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Corporation Buildings, 3 Rose street, with
Extension at 162 Bath street.
Chairman, James Fleming, Esq.
Head Master, Fra. H. Newbery.
Second Master, James M. Dnnlop.
Assistant Masters, James J. F. X. Kin^, James Gray,
Emmet Brady, John Dunlop, David N. Rollo.
Assistant Mistresses, Miss Jessie R. Allan, Miss
Chris. S. Anderson, Miss Isabella Allen.
Design Master, A. Aston Nicholas.
Modelling Masters— Life, Kellock Brown ; Ornament,
James H. M'Kinnon.
Painting, T. Corsan Morton.
Director, William J. Anderson, A.R.I.B,A.
Assistant and Building Construction Master, Walter
R. Watson.
Perspective (Ornament), James J. F. X. King.
Measurement Class (Ornament), Emmet Brady.
Architectural Design (Visitor), Alexander M-Gibbon,
Lecturer on Hellenic Architecture, Wm. J. Ander-
son, A.R.LB.A.
Textiles, Wall Papers, &c., A. Aston Nicholas.
Stained Glass, William Stewart
Wood Carving, Jas. Gray, Samuel Cameron.
Book Decoration, Francis H. Newbery.
Metal Work, Wrought and Repouss(?, Kellock Brown,
Peter Davidson.
Ceramic Decoration and Design, Miss Helen Walton.
Needlework, Design and Colour, Mrs. J. R. Newbery.
,, Execution, Miss Dnnlop.
Lithographic Design, Francis H. Newbery.
Enamels, Mrs. J. R. Newbery.
Mosaics, Mrs. J. R. Newbery.
Session, Monday 1 Sept., 1897, to 11 Juno, 1898.
Classes Daily — Day, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m ; Afternoon,
2 to 4 p.m; Evening, 7.15 to 9.16 p.m.
Teachers' Class and Landscape Class on Saturdays,
10 to 1.
Life Classes Daily for Drawing, Painting, and
Modelling, 10 to 1, 2 to 4, aud 7 to 9.
Modelling Classes, Two afternoons weekly, 2 to 4,
and every evening, 7 to 9 p.m.
Applied Design, Classes daily for male and female
Special Technical Studios for practical work in-
Stained Glass, Wood and Stone Carving, Book
Decoration, Metal Work (wrought and repousse'),
Neertlework, and Fictile Decoration.
The instruction in these classes is given by com-
petent Artist-Craftsmen, and is based upon the
methods adopted in the " Ecoles Decoratifs " of
This course has been arranged to meet the require-
ments for the examinations of the Royal Institute of
British Architects. — Special Lectures.
! In National Competition last session the awards
â– were: — O^e gold medal, five silver medals, twelve
bronze medals, with "Owen Jones" medal and prize,
twenty-one National book prizes, four Queen's prizes,
and eighteen special prizes for sets of works, to-
gether with thirty-one Free studentships. In the
Government Local Examinations, 770 passes were
registered for the Art subjects.
210 Bursaries and Scholarships tenable only at
the School, open to anyone.
Prospectuses may he had at the School.
Edward R. Catterns, Secretary & Treasurer.
Founded in the 12th Century.
Patrons — The Hon. Lord Provost, Magistrates,
and Town Council. Managers, the School Board of
Glasgow. Committee of management, High School
Committee of School Board.
Rector, D. H. Paton, LL.D.
Classics, the Rector, J. Hutchison, M.A., LL.D.,
And. Anderson, M.A., Wm. Law, M.A., and A, L.
Taylor, M.A.
French, F. J. Amours, B.A., John Henderson,
James Moyes, and Donald Campbell, M.A.
German, C. Schlomka, M.A., Ph.D., John Haddow,
CM., and Donald Campbell, M.A.
English, Andrew Struthers, M.A., John Clart,
M.A., John T. Fleming, M.A., James C. Hewitt, and
Archd. Reith, M.A.
Mathematics and Arithmetic, A. J. Gunion Barclay,
M.A., F.R.S.E., Wm. Reid, M.A., Robert S. Wishart,
M.A., James Macmillan, M.A., R. A. Nicolson, M.A.,
B.Sc, Frank L. Grant, M. A., Alex. Stevenson, M.A. ,
B.So., and James Dewar, M.A.
Writing and Book-keeping, J. Dalziel Maclean.
Drawing and Painting, Japies Campbell, CM.,
Wm. Paddock, CM., and. John G. M'Kissock.
Science, A. J. Gunion' Barclay, M.A., F.R.S.E.,
R. A. Nicolson, M.A., B.Sc, and staff.
Fencing, Gymnastics, and Drill, Henry Roland and
Sergeant M'NeiL
Singing, and Theory of Music, R. L. Reid, G. & L.
Phonography, John Henderson.
Junior School, David Henderson, James Crawford,
M.A., and Mrs. Marquis.
Janitor, Robert Hardie.
The session begins on 1st September. The vaca-
tion begins on the 1st of July, and ends on the 31st
(Constituted by Scheme No. 11 under the Educa-
tional Endowments (Scotland) Act, 1882.)
The scheme embraces the following endowments :
Muir's School Fund, Millar and Peadie's School,
Wilson's School, Gardner's School, M'Laohlan's School,
and Graham's School. The scheme provides for ths
awarding of free scholarships, school bursaries, techni-
cal and higher education bursaries, bursaries for even-
ing classes, &c. The bm-saries are awarded among
pupils of public or statcvaided schools in Glasgow,
or public or state-aided schools in the district of the
School Board of Cathcart, or of any School Boai'd
contiguous to and immediately adjoining the district
of the School Board of the burgh of Glasgow. Secre-
tary, W. H. Macdonald ; treasurers, Hill & Hoggan ;
assistant treasurer, John Wilson ; office, Hutchesons'
Building, 158 Ingram Street.

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