Chapman, Mrs A., ladies' nurse, 3 Leslie place
I Chapman, Mrs Laurence, 21 Morningside place
[Chapman, Mrs Mary, Denham Green terrace
: Chapman, Mrs, 15 Nelson street
I Chapman, Mrs, 19 Lrtlia street
j Chapman, Mrs, 5 Bruntsfield gardens
Chard, Mrs, 32 Montgomery street

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