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Caledonian (The) Motor Car and Cycle
Co., Ltd., cycle manufacturers, 265 Union street.
Telephone No. 321 ; and 34 Langstane place ;
Branch, 9 Bridge street ; Telphone No. 321
Caledonian Steam Trawling Co. Ltd., 156 Market street
Callaghan, Anthony, Sons & Co., saw and
edge-tool makers, 67 Netherkirkgate
Callaghan, Francis, sawmaker and cutler, 12 Union grove
Callaghan, J. & R., saw and edge tool makers, Car-
melite Buildings, Carmelite lan^
Callaghan, John W. (of J. & R. C), 54 Mile-end avenue
Callaghan, Robert S. (of J. & R. C), 79 Huntly street
Callum, Miss, broker, 64 Woolmanhill
Cameron, Alex., foreman printer (J. A. & Co., Lim.), 11
Urquhart road
Cameron, Alexander, glass stainer, 79 Huntly street
Cameron, Alex. F., grocer, 9, h 7 Elm pi.
Cameron, Andrew (of Philip & Cooper), 45 Victoria street
Cameron, David M., licensed valuator, 182 George street
Cameron, Duncan, shipmaster (ss. Greyfriars), 102 Crown st.
Cameron, D. H., com. tray. 14 Pitstruan pi.
Cameron, Duncan, dairyman, 320 Great Northern road
Cameron, Rev. George G., M.A., D.D., Professor of Hebrew,
U. F. Church College, // 464 Great Western road
Cameron, George C, spirit merchant, 42 Virginia street, h 36
James street-
Cameron, J. D., cycle depot, 12 Bank street, Woodside
Cameron, J. & W., drapers, 41 and 45 Broad st., and 140
George st.
Cameron, J. (of J. & W. C), 96 Leslie terrace
Cameron, James R., draper, 49 Mile-end avenue
Cameron, James, clerk (H. R. & Co., Ltd.), 1 Hunter place
Cameron, James, grocer, 606 Holburn street
Cameron, John, proprietor, 3 King's square
Cameron, John, architect and licensed valuator, 110 Union
grove. Telephone No. 1720; h 3 Louisville ave.
Cameron, John, shipmaster, 151 Duthie terrace
Cameron, John, grocer, 18, h 11 Prince Regent street
Cameron, Kenneth, sanitary inspector, City buildings, h 4
Gladstone place
Cameron, Levi, janitor, 68 Gladstone place, Woodside
Cameron, M. A., 71 Beaconsfield place
Cameron, Robert, sergeant of police, 15 Spa street
Cameron, Win., tobacconist, 12 & 14 Hadden street
Cameron, Wm. (of J. & W. C), 35 Devonshire road
Cameron, Wm., tailor and clothier, 65 Netherkirkgate, h 21
Mount street west

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