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2 Dalhousie Street.
Principal, Mrs. Black, F.E.I.S., first-class diplomee
from the National School of Cookery, South Kensing-
ton; committee. Sir Charles Cameron, M.P., Samuel
Chisholm, Esq., James Coats, junior, Esq.,
William Collins, junior, Esq., J.P., Rev. Thomas
Dobbie, Henry Dyer, Esq., M.A , D.Sc, Rev. J.
Marshall Lang, D.D., ex-Preceptor T. A. Mathieson,
Angus Mitchell, Esq., J.P., ex-Preceptor A. G.
M'Donald, John Morison, Esq., Thomas Morrison,
Esq., LL.D., Rev. Wra. Ross, Thomas Russell, Esq.,
Eev.' James Stalker, D.D., John Wilson, Esq., M.P.;
hon. secretary. Miss Sophia Steel; hon. treasurer,
Mr. Wm. Black,
Kirklee Road, Kelvinside.
Chaii-man, John B. Wingate, Esq.; Directors,
Hugh Beckett, Robert Brodie, Robert Gomiay, P. C.
Hart, J. B. Mirrlees, Robert Orr, Hugh Steven,
David Johnston, J. M. Taylor, John E. Watson, and
J. B. Wingate ; secretary and treasurer, James Boyd,
95 Wellington street.
Rector, B. D. Turner, M.A. (Cantab.)
English, Geography, and Elementary French and
Latin, J. W. Gemmell,M. A. (Glasgow), and G.R. CroU,
M.A. (St. Andrews).
Classics, Advanced English, &c., Arthur J.
Ashton, M.A. (London), C. J. M. Gordon, M.A.
(Glasgow) and B.A. (Oxon).
Arithmetic, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics,
A. H.Mackenzie, M.A. (Aberdeen) and B.A. (Cantab.)
J. W. Gemmell, M.A., and G. R. Croll, M.A.
French and German, G. Bauer (Universities of
Berlin and Paris), and C. J. M. Gordon, M.A.
Writing and Bookkeeping, W. Slessor.
Drawing, E. Brady, certificated art master (South
Gymnastics, Arthur Benson.
Third and Second Class, W. C. Sim M.A. (Uni-
versity of Aberdeen).
First Class, Miss Forbes, and assistant.
Writing, Drawing, and Gymnastics by Masters of
Upper School.
Head Mistress, Miss Forbes.
Assistants, Misses L. Millar.
Elocution, W. Ramsay Crawford.
Singing, .
Pianoforte, J. H. Hinton and Miss Boyd.
Dancing, F. Webster.
Shorthand, R. Kirkpatrick, F.R.H.S.
Violin, Alfred Widmer.
Janitor, William M. Borland.
Ill Bath Street.
Objects: — To teach shorthand and grant speed
certificates; to assist members to situations, and pro-
aiote intercourse between them. Subscription, 5s.
C Hastings, secy., 8 Marchmont Ter., Langside.
The University has organized a scheme for the ex-
tension of university teaching, by means of local lec-
tures and classes, upon the lines which have proved
so successful in the case of the universities of Oxford
and Cambridge. Its purpose is to give, as far as pos-
sible, the advantages of university education to those
whose circumstances do not permit them to attend
the university. It is especially intended to meet the
wants of (1) ladies, (2) clerks and other persons en-
gaged in business, and (3) artisans of all classes. The
scheme is under the management of a board consist-
ing of members of senate and a large number of ladies
and gentlemen interested in education. A prospectus,
giving an account of the movement and of the mode
of working it, may be had (post free) on application
to Mr. Wenley, the secretary, to whom communications
by local committees and all persons wUling to co-
operate should be addressed.
Sir Jas. King, Bart, LL.D., chairman of the board;
Robt. Gourlay, manager, Bank of Scotland, Glasgow,
hon. treasurer; R. M. Wenley, M.A., D.Sc, 8 St.
Albans Terrace, Dowanhill, Glasgow, hon. secretary,
47 Greenhead Street,
Founded on a bequest to the city of Glasgow by
the late James Buchanan, Esq., for the maintenance,
education, and industrial training of destitute boys.
Administered under a scheme issued by Educational
Endowments Commissioners, 8th February, 1890.
The pupils reside with their friends at night, but
receive three substantial meals daily at the institution.
They are taught reading, writing, and arithmetic,
besides gymnastics, tailoring, and carpentry, to fit
them for the navy and army, the merchant and marine
service, and as emigrants to the colonies. Three
hundred boys are educated and maintained at the
institution, which is annually examined by one of
H.M. inspectors.
Governors — From the Town Council, Alexander
Waddel (chairman), H. S. Thomson, and Dr. Archd.
Neilson ; from the Merchants' House, W. R. Copland,
Wm. M'Ewan, and Alexander Rose; from the Trades'
House, Andrew M'Nair, J. Y. Merry, and James
M'Farlane; from the School Board, D. M. Scott
and James Boyd. Governor and clerk, Rev. W.
Leggatt; treasurer, Wm. Cherry ; head master, Alex.
M'Laren;' matron. Miss Jessie G. Porteous.
University Avenue, Hillhead.
Lectures and demonstrations are given, in the
usual winter and summer sessions, on various subjects
of the medical curriculum, and on special subjects.
Secretary, J. N. Morton, M.A., writer, at Alexander
M'Lennan's, 92 St. Vincent Street.
(Instituted 1860.)
These Scholarships are six in number, of the value
of £80 each, tenable for two years, t'nree of which
are competed for in Glasgow about the first of
October annually ; one in classics, one in mathematics,
and one in mental philosophy. Secretary to the
Fund, M. S. Tait, 94 Bath Street.

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