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Bird, Mrs, 162 Crown st
Bisset, Miss, 109 Bon-Accord st
Black, Miss, 25 Chestnut row
Booth, Mrs, 48 Eosemount pi
Brown, Mrs, 38 Thistle st
Buchan, Mrs, 2 Carmelite st
Cassie, Miss, 8 Devonshire rd
Chalmers, Mrs, 6 Esslemont av
Chalmers, Miss, 38 St. Swithin
Chapman, Mrs, 41 Dee st
Cheyne, Miss, 60 Rosemount via
Clark, Mrs, 2 Castle ter
Cooper, Mrs, 8 Belmont rd
Copland, Miss, 44a Castle st
Corporation Lodging House,
East North st
Cowie, Mrs, 48 Market st
Cowie, Mrs A., 169 Crown st
Craig, Miss, 154 Crown st
Crowe, Mrs, 3 Strawberry bank
Cruickshank, Miss I., 26 Carden
Davidson, Mrs, 92 King st
Davidson, Mrs, 204 George st
Davidson, Mrs, 167 Skene st
Diack, Mrs, 12 Schoolhill
Donald, Miss, 138 Blenheim pi
Douglas, Mrs, 62 Constitution st
Duffus, Miss, 89 Union st
Duncan, Mrs, 54 Castle st
Duncan, Mrs M., 434 Union st
Duncan, Mrs, 194 Rosemount pi
Durno, Miss, 32 Springbank ter
Durward, Mrs, R. 151 Crown st
Duthie, Mrs, 8 Esslemont ave
Eden, Miss, 5 Rosemount ter
Edwards, Mrs, 121 Crown st
Emslie, Mrs, 132 Crown st
Esson, Mrs A., 22 Thistle st
Ewen, Mrs S., 104a Holburn st
Forbes, Mrs, 1 Bon- Accord ter
Forbes, Mrs, 138 King st
Forbes, Miss, 42 Baker st
Forsyth, M,, 5 Crown ter
Eraser, Mrs Andrew, 8 Clare-
mont st
Eraser, Mrs, 173a Union st
Eraser, Miss, 51 Rose st
Eraser, Miss I., 128 Crown st
Fyfe, Mrs, 34 Bridge st
Gallow, Mrs, 31 Elmfield ave
Garden, Mrs, 160 Crown st
Gibson, Mrs A., 2 Stanley st
Gibson, Miss, 97 Crown st
Gordon, Miss, 71 Bon-Accord st
Gordon, Mrs R., 33 Albert ter
Grant, Mrs, 166 Crown st
Grassie, Miss, 17 Bon- Accord ter
Gray, Mrs, 508 Union st
Greig, Mrs J., 162 Crown st
Greig, Mrs, 26 St. Swithin st
Hadden, Miss, 4 Bridge st
Hardie, Mrs, 2 Victoria bldgs
Hay, Miss, 21 King st
Henderson, Mrs J., 29 Constitu-
tion st
Henry, Mrs, 17 Union ter
Home, Miss, 77 Crown st
Hosie, Mrs, 16 Carmelite st -
Innes, Mrs, 255 Union st
Jamieson, Mrs, 41 St. Swithin
Jeffrey, Mrs, 16 Bridge st
Johnston, Mrs, 32 Thistle st
Johnston, Miss, 22 Union row
Joss, Mrs, 16| Bank st
Kemp, Mrs J., 144 Hutcheonst
Kennedy, Mrs, 13 Springbank
Kennedy, Mrs A., 40 Mount st
Kennedy, Miss, 8 Alford pi
Lawrence, Mrs, 189 Union st
Lees, Mrs J., 44a Castle st
Leith, Mrs, 21 King st
Littlejohn, Mrs J., 60 Union
Logan, Mrs, 140 Rosemount pi
McBeath, Mrs, 108 Crown st
M'Donald, Misses, 61 Watson st
McKay, Miss, 108 Rosemount
M'Kenzie, Miss, 86 Constitution
M'Tavish, Mrs, 174 Crown st
Macdonald, Miss, 54 Rosemount
Machray, Mrs, 451 Union st
Mackessack, Mrs, 7 St. Mary's
Macpherson, Mrs, 11 Hadden

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