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Aiken James, bank agent, Braemar
Beaton John, clerk of works,
Beattie Ge jrge, wright, Cratliie
Bell M. T. agent, Braemar
Bonnar Alexander, mail contractor,
Clark George, factor and farmer,
New Marr Lodge
Connon Eichd. saw miller, Kellock
Coutts Wm. general dealer, Crathie
Duncan Jolin, slater, Crathie
Edmonston Mrs. ..., general dealer,
Ewan John, photographer
Ewen John, builder and wright,
Gordon John, shopkeeper and
baker, Auchindyrne
Gordon John, feuar, Auchindyrne
Grant John, smith, Castletown
Grant Eobert, tailor, Castletown
Henry John, tailor, Braemar
Hutchinson George, flesher, Crathie
Laird Alex, shoemaker, Crathie
M'Donald Donald, builder, Crathie
M'Donald Donald, miller, Auchin-
M'Gregor James, general merchant,
and agent to the Northern In-
surance Company
M'Intosh Alex, tailor, Cratliie
M'Intosh Lachlan, shoemaker,
M'Kenzie Chas. miller, Crathie
Michie Charles, smith, Crathie
Michie Wm. inspector of poor,
Middleton Wm. housekeeper, Bal-
moral Castle
Milne John, carrier, Braemar
Mitchie Geo. bootmaker, Braemar
Morgan John, bookseller, commis-
sion and newsagent, Brasmar
Nicholson Hy. miller. Mill of Cosh
Paterson A. & G. wood merchants,
Braemar, and at Glasgow
Paterson Marjory, general dealer,
Eobertson John, carpenter, Crathie
Eose Wm. inland revenue officer,
Stewart Charles, the guide, Braemar
Stewart Donald, gamekeeper, Bal-
Stewart John, blacksmith, Auchin-
Syiiion Mrs. ..., general dealer,
Thomson Charles, postmaster,
Thomson Jas. grocer, &c. Crathie
Anderson Alexander, Braenach
Brown William, Bush, Crathie
Duncan Wm . Tynanbaich
Cargill John, Inver
Cattanach John, Balloch
Chry stall Alex. Bridge end
Coutts Alexander, Eonachat
Edmondson John, Coldrach
Parquharson James, Coldrach
Pyfe Alexander, Balnacroft
Gordon Charles, Crathienaird
Gordon Donald, Bavagiie, Cx-athia
Gordon Peter, Baddoch
Gordon Wm . Auchallater, Braemar
Gordon John and James, Loinvaig
and Newton
Gordon Wm. Littlemill
Gordon Wm. jun. Newbigging
Heron John, Newton, Crathie
Hutchinson George, Balnallan
Hutcliison George, Mill, Dalhork
Kennedy William & James, Camlet
Lament Donald, East Balnoe
M-'Donald John, Eattlach
M'Hardy Charles, Balnoe
M-Hardy Charles & Wm. Cornlarick
M'Hardy Alex. Crofts, Mnchan
M'Hardy Wm. Auchtabaan
M'Intosh Alexander, Lawsee
M'Kenzie John, Daldownie
Michie Alexander, Blair glass
Michie John, Turnoran
Michie Wm. Balnallan
Mitchell Angus, Stronach
Paterson James, Moualtrie
Eobertson Charles, Crathie
Eobertson Dr. A. Mains, Aber-
Smith John, Clachenturn
Stewart Charles, Bultchach
Symon James, Milton of Bal-
CEIMOND is a parish on the coast of Buchan,
situated midway between the towns of Fraserburgh
and Peterhead, nine miles from each, and three miles
from the Lonmay Station, on the Fraserburgh
Section of the Greao North of Scotland Eailway.
The coast is very dangerous at Eattray Head. Lon-
may is a parish about ten miles in length and four
in breadth, and has about four miles of sea coast. The
soil is generally fertile. The fishing village of St.
Comb is in the parish.
EATHEN parish is about four miles distant from
Fraserburgh, about seven miles long and two
in breadth. It is also a station on the Great
North of Scotland Eailway. There are two creeks
in the parish, on wliich are the villages of Cairnbulg
and Inverallochy.
ST. FEEGUS, a village and parish, the former five
miles distant from Peterhead, and 13 from Fraser-
burgh. Though locally situated in Aberdeenshire,
St. Fergus is attached to Banffshire, and is assessed
as part of that county, it having been owned by the
family of Cheyn.e, the hereditary sheriffs of Banff-
shire in the thirteenth century. The nearest railway
stations to the village are at Peterhead and Inverugie.
Post OfSce, Crimond, Wm. Pirie, postmaster —
Letters arrive from all parts at 1.30 p.m. and 6 p.m.,
and are 'espatched at 3.20 and 6.15 p.m. No
mails on Sunday. Nearest Telegraph and Money
Order Office is at Lonmay, three miles distant
Post Office, St. Fergus, Alex. Walker, postmaster —
Letters arrive from the South at 11 a.m., and from
the North at 7 p.m., and are despatched North at 11
a.m. and South at 7 p.m. No mails on Sunday. Nearest
Telegraph and Money Order Office is at Peterhead,
five miles distant.
Post Office, Lonmay, near Aberdeen, James Forrest,
postmaster — Letters arrive from Fraserburgh and the
north at 8.20 a.m. and 6 p.m.; from Aberdeen and
the south, also from Peterhead, Brucklay, Mintlaw,
New Deer, &c. at 9, a.m., and from Aberdeen and
south at 4.5 p.m., and are despatched to
Aberdeen, Peterhead, and south at 7 a.m. and 5.45
p.m.; to Fraserburgh and the north at 8.40 a.m. No
mails on Sunday. Money Order and Telegraph
Office and Savings' Bank.
Established Chueches —
Crimond — Eev. Alexander Irvine, d.d.
Invevallochy — Eev. — Williamson
Kininmouth — Eev. Eobert Pryde
Lonmay- — Eev. James Leask
Eathen— Eev. John F. M. Cock
St. Fergus— Eev. John Mitchell
Chapel of Ease, Cairnbulg — Eev. Charles Ogg
Episcopal Church, Lonmay- — Vacant
Free Church, Eathen — Eev. Alexander Cobban
Free Clim-ch, St. Fergus— Eev. Alexander Linn
Baptist Chapel, St. Fergus—Eev. John Crardea

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