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Walker, A., 6 Gladstone pi
Walker Thos., 57 Abergeldie rd
Ward, Thomas, 92 King st
Watson, Alex., 543 Holburn st
Wood, Alex., 12 Bonnymuir pi
Wright, Wm., 13 Fonthill ter
Ship Owners.
See Shipping Directory.
t Shop Fitters
Gill, John, 66 Loch st
McRobb, W. F., 5 Pittodrie lane
Sherrit & Johnston, 35 Maberly
Shore Porters.
See page 67.
Shorthand (Teachers of).
Aberdeen Business
CoIIegre (W. O. Web-
ster), 375 Union st
Anderson, J. M., 71 CHfton rd
Burnett, Robert, i
Bon-Accord st
Laing, Geo., 194 Mid Stocket rd
Lawrence, C. IVI., i9
Crown st
Monro, A. S., 6 Union grove
Smith Premier Typewriter Co.,
375 Union st
Yost, The, Type-
writer Co., Ltd.,
137 Union st
Sick Nurses and Midwives.
Those marked * are Midwives.
Aitken, lYIiss iVIar-
garet A., 271 Union gr
Allan, Mrs Jane, 26 Chattan pi
Allan, Mrs, 62 Urquhart rd
Anderson, Mrs Jas., 38 Union ter
Angus, Mrs, 65 Chapel st
Armstrong, Miss Isabella, 15
North Silver st. Tel. No.
Bain, Mrs, 32 Skene st
Beeson, Mrs, 2 Great Western pi
Bisset, Mrs, 196 Union grove
*Blair, Mrs, 55 Wellington st
*Bolton, Mrs, 478 George st
Bruce, Jane S., 292 Holburn st
*Burnett, Mrs, 38 Union ter
Cassie, Miss, 20 Richmond ter
*Cheyne, Mrs, 548 Gt. Northern
Collie, Mrs, 58 Urquhart rd
Connon, Mrs F., 114 Westburn
*Cooper, Miss B., 106 Clifton rd
Corsie, Miss M.M.,95Devonshire
Davidson, Mrs, 13 Willowdale pi
Duncan, Miss, 368 George st
*Duthie, Mrs, 2 Wales st
Emslie, Miss E., 19 Bank st
Esslemont, Mrs, 25 Broomhill rd
Farquharson, Mrs, 40 Union gr
Ferguson, Mrs M., 53 Rose st
Forbes, Miss Sophia, 93 Union gr
Gilbert, Mrs, 45 Huntly st
Gill, Mrs W., 30 Dee st
Hay, Mrs D., 27 Victoria st
Irvine, Mrs Wm., 162 Skene st
Jolly, Miss, 21 Huntly st
Kelman, Miss, 28 Chapel st
Lamb, Mrs, 69 Chapel st
*Lawrie, Mrs J., 7 Summerfield
Leith, Miss, 40 Belmont st
Lowe, Mrs, 6 Union grove
M'Donald, Mrs, 138 Skene st
M'Kiddie, Mrs D., 24 Esslemont
M'Lean, Miss, 25 Mount st
M' William, Miss J., 27 Victoria
Mackay, Cecelia, 273 Rose-
mount pl
Massie, Miss, 87 Chapel st
Masson, Mrs, 22 Marywell st
Milne, Miss M., 90 Devonshire
*Mitchell,Mrs, 124Causewayend
Morrison, Miss B., 27 Victoria st
Nelson, MissM., 185 Gallowgate
Nicol, Mrs, 55 Thistle st
Nursing Institution (Miss Arm-
strong), 15 North Silver st.
Telephone No. 1208

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