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Hendry Bros, agents for M'Tear
& Co. Ltd Belfast, 79 and 8U
Greai Clyde st
Hird, Hijslie & Co. (tar, pitch, and
creosote oil), Kinniiig Parii Oil
Works, 73 Park st
Laing, R. G. (rooticg, sheathing,
drj' hair, &c., for boilers),
agent, 2i) Waterloo st
Lewis, W. & R. 116 and 118
M'llwraiih, Jas. & Co. 92 West
Regent st. ; works, Broomloan,
M'Neill, F. & Co. London; A.
Blackburn Craig, 63a St. Vine.
street, agent
Moriron, John, & Son, roofing
sheathing, asphalte, and boiler
or dry hair felts, &c. 133 Argyle
Munro, Robert, & Co (tarred and
hair felts, &(•.), 195 Argyle st.;
works, Partick
Murray & Stewart, 98 Commerce st
Newton, Robertson & Co., 52 St.
Enoch sq
Patent Woollen Ch.th Co. Ltd.
Leeds (tabling and carpets), ag.
Jas. Dick, 224 Ingram st
Reid, Parker, & Co. 6 Main st.
Robertson, Peter, S2 Queen st
"Rogers, John, Belfaot; roofing,
sarking, shefithitig, inodorou-
foundaiion, and dry hair felts,
felt varnifh; lari;e stock kept by
W. L. Dobbie & Co. sole agts.
101 Waierloi) st
-Ross, Anrirfw M. & Sons, 10 and
12 Ann .-treet, city
Schuman & Co. fire-proofed hair
felt, &c. 64 Darnley street,
Stewart, John, & Co. 28 to 32
Oswald st
Stewart, John, 36 W. George st
The Waterprooling, Varnish, and
Wall Deooration Co. Ltd. turred
and other roofing felts, Barrh'd.
Tudhope Bros. 62 W. Howard st
Anderson, James, 107 Ingram st
Gillespie, John (and range, knob,
and tire-irons), 368 Argyle st
Greenlees, R. & Co. 30 and 32 East
Howard st
Lindsay, Chas. Rumford Works,
33 Great Hamilton street
Smith, J. & Co. 66 and 68 Grseme
Smith, Robert, & Co. 90, 92a
Commerce street
Waddell, Douglas, & Co. 110 John
street, city
Beckett, A. C. 21 Fleming st
Beonie, David, & Sons, 82 Gordon
Bromley & Fisher, Midland Steel
and File Wo'ks, Sheffield;
age' t, J. J. H. Cruikshank, 95
Bath street
Brown. John, & Co. Ltd. Atlas
Works, Sh'-fii'-ld ; sole agent
James Ruchie, 40 St Enoch ."q
Canrimell, Chas. & Co. (Limited),
Sheffield; sole agents for Scot-
land, Wm. Lester & Son, 11
West Regent st
Cocker Brothers, Ltd. Sheffield ;
agt. Peter Smith, 4 W. Regent st
Cook, Wm. & S<.ns, 24 Elhot st.
and 42 Havelockst.Cranstonhill,
and at GlaSi;ovv Steel Works,
Wasliford road, Sheffield
Crookes, Ribeits, & Co.; agent
for Scotland, John Stewart, 36
W. George st
Dalziel & Co. 8 Bothwell st
Denovan, Wm. 77^ Mam street,
Dobbie, John, 205 Argyle st
Edgar, Allen, & Co. Ltd Imperial
Steel Wo.ks, Ti",sley, Sheffie d ;
rep'esentative, Arthd. Macphail,
114 North Hauove"" st
Edwards, J. C. mosaic encaustic,
196 St. Vincent st
Elsworth, John, & Sons, 65 and 67
Commerce st-eet
Eyre, Henry, 40 .lohn street
Flockton, Tompkin, & Co. New-
hall S-eel Wo.ks, Aitercliffe,
Sheffield; reprtSHuted by Archd.
BatJlie, 2 Balmoral ter. Queen's
Gar-iide, William, Half-way house,
Paisley road
Glasgow Saw and File Works,
24 Elliot st
Hannay, Thos. (agent), 217 Bu-
chanan st
Beoderson, Chas. & Co. agents for
Wm. Jessop & Sons, Limited,
Sheffield, 9 York buildings, York
Henderson, W. B. 32 Portugal st
Hetherington, J. B.& Co. 48 French
Hetherington, R. & Son, 140 Corn-
wall street. Paisley road
Lester, Wm. & Sons, 11 W, Regent
Maciiuire & Jago, 13 Union St.;
works, 46 Washington st
M'Pherson Brothers, 156 and 78
Argyln st
Muir & Thomson, 47 Dale st. s.s.
Nicholson File (^o ; agents, Morri-
son & Co. 12 Waterloo st
Norris, James, & Brash, 83 Hamil-
ton street, Govan
Northern (The) Steel and Hardware
Co. Ltd. 46 and 48, 72 and 74
W. Howard st ; works, Sheffield
Peace, J. & Sons, Wellmeadow
Steel Works Sheffield
Peace, Samuel, & Sons, Well-
meadow street, Si^effield
Spencer,IVlaithias,& Sons, Sheffield;
agent for Scotland, P. J. Thom,
4 York street
Taylor, Jas., jun. 61, 65 Mitchell st
Walton, Juo. & Sons, 36 Charlotte
Wardlaw, S. & C. Porto^ello and
Congress Wurk-i, Sheffield; Wm.
Muir, agent, 16 Regent Park
ter. s.s.
Warren, Robt. G. agent, 115 Wel-
lington street
Waterfall, H. & R. & Barber, and
steel and tool manufacturers,
"Niagara" and "Magic 'brands;
agent, A. D. Nevvlatids, 36
Robertson st
Bain, W. B. & J., 65 Wa erioo st
Baird, Chas. J. & Co. 27 Oswald st
Gaultieid & Co. 21 Jamaica street
and 31 Trongate
Crown Filter Co. 66 Bishop st.
Cummock, John, 45 Ropeworklaue
Davie, James, patent feed-water
filter, 69 Albert dr. — See Advt.
in Appen.
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. oD
filters, 345 Argyle st
Glasgow Patents Co Ltd. (Edmis-
ton's feed-wa'er filter), works,
120 Great Wellington st.; city
office, 23 Hope st
Grant, John, 24, 26 Union st
Grosveoor, Fredk. Eagle Pottery,
60 Boden street, London road
Haack, A. & Co. 146 Broomielaw
Henderson, Osbert, 107, 111
Union st
King, Alfred, 24 and 26 Union st
M'Glashan, John, & Co. 15 Drury
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co. straw
envelopes, capsules, corks, bot-
tling machines of all de-'criptions,
al<o bottles, 134 St. Vincent st
Murdoch &Cameron (for swimming
baths), Progressive Works, 50
Ctiarles street
Pulsonieter Engineering Co. (Ltd.)
78 York st
Railton & Campbell, boiler feed-
water filter; F. G. Wiliock, 109
Hope street
Sterne, L. & Co. (Lim.) The Crown
Ironworks, N. Woodside rd
Stewart, John, felt, 36 W. George
Thompson, Robert B. & Co. 54
West Howard st
Turnbull, Alex. & Co. St. Mungo
Works, Bit-hopbriggs — See A dot
in Appen.

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