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Park, Mrs R., 113 Osborne pi
Reid, Miss J., 43 Balmoral pi
Reith, Mrs, 57 Bedford pi
Riddoch, Mrs, 19 Cotton st
Rust, Miss, 6 Little Chapel st
Sangster,Nurse, 76 Gt.Northern
Saunders, Mrs, 193 Westburn
Scott, Miss, 70 Rose st
Scott, Miss, 277 Holburn st
Shearer, Miss J., 57 Cairnfield pi
Shepherd, Miss R., 20 Holburn
Smith, Miss, 24 Portland st
Stephen, Mrs, 71 Park st
*Stewart, Mrs, 104 King st
*Sutherland, Mrs, 38 Park st
*Taylor, Mrs J., 30 Menzies rd
Thomson, Mrs, 34 Skene st
*Tosh, Mrs, 49 Wellington st
Weir, Mrs, 642 George st
Westland, Miss M., 43 Huntly st
*Willox, Mrs, 8 Menzies rd
*young, M., 48 Chapel st
Silk Mercers.
See Drapers.
Skinner and Wool Merchants.
Laing, Alex., Rodger's walk
Philip, A., 16 Fraser pi
Slate Merchants.
Bon-Accord Slate and Cement
Co., Ltd., Provost Blaikie's
Henderson, J. & W., 82 Market
Murray & Maitland, 40 Carme-
lite st
Adam, Alex., & Co., 4 Hutcheon
Anderson, Wm., loi
Bon-Accord st
Bain, George, 27 Hutcheon st
and 1 School rd
Calder, Alex., Kirkbrae, Cults
Clark, James, 1 Cluny's wynd
Copland, John, 11 Maberly st
Copland, Wm. C, & Co., 63
Hutcheon st
Coutts, Wm., &Son, 18J Chattan
Currie, G., & Co., 7 Gilcomston
Davidson, Geo., jun., 8 Thistle
Duncan, John, 54 Castle st
Durnin, John, 15 Canal pl
Farquhar, George, 66 Union row
Forbes, J. R., 12 Jasmine ter
Gallacher, Peter, 446 George st
Harper, Alex., & Sons, 13 Sum-
merfield ter
Harper, Jas., 26 S, Constitution
Law, Alex., 5 Little Chapel st
Law, Geo., 16 Chattan pl
Leiper, Alex., Airy Bank, Cults
McDonald, J. M-, South Es-
planade west
Maitland, Charles, & Son, 171
Union grove
Martin, Adam, 50 Leadside rd
lYIcrson & Stewart,
70 Loch St., 11 and 13 Don
st, Woodside
Milne, J. & A., Millbank lane
Morrison, Forbes, 87 Holburn st
Murray, Alex., & Son, 11 and 13
Summerfield ter
Reid, Wm., 37a Albert st lane
Smith, Alexander, 14 Fountain-
hall rd
Steel, George, & Son, Eden pl
Stuart, Robert, 35 Holland st
Wilson, James, 19 Merkland pl
Wright, James, 242 Rosemount
Yeates, Geo., Canal ter, Wood-
Soap and Candle Manu-
Ogston & Tennant, Ltd., 92
Loch st
Silver (The) City Soap Co., St.
Peter st.

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