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'^ Chairman, Sir J. N. Cutlibertson ; Prof. Arch-
Barr, D.Sc, Walter G. Blackie, PIi.D., LL.D., Walter
W. Blackie, B.Sc, Rev. G. Stewart Burns, D.D.,
Neil Carmichael, M.D., William E. Copland, M. Inst.
C.E., Henry Dyer, M.A., D.Sc, C.E., Alex. A.
Fergusson, James Fleming, John Fleming, Robert
Goodwin, Francis Henry, John Honeyman, F.R.I.B. A,
William Lorimer, David T. JIaclay, Thomas A.
Mathieson, Henry A. Mavor, Rev. David Millar,
M.A., Prof. George G. Ramsay, M.A., LL.D., David
Richmond, Richard G. Ross, Thomas Russell, Edward
C. C. Stanford, F.C.S., Wm. Ure, Sir Wm. Eenny
Watson, John Wilson, Professor John Young, M.D.,
John Young, George Younger.
Secretary and treasurer, John Young, M.A., B.Sc,
38 Bath St.
Day and Evening Classes meet in the Andersonian
Buildings, 204 George Street, the Science and Arts
Buildings, 38 Bath Street, and the Young Laboratory
Buildings, 60 John Street.
James Blyth, M.A., F.R.S.E., Natural Philosophy.
Geo. G. Henderson, D.Sc, M.A., F.I.C., Chemistry.
Andrew Jamieson, M.Inst.C.E., F.R.S.E., Electrical
Alex. ]\IaoLay, B.Sc, C.E., Machine Design.
Edmund J. Mills, D.Sc, P.R.S., Technical Chemistry.
William Raitt, M.A., B.Sc, Mathematics.
William T. Rowden, B.Sc, Applied Mechanics.
A. Humboldt Sexton, F.C.S., F.I.C., Metallurgy.
W. H. Watkinson, Whir. Sch., M. Inst. Mech. E.,
Steam and Steam Engines.
E. Patrick Wright, F.H.A.S., Agriculture
J. Barlow, M.D., F.R.C.S., Physiology and Hygiene.
Peter Bennett, Mathematics.
Colin Brown, Theory of Music.
George S. Brown, B.Sc, Physiography.
J. Douglas Browne, Voice Training.
John Campbell, B.Sc, F.H.A.S., Dairying.
Louis H. Cooke, A.R.S.M., Geology and Mining.
David Fulton, Plumbing.
Chas. Gourlay^ A.R.I. B. A., Building Construction.
James Hendrick, B.Sc, Agricultural Chemistry.
James R. Jack, Naval Architecture.
James J. F. X. K.ing, F.E.S., Economic Entomology.
Thomas King, Botany.
Robert Kirkpatrick, F.R.H.S., Phonography.
A. N. M'Alpine, B.Sc, Agricultural Botany.
Francis M'Culloch, Practical Plumbing.
David M. Mowat, Mining.
William H. Jlurray, Vocal Music,
Gilbert Thomson, M.A., C.E., Civil Engineering and
Officer of the College, Francis Magauran.
Curator of Andersonian Buildings, Geo. Martin.
Lewes R. Crosskey, Director,
James Morton and George H. Graham, House Painting
and Decoration.
James M'Lean, Painters' Claes.
John B. Watson, do.
F. P. Fletcher, Ornamental Metal Work.
James M. Dodds, Lithography.
J. G. Murray, Lithographic Drawing.
R. Clouston Young, Liihographic Design.
Duncan King, Cabinetmabing and Furniture Work
Charles Milne, do. do. (Workshop).
Alex. Macgregor, do. do. (Wood-carving).
Richard Ferris, Modelling.
63 North Hanover Street.
Head Master, John G. Kerr, M.A. StafF: — Jobs
Brown. B.Sc, T. A. Cheetham, F.C.S., Chemistry ;,
L. R. Crosskey, Art ; John Dick, M.A., John M'D.
Dickie, M.A., David Duncanson, John Gemmell,
M.A., Robt. Hunter, J. H. A. M'Intyre, M.Inst.M.E.,
Engineering; Peter M'Leod, M.A., B.Sc, Geo. Mur-
doch, B.A., Peter Pinkerton, M.A., Thos. J. Prim-
rose, John Storry, Workshop ; James Struthers,
B.A., David Waddell, M.A. ; Louis Janton, B.A.,
B.Sc, French ; H. Krueger, German; K. Kirkpatrick,.
F.R,H.S., Shorthand.
John Irving, drill instructor and janitor.
Kelvin Bridge, Great Western Road,
Instituted 1846.
Directors — William Ker, 1 Windsor Terrace, W.,
president; Robert Murdoch, 7 Park Street, E., vice-
president ; John W. Arthur, 40 Athole Gardens ;
Robert Balloch, Eamont Lodge, Dowanhill ; Gilbert
Beith, M.P., 15 Belhaven Ter. ; Hon. Lord Provost
Bell, 7 Marlborough Terrace; W. G. Blackie, Ph.D.,,
LL.D., 1 Belhaven Terrace; Hugh Brown, 9 Clair-
mont Gardens ; D. S. Cargill, 9 Park Terrace ; Johm
J. Coats, 27 Woodside Piace ; Sir John Neilson Cuth-
bertson, 25 Blythswood Square ; James Deas, C.E.,
7 Crown Gardens, Dowanhill ; Robert Frame, 5 Royal.
Crescent; John Harvey, 5 Claremont Terrace; Geo.
Younger, 10 Lynedoch Crescent ; sec and treasurer,
Arthur Hart, C.A., 63 St. Vincent St.
School staff — D. Morrison, M.A., LL.D., rector.
Classics, the Rector, Wm. Robeitson, M.A., Wm.
Melven, M.A., and John Davidson, M.A.
French and German — head-master, Louis Barbe,
B.A. ; assistants, Fred. S. Davies, B.A., University
College, London, schoolmaster's diploma, Edinburgh
University, and John Davidson, M.A.
English — head-master, Lionel W. Lyde, M.A.
Oxon. ; assistant masters, Wm. Melven, M.A., and
Fred. S. Davies, B.A.
Initiatory classes. Misses Wright and M'Calluoi.
Mathematics and Science — head-master, James-
Wood, M.A., late Fellow of Queen's College, Cam-
bridge ; assistant masters, Andrew Muir, and James
W. Home, B.Sc, Edinburgh University.
Writing and Book-keeping — head -master, J.
Drawing, Thomas R. Jlilligan, cert, art master.
Gymnastics, S. Stewart.
Phonography, R. Kirkpatrick, F.R.H.S.
Music — Academy clmir, John Maclaren.
Pianoforte, Hulton Middleton, Mus. Doc. Cantab.,
Misses Wright, M'Callum, a-d Scott.
Violin, William Hume.
Janitor, C. H. Braid.

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