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The objects for which the association is established are:—
1. The advancoment of the profr^ssion of measuring.
2. The establishment, so far as practicable, of an uniform mode of measuring all kinds of artificers' worka.
3. The consideration and discussion of all subjects and questions connected directly or indirectly with the
profession of measurers, and the concentrated expression of opinion upon the same.
4. The elevation of the attainments, the promotion of the efficiency, and the protection of the interests of
the measurers of Glasgow.
5. The establishment of an uniform rate of charge by the members for professional business.
6. The doing all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
Council for 1896-97. — Colin Young, president; John Currie, vice-president; Thomas N. Hill, F.S.I.,
secretary and treasurer, 180 Hope Street; John H. Ramsay, 194 St. Vincent St., and John Muirhead,
1G7 St. Vincent Street, auditors of professional accounts; William Howatt, John Morrison, Robt. Reid,
James D. Herbertson, Geo. B. Walker, .Tames Cameron, and Archd. B. Watson.
Honorary Members of Council — .John Shields and Thomas D. .Smellie, F.S.I.
Murray, .1, 196 St. Vincent st.
Dansken, J., F.S.L, 241 West
George street
Herbertson, J. D., 122 Wellington st
Barr, James, F.S.I., 221 West
George street
Whitson, R., 197 St. Vincent st
Reid, R., 203 West George st
Smellie, George, 167 St. Vincent st
Howatt, W., 146 Buchanan st
Howatt, Jas. C, Anstralia
Morrison, J., 17.3 St. Vincent st
Muirhead, J., 167 St. Vincent st
Wilkie, D. S., 196 St. Vincent st
Scott, R., 115 Wellington street
Candlish, G., 147 West Regent st
Lennox, John, 148 Trongate
[ Ramsay, J. H., 194 St. Vincent st
[ fStftwart, .J. S., 42 Bath 1st
„ [Knox, A., 221 W. George st
Hill, T. N., F.S.L, 180 Hope st
Marshall, C, 68 Bath st
Dinsmore, W. H., 140 Bath st
Currie, John, 249 W. George st
Elder, Chas., 212 St. Vincent st.
Paton, J., 112 Bath street
Campbell, J., 17.5 St. Vincent st.
Armstrong, J. W., 1.36 Wellington st
Young, Colin, 2.52 W. George st
Holms-Sharj), .L,167 St. Vincent st
Brown, W. M., 203 West George st
Walker, G. B., 212 St. Vincent st
Duff, Thos., 197 St. Vincent st
Watson, A. B., 189 St. Vincent st
Duff, Neil C, 197 St. Vincent st
Scotland, John, 10 Broomknoll,
Cameron, J., 102 Bath st
Bradshaw, J. H., 122 Wellington st
Baxter, John, 243 St. Vincent st
Baird, John, 261 W. George street
Purdie, Anthony, 241 W. George st.
Anderson, Arch., 95 Bath st
Allan, John H., 121 W. Regent st
M'Watters, Wm. Reid, 197 St.
Vincent street
Brown, Robt, 197 St. Vincent st
Muirhead, .Jas., 167 St. Vine, st
Robertson, John, 205 Hope street
Taylor, Andw., 167 St. Vincf;nt st
Browne, Wm. Gladstone, 167 St.
Vincent street
Currie, Jas. F., 249 W. George st
Smellie, .James, 112 Bath street
Brown, George Bertram, 175 St.
Vincent street
Aitchison, J. G., 108 W. Regent st
Shields, J., 258 Kcnmure street,
Smellie, T. D., F.S.L, 209 St. Vin-
cent street
The Objects for which the Association is established are:— To incorporate the present Association of
House Factors in Glasgow instituted in 1875, and provide a special organisation for House Factors and
f'roperty Agents ; to do all such things as from time to time may be necessary to improve the position and
iroinote and protect the interests of the House Factors and Property Agents in Glasgow and the neighbour-
lood ; and for other purposes connected therewith.
Registered Office— 54 West Nile Street.
Office-hcAirers for the year 1897. — President — Robert M'Callum, 69 Union Street; Vice-presidents—'
:;harles Kirkwood, 67 West Regent Street; J. B. Wills, 554a Gallowj,'ate
DircMors — Robert Anderson, 95 Bath Street; Nicol Cameron, 121 West George Street; J. M. Macanlay,
!1 Bellgrove Street; Daniel Munro, 39 Hope Street; Matthew Gilmour, 67 South Portland Street; William
i. Hair, 41 Robertson Street; H. W. Madden, 96 South Portland Street; George Mackinlay, 173 St.
^incent Street; .James B. Stewart, 124 Cambridge Street ; Archibald Stewart, 6 Hamilton Street, Partick;
1. M. Graham, 21 Bath Street; Robert M'Callum, .Junr., 69 Union Street.
Ex-Presirknts — .James M'Michael, 36 Argyle Arcade; Peter Young, 11 Miller Street; M. G. Neilson, 213
iuchanan Street; Thomas Dick, 43 Renfield Street; .James Findlay, junr. 87 Union Street; .Jarnes Russell,
93 St. Vincent Street; .John Marr, 41 Helen Street, Govan.
Auditor of Accounts and Referte — Thomas Dick, 43 Renfield Street.
Auditor of the Association — Tliornas L. Selkirk, 64 West Regent Street.
Secretary and Treasurer — J. Guthrie Smith, writer, 54 West Nile Street.
.nderson, Robert, 95 Bath Street,
arr, .John, 74 Bath Street,
athgate, C. S., 26 Bellgrove St.
bU, W. C. (at A. & A. Stewart)
164 Bath Street.
BLsset, Robert, 96 Renfield St.
Black, D. J., Main St.. Cambuslang
Breen, W. W. 61 W. Regent St.
Brown, A., 102 Burnside St.
Brown, A. K., 243 St Vincent St.
Brown, F. D., 102 Buraside St.
Brown, William, 67 Renfield St.
Bruce, .L W., 12 St Vincent PI.
Buchanan, R. R. 94 S. Portland St
Cameron, Nicol, 121 W. George St.

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