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Main, Mrs, 1 Stirling st
Mair, Mrs, 1^ Affleck st
Marr, Mrs, 19 Menzies rd
Mathieson, Miss, 67 Charlotte st
Mathieson, Miss, 31 Bon-Accord
Melvin, Mrs E., 46 Watson st
Middleton, Mrs, 89 Bon-Accord
Millar, Miss, 421 Union st
Miller, Mrs, 5 Waverley pi
Milne, Mrs, 104 Crown st
Milne, Mrs, 22 Bridge st
Mitchell, Miss, 445 Union st
Moir, Mrs, 2 Carmehte st
Morrice, Miss E. A., 26 Bon-
Accord ter
Morrison, Mrs, 24 Dee st
Murdoch, Mrs, 120 Union grove
Murdoch, Miss, 41 Dee st
Murray, A. Y., 10 Albyn ter
Murray, Mrs, 10 St. Mary's pi
Murray, Mrs, 1 Mount st
Mutch, Mrs, lc6 Crown st
Myles, Mrs, 491 Union sfc
Nicol, Mrs, 67 Dee st
Nicol, Miss, 31 Holburn st
Ogg, Miss C. H., 79 Blenheim pi
Paton, Mrs, 84 Constitution st
Paul, Miss, 12 Castle st
Pickard, Mrs, 1 Abergeldie rd
Pirie, Mrs, 97 Holburn st
Pirie, Mrs, 61 Loanhead ter
Rankin, Mrs, 179 Rosemount pi
Reid, Mrs, 37 Thistle st
Reid, Mrs, 33 Dee st
Reid, Mrs, 68 Holburn st
Reid, Miss, 66 Rosemount via
Ritchie, Mrs, 113 Crown st
Roberts, Miss, 11 Bon-Accord
Robertson, Mrs, 75 Bon- Accord
Ross, Miss, 49 Union grove
Russell, Mrs, 271 Rosemount pi
Scott, Mrs, 2 Crown ter
Shepherd, Mrs, 11 King st
Shepherd, Mrs A., 6 Ferry hill ter
Simpson, Mrs, 47 Green
Simpson, Mrs G., 108 Rose-
mount via
Singer, Mrs, 32 Devonshire rd
Skene, Miss, 27 Huntly st
Skinner, Mrs, 12 Devanha ter
Smith, Mrs R., 40 Chapel st
Smith, Mrs A., 88 Leadside rd
Smith, Mrs G., 54 St. Nicholas
Smith, Miss, 72 Union grove
Stevenson, Miss, 112 Crown st
Stewart, Mrs, 104 King st
Stobie, Mrs A., 98 Rosemount
Stuart, Mrs, 3 Mount sfc
Stuart, Miss, 11 Eraser pi
Sutherland, Mrs A., 28 Polmuir
Talbot, Mrs, 179 Crown st
Taylor, Mrs, 6 St. Mary's pi
Tennant, Mrs, 101 Blenheim pi
Thom, Mrs, 69 Crown st
Thomson, Mrs, 71 King st
Turner, Mrs, 3 Orchard pi
Turner, Mrs John, 23 Thistle st
Victoria Lodging House, 45
Walker, Mrs, 59 Watson st
Watt, Mrs, 22 Carmehte st
Watt, Mrs, 2 Mount st
Watt, Mrs, 42 Hartington rd
Watt, Mrs, 15 Belmont st
Webster, Mrs, 387 Union st
Westland, Miss, 4 Dee pi
Whyte, Mrs, 12 Schoolhill
William, Mrs, 170 Union st
Williamson, Mrs, Broadford
House, 34 Maberly st
Wilson, Miss, 74 Union grove
Young, Mrs, 126 Crown st
Youngson, Miss, 156 Crown st
Mantle Manufacturers.
Patterson, John, 87 Union st
Taylor, A. S., 56 St. Nicholas st
Manure Merchants.
Aberdeen Fish Manure and Oil
Co., Ltd., 158 Market st
Miller, J., & Co., Sandilands
chemical works, Millar st
Napier, C, & Co., 139 W. North

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