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Acme Machine Co., 153 Queen st
Anderson Bros, 35 Stoekwell st
Avery, W. & T. Ltd. 8 and 10
Stoekwell st
l\I'Farlane, J. & A. Springbank st.
New City road
Phillips, John, &Co. 17 Anderston
quay and 113 Hydepark street
Ppence, D. 83 Stoekwell st
Wood, Ales. & Sons, 8, 10 Stock-
ivell street
Jlall, J. & E. Ltd. London; agents,
Moiris, Warden & Co. 25 Gor-
don street
Linde British Refrigeration Co. Ld.
48 W. Regent st
I'ulsometcr (The) Engineering Co.
Ltd. 8 York st
Sterne, L. & Co. Ltd., The Crown
Iron Works, 156 N. Woodside
Toad ; London office, 2 Victoria
mansions, Westminster, S. W.
Gksgow Syrup Refining and Sugar
<jrinding Co. Ltd. (sole makers
of Muri'ay's Parisian wedding
cake icing sugar), 10 to 26
Cochrane street '
Standard Sugar and Syrup Co.
132 Trongate
Adams, W. & Son, fancy stationery
30 John street, city
Allan, Arch., eggs, 100 Brunswick
St. and 85 Candleriggs
Allan, David (cigar), 7 Union st
Angus Bros. 19 Cadogan st
Arbuckle, Thos. corks, 166 Osford
fJaird, Robert, of clocks, watches,
violins, &e. 6 Union st. — See
Advt. in App.
Sallantyne, James & Son, 52 Vir-
ginia st
Barnet & Co. 12 Cadogan st
Bischoflf, A. & Co. (of ciders),
112 Bath st
Cogle, John, fancy goods, 493
Govan road and 198 Albert rd
Bow's Emporium, 61 to 71 High
St. corner of Bell st. city
Boyd, Haddoa &, Co. 64 West
Howard st
Kriggs, Francis, & Co. (teak), 7
Royal Bank place
Brock, W. J. & Co. (foreign pro-
duce), 70 Wellington st
Srown, Jas. of optical and fancy
goods, 76 St. Vincent st
Brown, J. & T. & Co. fruit, 77, 79
James Watt st
Bc-own, John, & Co. (of American
wooden goods), 9 Cochrane st
Burns, Crawford & Co. 84 Miller
Burns, J. P. 17 S. Exchange pi.
and 6 Buchanan st
Calder & Co. (railway sleepers, pit-
wood, &c.) "J London st
Cameron, Alexander (cigar), 74
Campbell & Henry, 75 Argyle st.
Caulfield & Co. 21 Jamaica street
and 3 1 Trongate
Cochrane, A. C. 163 St. Vincent st
Cochrane & Black (margarine), 19
Waterloo street
Cohen, Joseph, & Son (of leeches
and sponges), 80 Buchanan st
Connell, John T. & Co. 71 Water-
loo street
Cooper, Henry G. & Co. (of ferti-
lizers, &c.), 105 W. George st
Cousar, John, & Co. (Calcutta
sacks), 81 Hope st
Cowan, Wm. & Kinghorn (iron
ore), 106 W. George st
Crawford, John, 16, 18 Stoekwell
Crawford & Law, 81 Hope st
Cree, John, jun. & Co. (of papers,
Btrawboards, &c.), 21 and 26
Royal Exchange square
Ctookston Bros. 10 Wellington st
Cros3, Alex. & Sons (Peruvian
guano), 19 Hope street
Cruickshank, J. & E. (of papers),
15 to 19 So. Portland st
Cruickshanks, Wm. & Co. (iron
ore), 121 W. George street
Cummock, John (of essential oils
and foreign produce), 45 Eope-
work lane
Cunningham, John R., fruit, 12
York st
Davidson, Robert, 11 Maxwell st
Deans, Jas G. (foreign sheet glass)
59 Robertson st
Dickson, J. & J. & Co. (oils), 54,
56 Brown street, Broomielaw
Dickson, Lamont, & Co. (fancy
goods), 34 Great Clyde st
Douglas, Ogston & Co. 4 York st
Dove, Jas. & Thos. A. 15 to 23
St. Andrew's sq
Dove, John (basket and American
woodware), 31 St. Andrew's st.
and 1 St. Andrew's sq
Duncan, Ales, (clocks and bronzes),
75 Buchanan street
Dymock, John S. & Co. timber
and pitwood, 95 Bath st
Eadie, Archd. & Co. Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works,
56 Cook st
Faulds & Watson, 111 Union st
Felber, Jucker, & Co. (of paper,
&c.) 130 Ingi-am street
Ferguson, Alex. & Co. (of liquors)
106-108 West Regent st
Ferguson, John, & Sons (of Ameri-
can and Italian brooms and
wooden ware, also fancy
baskets), 54 York street
Fotheringham, T. B. 65 West
Regent st
Fourquemin, Vincent (of French
goods), 212 Hope street
Fraser, John, & Sons (of horsa
hair, Mexican and Algerian
fibre), Adelphi Works, 247
Govan street
French, Robert (French & German
goods), 118 Trongate
Friedlander, A. & Co., 23 Royal
Exchange square and 74 Bu-
chanan street
Gage, M. & Co. (of fancy goods),
73 Bell street, city
Gardiner Bros, (egg), 120 Bridge-
Gardner, A. & Son, mahogany, 36
Jamaica street
Garroway, R. & J. 58 Buchauaa
Gentles, Wm. & Co. frame mould-
ings, &c. 338 Sauchiehall st
Gibson, Wm. & Co. 1 to 13 South
Portland st
Giffin, W. R. oil cakes, &c. 80
Oswald st
Gill & Co. (of American produce)
Standard buildings, 82 Gordon st
Gilmour, A. & J. tobacco leaf, 10
Bothwell street
Glasgow Watch & Clock Co., 35
Jamaica st
Goudie, Geo. 32 York street
Govan & Co. (timber), 15 Ren-
field st
Grant, John, glass, china, and
earthenware, 24 and 26 Union
Grischotti & Co. 163 West George
Guest, Geo. (preserved fniits and
vegetables), 5 Oswald st
Guest, Geo. (sardines and pre-
served provisions), 5 Oswald st
Guild, Brown, & Co. preserved
provisions, 25a St. Vincent pi
Halbert,Wm. I. boot and shoe pegs,
201 Commercial rd. s.s
Hall. C. Wishart & Co. Elderpark
Oil Works, off Crossloan road,
Hamilton, James (of foreign papers
and millboards), 47 Waterloo st
Harrington, J. P. Ld. 3a Hanover
Hector, R. L. & Sons, of French,
American, and German clocks,
60 Mitchell street
Heilbron, David (wines, foreign
spirits, and cigars), 72 Bath st
Henderson, Hogg, & Co. 15 Cado-
gan street
Higgings, Wm. 47 and 49 Adelphi
street, s.s.
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co. 20 Buchanan

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