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EenDJe, Bryson, & Co. pitwood and
liome and foreign timber, 128
Hope strtet
Robertson, iVl'Intosh, & Co. brokers
17 Os-wald fctrect
Robinson, Dunn, & Co. Partick
Saw Mills and Temple Saw Mills;
letters to Pai-tick; telegrams,
"Robinsons, Partick;" tele-
phone No. 2003
Rodie & Co. Bouroch, Barrhead
Kyan, C. 171 Maxwell rd. P'shields
Scott, Jno. Kelvinhaugh and
Finnieston Saw Mdls
Scott, Peter, 70 Bluevale st
SheriiT, Robert, 75 Buchanan st
Singleton, Dunn, & Co. (brokers),
27 Union st. and Yorkhill wharf
iSpeirs, Jas. Dunteilie, Barrhead
Stevenson. S. & Co. Polmadie
Saw Mills
Stewart, Colin Y. 207 St. James'
Stewart, J. & A. 120 Kelvinhaugh
Stirrat, R & Co. Thistle Works,
80 and 82 Port-Dundas rd
Strachan, Wm. 19 Mearns street,
Swan, Wm. 74 Bath street
Thomson & Gray, 40 W. Nile st
Thomson, Geo. H. broker, Royal
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co. im-
porters of Swedish wood, 47
East Howard st;
Thomson, Wm.importer of Swedish
wood, 101 Sr. Vincent st
Torrance, J. Watt, & Co. 129
Maxwell road
Victoria Patent Saw Mills, St.
James' load
Whitelaw, C. S. (stave and hoop),
100, 1U2 Commerce at
Wjlkie, P. B. & Co. (foreign and
home), 21 and 25 Maxwell rd.
near Eglinton toll
Woodruff Land and Timber Co.
Ltd.; Wm. M'Callum, secy, 128
Hope st
Woyka, Jno. & Co., 241 Govan st
Wright, Graham & Co., brokers,
111 Union street
Wylie, Stewart, & Marshall, West-
ern Saw Mills, Firhill basin
Young, Wm. importer and agent,
24 George sq
Brownlee & Co. City Saw Mills,
Port-Dundas rd
Campbell, P. & A., Campbell st.,
Ferguson, Jas. T. & Co., Eglinton
Saw Mills, Maxwell rd
Lamb & Crawford, 295 Shields rd
M-Farlane, D. & Son, Ruchill
M'Phun, J. P. & Co. Mill street,
Mickel, Kobt. & Co. 173A St.
Vincent street and Bo'ness
Robinson, Dunn, & Co., Partick
Saw Mills
Scott, John, Kelvinhaugh street
Stewart, J. &A. 120 Kelvinhaugh
Wylie, Stewart, & Marshall, Fir-
hill basin
Allan, Dick, & Buchanan, 155 to
165 Argyle street and 3 St.
Enoch square
Baird & Stevenson, 11 Bofhwellst
Fielding, Ben, Grceiland, Halifax,
12 George square
Black, David, & Co. 4 Queen st
Bohan, Jas., 175 Trongate
Campbell, John G. S., 161 Tron-
Clapperton, John, & Co. 61 Miller
street, and 62 Queen street
Costigane Bros. 199 Trongate
Craig Bros. 191 Argyle st
Doble, Fred.& Sons (flannel,blanket
and serge), 83 aud 85 Virginia
Eadie, Ireland & Co, 51 Buchanan
Finlayson, Wm. 17 Argyle st
Eraser, Sons,& Co. 116-120 Argyle
st. and 10-12 Buchanan street
Gowans, Wm. & Co., Ill Union
Green, Jas. 29 Gladstone st
Halden, Archd. & Co. 30 John st
Hally & Co. 11 George sq
Hamilton, Chas. E.& Co., 46 John
Hird & Co. 8 Miller st
Howell, Thos. 136 Queen street
Hudson, H. M. & Co. (flanoel and
serge), 77 Queen st
Johnston, Jas. & Co., 38 Queen st
Kenyon, Richard (blanket and lap-
ping), 200 St. Vincent st
Latta, Sons & Co., 73 Mitchell st
Lawson, John, & Sons, Kilmarnock
Lockerbie, Jas. S. 33 N. Frederick
Macalaster, J. & R. 9 Cochrane st
M'Arthur, Peter, 207 Ingram st
M'Avoy, P. & Co., 87 Gallowgate
and 14 East Nile street
Macintyrc & Co. 166 Ingram st
M'Kendrick, Wm., 10 Kirkpatrick
M'Lennan, Blair, & Co. 27, 29
Montrose st
Mitchell Bros., 36 Howard st
Neilson, Shaw, & Macgregor, 44
Buchanan st
Nicol, Thos. (blankets and tweeds),
208 Govan St., and at Griffe
Mills, Bridge of Weir
Niven, Miss, 527 Sauchiehall st.
Oliphant, A., 133 Trongate
Oliver & Watson, 118 Union st
Paterson, R. & Sons, 28 Ingram st
Peltigrew & Stephens, 191, 193
Sauchiehall st
Raeside, Alex., 66, 68 Clyde st.
Riley, Alex, hygienic underclothing,
&c. 42 Gordon st
Ritchie Jas. cS; Co. 77 Queen st
Rowan & Co. 104 Argyle st
Russell, Macfarlane, & Co. 47
Queen st
Rutherford Bros. 150 Ingram st
Sadler, M. & L. (ladies' wool and
ice wool dress caps), 74 Jamaica
Shalders, A. 0. & Son, Bradford ;
26 Renfield street
Smith, G. Macfie, & Maclure,
representing home and foreign
manufacturers, 1 Princes sq
Stephen, J. D. & Co. 12 Miller st
Siewart, Alex. 158 Argyle st
Stirrat, Wm. & Co., 87 Union st
Tait & Co. 167 Ingram street
The Tweed Hall, 17 Argyle street
Watson, Jas. & Co, 56 Mitchsll
Wbyte & Co., Ill Union st
Williamson, Jas. S. 26 Renfield st
Wyllie, Jas. & Son, Elmslie Mills,
Arthur, John, & Son, 54 Moncur st
Barton Wm. (broker), 61 Bishop
Borthwick, Mrs. A, (Berlin), 465
Sauchieball st
Boyd, John & Sons 122 Main st., s.s.
Campbell, Alex. 40 Hydepark st
Campbell, R. & A, brokers, 40
Hydepark st
Craig Bros. 191 Argyle st
Crawford, Cree, & Co. (brokers),
office, 28 Ingram street
Cuthbertson, K. & W. 94 Brook
Douglas, A. & J. Janet/, 268
Sauchiehall st
Easson Bros. 102 Elliot st
Edgar & Crerar, 18 Glassford st
Elliott, Jessie, 144 Dumbarton rd
Fenton, Robr., 134 Drygate
Finlayson, Wm. 67 Koslea drive
Forrest & Co. (brokers), 107
Clyde street, Anderston
Gallagher, T. 4 New st
Greig, J, & W. (brokers), 99
M 'Alpine st
Harrington, J. P, Ltd., wholesale,
3a S. Hanover st
Howell, Thomas, 136 Queen st

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