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Paterson, Geo. & Sons, Cljdebank
and Dalmuir
Paterson, James, 65 \V. Regent st
Paterson, Matthew, 14 Grcenhaugh
street, Govan
Philip, Wm. 153 Eaeberry st
Pitcairn, James, 69 Buchanan st
Pollock, Gilbert, M Kent st
Porter, John, 577 Dalmarnock rd.
Kamsay, Win. 8 Mains street
Rankin, H. M. 97 Sauchiehall st
Reid, John, & Son, 89 Buchanan
St. and at 26 Sandgate, Ayr
Eichmond, Jas. 33 Bath st
Richmond, Matthew, 189J Dalmar-
nock road
* Robb, James & Son, 36 Crown st
Kobb, J. W. & Guan, 49 West
George street
Robb, Robert, 12 Troneate
Robertson, John, 40 Union st
Robertson, Neil, 172 Henderson
street, west
Robertson jWm. 188 Cowcaddensst
*Eoss, T. 5 Dixon street
*Russell, Jas. 104 W. George st
Sandeman, Edward B. 6 West
Regent street
Sandford, John-, jun. 27 Hope st
Scott, James, 179 W. George st
•tielkirk, J. L. & T. L. 64 West
Regent st
*Sharp & Fairlie,127 G.Hamilton
St. and 74 Buchanan st
Sliarp, And. jun. 211 Gt. Western
Sharp, Henry D. 482 Paisley rd
Sinclair, D. D. & Son, 88 Cow-
eaddens st. — See Adv. in App.
Sinclair, J. S. 95 Bath st
Smart, A. Wilson, 66 Bath street
Smellie, Thos. D. & Fraser, pro-
perty agents, 209 St. Vincent st
Smellio, Thos. D. F.S.I, property
agent, 209 St. Vincent st
Smith & Breen, 61 W. Regent st
Smith & Kay, 30 Hope st
Smith, John H. 8 Peel st. Partick
*Smith, T. G. 101 West Nile st.
Speirs, Jas. 143 West Regent st
*^peir3 & Knox, 74 Canning st
Stevenson, Lauder, & Gilchrist, 67
, Hope street
Stevenson, T. B. 5 W. Regent st
■"Stewart, Alex. 20 Abercom st
Stewart, Alex. & A. 164 Bath st
^Stewart, Archd. 6 Hamilton st.
Partick, and 27 White st. Govan
Stewart, A. (property agent), 47
Maxwell rd
Stewart & Co. 13 York st
Stewart, Gavin, & Co. (property
agents), 173 St. Vincent street
Stewart, Jas. L. & Duguid, 94 W.
Regent street
^Stewart, Jas. B. 124 Cambridge st
Stewart, Jas. & Sons, 124 Cam-
bridge street
!Stcwart, John H. 179 Eglintcn st
Stewart, Robert, 54. Union st
Stewart, T. & Co. 291 Shields rd
Stewart, Wm. 101 W. Nile st
Stewart, Wm. 257 Dumbarton rd.
*Stewart, Wm. S. 179 Eglinton st.
Stobbs, Thos. & Son, 58 S. Port-
land street
*Stobo, Robert, & Bathgate 26
BelliTrove st and 37 Old Dum-
barton road
Taylor, Jas. 143 W. Regent st
•Templeton, G. J. & W. 113 West
Regent st. and 123 Wellington st
Thorn, Duncan, 7 Burgher street,
Thomson, James, 1 Church st.
Thomson, John, junr. 148 Castle
Thomsoa, John. 148 Castle street
*Thomson, Robt. C. 33 Bath st
Toner, Wm. 100 Abercromby st
Turnbull, Parnie, & Adam, 27
Union st
Turner, John, 129 Plantation st
Waddell, A. M. &, R. 31 N. Fred-
erick St.
* Waddell, Robt. 31 N. Frederick
* Walker, Fraser, & Steele, 74 Bath
Walker, Robert, jun, 154 West
George street
Watson, David, 455 Paisley road
Watson, Mrs. 13 Regent Park ter.
Watson, Robt. 15 Hope st
Watt, Joseph, 13 Green st. Calton
Webster & Maclvor, 5 W. Regent
Welsh, H. 4 Hamilton st. Partick
White, James, 8 Queen's crescent,
Whitton, James, 102 Bellgrove st
Whyte, Wm. L. N. 102 Bath st
*Wi]ls, J. B. 554a Gallowgate
Wilson, Jas. & Son, 20 Helen st.
*Wilson, Jas. 6 Silverfir st
♦Wilson, Jas. 108 W Regent st
Wilson, John, 180 W. Regent st
Wilson, R. B. & Hornsby, 34 St.
Enoch square
Wyllie, Jas. 63 Renfield st
Wyper, Wm. 98 Prince Albert st
Young, W. 74 Gt. Hamilton st
Young, James G. jun. 62 St.
Enoch square
*Young, Peter & Sons, 11 Miller st
and 74 Oswald st. Bridgeton
Acme Steel Co., 81 Garngad rd
Braby, Fred. & Co. Ld. 47, 49 St.
Enoch sq.; Eclipse Works, Peters-
hill road
Cochrane & Co., Eclipse Iron
Works, Shettleston
Ccckburn, David, 132 M'Neil st
Cruickshanks & Cook, Ltd. 74 Gal-
braith street
Finnieston Engineering Co. 169
Finnieston st
Hurst, Nelson & Co. Ltd. registered
office and works, The Glasgow
Rolling Stock & Plant Works,
Motherwell; Glasgow office, 160
Hope st ; London office. Man-
sion House Chambers, 11 Queen.
Victoria street, E.C.
Lester, Wm. & Sons, II West
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld. 129 Tron-
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliott st
Pickering, R. Y. & Co. Ltd.
(makers of all kinds of colliery
hutches in iron, steel, or timber;
chief works and offices, Wishaw;
branch works, Rawyards, by
Airdrie, and Thornton, Fife;
telegraphic address, "Pickering"
Wishaw ; telephone Nos. 4
Wishaw, 2 Airdrie
Stirrat, David & Son, established
1783, 132 to 138 Port-Dundas
road; telephone No. 3971
Anderson, Hy. S. 37 St. George's
Anderson, Thos. 58, 60 West Nile
Gilmore, A. & Son, 83, 85 George's
Johnstone, P. 62 Elmbank st
M'Kendrick, John, 36 E. Clyde
M'Lachlan, Wm. & Co., 628 Eglin-
ton street
SI'Lachlan, Wm. & Co. 96
M'Niven, Jas. & Sons, 133 Mains
Malcolm, Wm. 7 and 9 Stockwell
Milne, Wm. 103 King street
Norwegian Ice Co. 24 Greenside st
Parker, H. 215 North st
Quinn, Jas. 56 High st
Reid, Ales. 437 Victoria rd
Reid, Wm. 7 and 9 Stockwell st
Sawers, J. & T. 11 to 17 West
Howard St. and branches
Stevenson, Duncan, & Co. 63
Stockwell st
St. Enoch Fish Co. 41 and 43 St.
Enoch square
Wotherspoon, Jn. 58 Market st.
Wotherspoon, Robert, 58 Market ;
St. city
Glasgow Syrup Refining and Sugar JP
Grinding Co. Ltd. (wholesale \
only) 10 to 26 Cochrane st 'j

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