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Lawrie, Bros, (brokers), 18 Wataon
Jane, off Watson at.
M'Coard, Wm. & Soa (waste), 1.5
to 41 East Nelson St. (east
end of Galiow(2;ate.)
M'Leod, F. H. & Sons (brokers),
61 Bishop street
Macalister, J. & R. 9 Cocbraoe st
Macnair & Brock (brokers), 2
Oswald st
Manners, Miss J. (Berlin), 42
Argyle aroade
Paxton, James, & Co., waste, 45 to
49 Lady well street
Porteous, Jas. & Son, 5 Dixon at
Ramsay, R. & Co. (brokers), 33 to
43 Greendyke st
Skimming, Mrs. (fancy), 531 and
633 Gi. Western rd
Somerville, J. S. & Co. (brokers),
12 Graham sq.
Soinmervillo, Walter, & Company
(brokers;, 54 St. Enoch sq.
Walton & Co. ; factory, 23 St.
Andrew's sq. ; warehouse, 22
Ann St. (ity
Wiseman, Wm. &Sons, 203Euther-
glen rd
Alexander Bros. Irvine Bank Mills
Baldwin & Walker, 10 Garthland
Glasgow Merino Spinning Co.
Ltd. 8 B:iltic St.; office, 113
Virginia st
Hadden, Alex. & Sons,l 53 Qneen st
Horsfall, John C. 29 Montrose st
Kilgonr & Walker, 33 Virginia st
Rust, T. W. & Co. 29 Montrose st
British and Foreign Glass Co.
manufacturers of the new com-
bined wreath case and siand,
45 St. P^noch square
Cross, David, artificial wreath and
marble stand merchant, 43
Eenfield st
Fletcher & Sons (memorial), 38
Dumbarton road
Henderson, Francis (patentee of
wreath cases), 79 Candleriggs;
telegrams, " Raffia"
Johnson, J. Y. office for patents,
116 St. Vincent st
Leitch, Arch. Alisou, wire guards,
113 Stockwell st
Marshall & Miller, 591 Gallowgate
M'Haffie & Co. 13 Margaret st.
High John st
Shearer, H. patentee and mannfr.
of the damp-proof combined
case and stand, and registered
inarble pedestal, 42 Howard st.
and 49 Dunlop st
Those marked 6 are also builders.
Adam, John K. 60 Westmuir st.
Alexander & Laing, 346 Langside
Alexander, Thos. 60 Muslin street
Allan, Alex. 13 Egliiiton street
tAllan & Baxter. 198 Maxwell
road, Pollokshields
Allan, G. & G., 204 Albert st
6 Allan, John, & Son, 567 Cath-
cart load
Allan, John, 60 Reidvale st
Allan, Joseph, 104 Sword street
iAllan, Wm. & Cowan, 27 Sea-
mour street
iiAnderson, George, Waverley park,
6 Anderson & Henderson, Ld. Kin-
ning park Sawmills, Reowick st,
and 44 West Campbell st
Anderson, R. 190 Dumbarton rd
Anderson, R. & Co. 97 Renfrew st
Anderson, W. J. 3 Salkeld at
Anderson, William, 39 Otago st.
Andrew, Wm., 33 Dalhonsie at
Baird & Knox, 91 Maitland st
Baird, W. & J. 17 Merryland street,
Barbour, James, 54 Commerce st
Barclay, Connell & Co, 169 Fin-
nieston street
Barr, Andrew, & Son, 24 Eopework
BaiTie, David, 82 Forth street,
b Baxter, John, 20 Catherine st,
off Parliamentary road
Baxter, Robt. L.,269 Eglinton at
Bearhop, Andrew, 65 Cumberland
St. Gallon
b Begg, A. & T. 71 & 73 James
st. Bridgeton
Bennett, Kobt. 125 Bothwell at
Bennie, A, 132 Hunter street
b Black, John W. 34 Ronald street
Black, Thos. & Co. 195 Broad st
Blackburn, Robt. 140 Stockwell st
Blaney, Hugb, 636 Gallowgate
Borla(id, Jas. Horselethill road,
Bowie, A. & Co. 372 Scotland at
Boyd, James, & Son, Macdowall
street, Paisley
Boyd, W. & J., 54 Sword st
Boyle, James, & Son, 79 Holland
Brack enridge, D. & J., 68 Craw-
f(.rd St., s.s.
Braid, D., 29 Regent Moray st
BritjTis, D. 140 W. Regent'lane
Brotcbie, Jno. Russell, 25 Eglin-
ton sirect. — tiee Advt. in App.
Brown & Angus, 123 Cathcart st,
King-, ton
Brown & Co. 74 Waterloo st
Brown, Gavin, 18 N. Portland sb
Brown, H. 44 So. Kinning pi
Brown, James, 44 South Kinning
Brown & Robertson, 654 Eglinton
Brown, T. Langside
iBrown, Thos. 193 Rottenrow
Bruce, J. S. 47 Burnbank st. Coat-
BiysoD, Jaf. 9 Gt, Dovehill
Buchanan, Dun.289 Dalmarnock rd
Buchanan, .Jas. 29a North st
Buchanan, John, Hyndland road,
Buchanan, Wm. 163 Renfrew st
Buckie, Jiis. S., 67 North street,
Burden, Wm. 18 Polmadie st
6 Burns, Robt. 40 Ark lane
Butchart, Alex. S.Wyndiord House,
Calderwood. Wm. Avenue st.
Gallon, Jas.M. 56 Forth st. Pollok-
Cameron, A. 54 Cadogan st
Cameron, Don. 9 Bothwell In.ne
Cameron, Hugh, 144 St. Vincent
Cameron, Jas. jun. & Co., Burn-
bank, Lenzie
Campbell, Andrew & Co. (ship),
Springfield quay
Campbell, Jas., 43 Robert.son lane
Campbell, Jas. 22 Portrnan st
Campbell, P. & A., Windsor Saw
Mills, Govan
Carlyle, Jas. 102 Port Dundas rd
Carmichael, Allan, 62 Springfield
Carmichael, Robert, 13 Douglas
St. Partick
Chalmers, W. C. 7 Charlotte street
Clachan, John, & Co. 27 Kuperc si;
Clark, George, 104 Ea-t Hill st
Cleland, David, 386a Gt. Western
ftCleland & Robertson, 51 .Tamea
St. and 14^ Millroad sr. Calton
Cochrane, J. jr. 205 St. James' rd
b Connell, Jas. 1a So. Coburg st
iConnell, Robt. 1a So. Coburg st
Coulter &M'Kerrow, 61) Stirling rd
6 Cowan, Wm. & Son, 95 Bishop
St. Port-Duridas
ftCracfeston, J. & Son, 121 West
Regent st
Craig & Co. 83 Pitt atrcet
Craig, Duncan, 13 Nicholson st
Craig, Robert, 7« Kelvin st
Crawford, H. 3 Lilybank buildings,
Crawford, Hugb, 144 St. Vincent
5Crawford. H. W. & Co. March st
Crawford, James, 147 St. Vincent
Crawford, John, 558 Duke strceV

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