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Council for 1897. — President, Jas. L. Addie; James Brown, John Meikle, Richard jrCulloch, H. M.
Rankin, A. Wilson Smart, James L. Stewart, John Wishart, Charles Yule ; secretary and treasurer, James
Martin, 183 West George Street.
Addie, James L., 96 Renfield street.
Barr, John M., 103 West George street.
Bell, John, 109 St. Vincent street.
Brown, James, 5 West Regent street.
Brown, R. S., 121 West Regent street
Bruce, J. W., 12 St. Vincent place.
Gavin, J. S., 19 Waterloo street.
Gentle, William, 131 West Regent street
Graham, M. M., 21 Bath street.
Greig, R. E., 101 St. Vincent street.
Hill, J. C. 0., 132 West Regent street.
Jack. William H., 58 West Regent street
M'Culloch, George, 61 West Regent street.
M'Culloch, Richard, 51 West Regent street.
Macgregor, J. F., 179 West George street.
MacLennan, G. C. IL, 179 West George street.
Malloch, Joim, 59 St. Vincent street.
Martin, James, 183 West George street.
Mason, James S. S., 83 Renfield street.
Meikle, John, 157a Hope street.
Oliver, W. P., 75 Buchanan street.
Rafferty, Alfred, IG Bothwell street.
Rankin, H. M., 97 Sanchiehall street
Sandeman, E. B., 5 West Regent street.
Smart, A. Wilson, 66 Bath street
Stewart, James L., 94 West Regent street.
Wishart, John, 157 West George street.
Yule, Charles, 217 West George street.
The objects for which the Institute is established are : —
1. The advancement of the art and science of architecture.
2. The consideration and discussion of all subjects and questions connected, directly or indirectly, witl
the profession of architects, and the concentrated expression of opinion upon the same.
3. The elevation of the attainments, the promotion of the efficiency, and the protection of the interests oi
the architects of Glasgow.
4. The establishment of a uniform rate of charge by the members for professional business, in cases whejf©
no special agreement as to remuneration is made by the parties.
5. The doing of all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects
Office-hearers for the year 1896-97. — John James Burnet, A.R.S.A., 167 St Vincent Street, president;
David Barclay, 245 St. Vincent Street, vice-president; Ales. Petrie, 134 Wellington St., treasurer:
Campbell Douglas, 266 St. Vincent St., auditor; C. J. MacLean (of MacLean, Fyfe, & MacLean), writer
115 yt. Vincent St., secy.
Councillors. — T. L. Watson, Alex. Petrie, John B. Wilson, James M. Monro, John Thomson, Jobt
Jas. Burnet, J. A. Morris, David Barclay, Alexander M'Gibbon, Campbell Douglas, W. Forrest Salmon,
David Thomson, Horatio K, Bromhead, John Keppie, and Alex. N. Paterson.
Baird, T., jr., 261 W. George st ]
Balfour, Andrew, 110 Mains st
Barclay, David, 245 St. Vincent st
Bell, G., 212 St Vincent st
Boston, Wm. Jas., 69 W. Regent st
Bromhead, H. K., 243 St Vin. st.
Bruce, John L., 1 Hereford street.
Globe Point, Sydney, N.S.W.
Bryden, R. A., 212 St Vincent st
Burnet, J., 167 St Vincent street
Burnet, John J., A.R.S.A., 167 St
Vincent st.
Campbell, J. A., 167 St Vine, st
Chalmers, Jas., 93 Hope street
Chalmers, P. Macgregor, 95 Bath st
ClifiFord, H. E., 193'St Vine, st
Cowan, J. L., 136 Wellington st
Crawford, J. M., 37 Church st,
Douglas, C, 266 St. Vincent st
Dykes, Thog., 65 West Regent st
Gibbon, Miles S., 131 W. Regent st
Gordon, J., 261 West George st
Gourlay, C, 2 Oakvale, Gibson st,
Hamilton, John, 212 St Vinct. st.
Honeyman, J., R.S.A., 140 Bath st
Howie, W. H., 131 W. Regent st
Hutcheson, John, 112 Hope street
Keppie, J., 140 Bath street
Kerr, Wm., 9 Sandgate, Ayr.
Lamb, James B., Paisley
Leiper, W., R.S.A,, 121 W. George
Lindsay, James, 248 W. George st
M'Gibbon, Alex., 109 Hope st
M'Gibbon, W. F., 221 W. George
M'Kellar, John C, 112 Bath st
M'Naughtan, D., 137 W. Regent
Miller, Jas., 223 W. George st
Miller, Robert, 5 West Regent st
Milwain, W. J., 294 St. Vincent st
Monro, Jas. M., 28 Bath st
Morris, J. A., Wellington Chamb.,
Morrison, A. B., 266 St Vine, st
Murdoch, J., 62 Sandgate st, Ayr
Murray, J. L., Heavyside, Biggar
Myles, Andrew, 143 W. Regent st
Paterson, A. N., 13G Wellington st
Petrie, Alex., 134 Wellington st
Ross, A., 92 Union st., Inverness
Rowan, Wm. G., 234 W. George st!
Salmon, W. F., 197 St Vincent st.
Skirving, A., 121 W. Regent st,
Smith, T., 3 Church st., Coatbridge
Stark, M., jun., 249 W. George st
Steel, H. B. W., 110 Mains st
Stevenson, A., 14 Cathcart st, Ayr
Stewart, Jas. 15. , 2 Hamilton street,
Sturrock, David, 95 Bath street
Thomson, A, G., 1 N. ClaremoBt
Thomson, D., 2 W. Regent st
Thomson, J., 88 Bath street
Thomson, John, Airdrie
Thomson, J., 241 W. George st
Turnbull, R., 122 Wellington st
Turnbull, T, Wellinsiton, N.Z.
Watson, T. L., 166 Bath st
Williamson, A. J.
Wilson, John B., 92 Bath St.

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