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Cameron, Mrs, Poplar place, 75 Dun street, Old Aberdeen
Cameron, Mrs D., draper and hosier, 2 Forest avenue, h 14
Pitstruan pi.
Cameron, Mrs Grant, 2 Forest rd.
Cameron, Mrs John, Heath Villa, Cults
Cameron, Mrs Win. H., Morefield, Mid Stocket rd.
Cameron, Mrs, spirit dealer, 6 Little Belmont street
Cameron, Miss, Petrie Villa, Cults
Cameron, Miss, 263 Union grove
Cameron, Misses (late of Morefield), 139 Crown street
Campbell & Co., waterproof and india-rubber manu-
facturers, depot for surgical and sporting goods, 18
Bridge street, Telephone No. 157. Works,
Campbell & Co., box makers, Old Ford rd. Telephone No.
Campbell, A. K. & Co., coachbuilders, Mannofield
Campbell, Rev. Archibald (Nelson Street U.F. Church), May-
Frere Cottage, 452 King street
Campbell, Rev. Archibald A., D.D., 37 High stieet
Campbell, Archibald, plumber and gasfitter, 499, h 584
George st.
Campbell, Rev. A. F. (St. Columba U.F. Church), 63 Albury rd.
Campbell, Charles, carriage hirer, 6 Diamond st.
Telephone No. 135; h 9 Diamond st.
Campbell, Chas. E (Scott. Empl. Liab. '<■ Ace. Ass. Co.), 9
Diamond street
Campbell, David, plasterer, 1 2 Jasmine ter., h 1 Urquhart st.
Campbell, Donald, Rose Cottage, Orchard walk
Campbell, Donald C, sorting clerk (P.O.), 30 Cairnfield place
Campbell, Donald, M.D., 102 Desswood pi.
Campbell, D. J., Abdn. Mourning Establishment, 44 Union
street, h 6 Belvidere street
Campbell, George, 69 Osborne place
Campbell, Geo., shooting gallery, 22 Market gallery
Campbell, Geo., plumber and gasfitter, 1 Dee Village road,
Telephone No. 598 ; h 29 Ferryhill place
Campbell, Harlinge, teacher of elocution, 196 Mid Stocket rd.
Campbell, Hugh F., advocate, 156 Union st., A 58 Hamilton pi.
Campbell, Hugh, com. trav. (J. & W. H.), 21 Cairnfield place
Campbell, James, head teacher, Walker rd. P. S., 25 Ferryhill pi.
Campbell, James, plasterer, 47 Queen street
Campbell, John, tailor, 7 Skene square
Campbell, John, plumber, 13, h 14 Dee street
Campbell, John, plasterer, 61 Hrmtly st.
Campbell, John J. M., wool overseer, 27 Mary well st.
Campbell, Joseph, 9 Powis terrace

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