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Office, 108 Hope Street.
Ohject — The entire abolition of the drinking system.
President, ■
Vice-presidents, Rev. J. Brown, D.D., Rev. W. Reid,
D.D., Rev. Professor F. Ferguson, M.A., D.D., Rev.
James Stewart, D.D., Rev. Wm. Ritchie, D.D., Rev.
J. C. Russell. D.D., Rev. Principal George C. Button,
D.D., Messrs. R. Lockhart, D. J. Macfie, J.P., Ales.
P. Fon-ester-Paton, John Wilson, M.P., J.P., Peter
M'Lagan, ex-M P., George Smith, A. H. Maclean,
J.P., James Guthrie, J.P., Sir Andrew Maclean,
Knt., J.P., James Johnston, A. Cameron Corbett,
M.P., es-Provost Jas. Clark, J.P., ex-Provost Jas.
Shaw, J. P., Neil Carmichael, M.D., A. S. Cook,
Cnthbert Nairn, Alex. Thomson, D. Colville, J.P., W.
Cairney, ex-Provost Campbell, J.P., ex-Provost
Moncur, and Alex. Buchanan.
Directors, Blessrs. William Wallace, William Ure,
Alex. Lamberton, David Arthur, David Anderson,
T. Dunnachie, Francis Spite, John Muir, David
Fortune, Rev. James A. Johnston, Archd. Stewart,
Eev. Wm. Ross, Rev. Geo. Gladstone, Robt. Whitson,
Adain K. Rodger, William J. Wood, John Smith,
Thomas Davidson, W. G. Smeal, Andrew Forbes,
A. J. Hunter, Dr. K. Wilson Bruce, H. Steven, and R.
Chairman, Rev. Jas. A. Johnston ; vice-chairman,
D. Anderson; treasurer, A. Lamberton; secretary,
W. Johnston.
Office, 16 Stirling Road.
Receiving House, 17 Staling Road.
Sir J. N. Cuthbertson, President; Sir John Burns,
Bart., Dr. James Alexander Campbell, M.P., Rev.
Principal Douglas, D. 0., and Jas. S. Napier, Esq. Vice-
presidents ; J. Gray, M.D., Physician; A. Sloan, C.A.,
140 Hope St., Hon. Treasurer; R. W. Sinclair, Secy.;
and a Board of 45 directors. Subscriptions, Dona-
tions, and Legacies in aid of the Institution will be
thankfully received by the Hon. Treasurer, the Secre-
tary, or by the British Linen Co.'s Bank, Queen St.
Information as to the objects and operations of the
Society may be obtained from Mr. R. W. Sinclair,
Secretary, to whom all communications relating to
the objects and business of the Institution should be
addressed, at the office. The original Glasgow jMag-
dalene Asylum was merged in this institution in 1867.
Applicants for admission are received at the Pro-
bationary Home, 17 Stirling Road. This Home ac-
commodates 52 inmates, and Lochburn Home, Mary-
hill, gives accommodation for 120 inmates. At
both Homes industrial work is carried on, comprising
sewing and laundry work. £800 of subscriptions
are required annually.
Glasgow and West of Scotland Auxiliary
In connection with the Glasgow Continental Society.
Hon. treasurer, Robert Pirrie, Esq., 207 W. George
Street; hon. secretary, Wm. M. Wisely, Esq., The
Scottish Provident Institution, 29 St. Vincent Place.
Incorporated hy Act of Parliament.
The annual income of the Fund is for t he main-
tenance and promotion of Religious Ordinances, and
Education, and Missionary operations, in the first
instance in the County of Ayr, Stewartry of Kirk-
cudbright, and Counties of Wigtown, Lanark, Renfrew,
and Dumbarton; by means of payments for the
erection or support of Churches and Schools (except-
ing Parish Churches and Parish Schools) in connection
with Quoad Sacra Churches belonging to the
E.stablished Church, and with the Free Church, the
United Presbyterian Church, the Reformed Presby-
terian Church, and the Congregational or Independent
Church, all in Scotland, or any of them ; or in
supplement of the stipends of the Ministers of the
said Quoad Sacra, and the other four Churches, and in
supplement of the salaries of Religious Missionaries
and Teachers of Schools of the said Quoad Sacra,
and the other four Churches ; and for forming and
maintaining Libraries for the use of the general
public — such Missionaries, Schools, and Libraries
being under the management of members in full
communion with one or other of the said five Churches.
Office of the trustees, 94 Bath Street.
Instituted 1859. Halls erected 1865 and 1895.
Trustees, Jas. A. Campbell, Esq., LL.D., M.P.
Stracathro ; Wm. Holmes, Esq., Edinburgh ; J. W'
M'Gill, Esq., Manchester; Robt. Boyd, Esq., Glasgow;
A. A. Fergusson, Esq., Glasgow ; Hugh Steven, Esq.,
Glasgow ; president, Robert Boyd, Esq., 53 Cochrane
St. ; general superintendent, T. A. Boyd, Esq.,
Shettleston Iron Works ; vice-superintendent and
secretary, Mr. E. J. Mitchell, Grove Street Institute ;
hon. treasurer, John S. Galbraith, Esq., writer, 69 St.
Vincent Street.
Grove Street Institute is an unsectarian home
mission organization, having halls built by public
subscription at a cost of £10,000, and situated on the
margin of one of the most densely populated districts
of the city. It is entirely dependent on voluntary
contributions, and requires £1000 per annum to main-
tain its work. In addition to the Evangelistic,
Medical Mission, Benevolent, and Temperance work,
it has departments for fathers, mothers, working-
lads, young women, and children — its agencies thus
reaching and elevating whole families. It has been
in operation for over thirty years as an auxiliary
to the churches of all denomincations, with results
which prove the soundness of its principles of mission
work, and the great value of organization.
Schemes of operation. — Sabbath Evening Sermons,
St. Andrew's Hall; City Hall Saturday Evening
Concerts; Morning Coffee Stands on the Streets;
Band of Hope; Penny Savings Banks; Temperance
Library; Tract Distribution; Female Missionaries on
the " Missing Link " system ; Sea Side Convalescent
Home for the Poor; Recreation for the People, &c.,
&c. James Airlie, secretary, 134 Wellington Street
(corner of Bath Street).

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