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Russell & Dick, 69 Candleriggs
Russell, Thomas, Bazaar
Simons & Go. 89-91 Candleriggs
Simons, Ernest, 89 and 91 Candle-
Simons, Jacobs & Co. 93 Candleriggs
Simons, Sam H., 89 and 91
Thomson & Mathieson, Bazaar
Wardle, Jas., 40 Union st
Williams, L. & H., & Co., Ltd.,
Bazaar, and 82 Bell st
Wylie & Co., London; Sigenc,
David J. Brown, 17 Oswald st
Abercromby, J., 222 Saracen st
Adamson, James, 52 Bank st.,
Aikman, Robt. 701 Gallowgate
Aitken, L & H., 168 North st
Aitken, Mrs., 350 N. Woodnde rd
Aitkeahead, A., 139 Holmlea rd.,
Alston, Thos., 364 Victoria rd
Alexander, M., 3 Montgnmerie ter
Anderson, Wm. 717 Cathcart rd
Austin, Wm., 2 t4 South Welling-
ton street
Ayton, J. Gilraour, 1385 Argyle st
Bain, Thomas, 2 14 ttallowgate
Bell, Mrs. James, 174 North st
Bell, Grace, 189 Hyndland rd
Binnie, W., 22 Minard rd. Cross-
Black, Jas. 123 Garngad rd
Black, Thos., 5 Haylynn street,
Black, Wm. 480 Duke street
Black, Eliza, 13 Moore st
Blackwood, J. 201 Kilmarnock rd
Bond, John, 371 So. York st
Bridge & Co. 70 St. George's rd
Brittain, Mrs., 325 Victoria road
Brotherston, M., >*85 Argyle st
Brown, Robert, 560 Alexandra par
Brown, Mrs. 34 Caledonia rd
Bachanan, Wm. 856. Sauehiehall
Buglass, Eliza, 377 Eglinton st
Calder, David, 161 Paisley rd. W.
Cillaby, C. & W., 1 Paisley road,
Cameron, H. 10 Aikenhead rd
Cameron, John, 171 London rd
Cameron, Miss, 354a Sauehiehall
Campbell, David, 52 Alexandra
Camphell, Malcolm, Limited, 18
Gordon st
Campbell, Mrs. 150 Park road
Campbell, Mrs. L, 129 Waddell
Carlyle, Thos ,687 New City rd
Carmichael, C. 177 Cathedral st
Carslaw, Wm., 49 to 57 Salisbury
Central Fruit Stores, 233 Argyle
Chalmers, James, 51 South Port-
land street
Clarkson, John, 190 Stobcross st
Gloss, John, 110 Springfield road
Cockburn, P., 428 Dumbarton rd.
Collins, Mrs., 68 William street,
Cooper & Co. 8 to 38 Howard st,
and branches
Craig, James, 693 Dumbarton rd.,
Cranston, Wm. 107 Glebe st
Crawford, Jas. 11 Crossburn st
Crawford, J. L., 14 Queen Mar-
garet drive
Crossley, Kate, 438 St. Gearge's rd
Cruickshank, John, 105 Caledonia
Currie, Miss, 967 Argyle st
Cunningham, Andrew, 187 Nel-
son St., s.s
Daly, Mrs. E., 66 Maitland st
Darkes, F. 167 Kent road
Davidson, E., 5 Endrick st
Dick, G. W. 380 Victoria rd
Draper, Mrs. C, 419 Dumbarton
rd., Partick
Duncan, Mrs. H., 392 St. Vincent
Dundon, Williamina, 291 Parlia-
mentary rd
Easdale, Mrs. 288 Nuneaton st
Farmer, Mrs. J., 79 High st
Ferguson, Alex., 432 Duke st
Ferguson, Robt., 660 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Forbes, John, 654 Gallowgate
Forrester, F. 83 Plantation street
Forsyth, Miss M. 330 Cumberland
street, s.s.
Fraser, Mrs. E. 499 Victoria rd
Galbraitb, Agnes, 9 Cowcaddens
Gallocher, R. 331 Langside road
Garoiner, James, 926 Dumbarton
road, Whiteinch
Gardner, Walter, 203 Garscube rd
Gentle, M., 271 Dalmarnock rd
Gi ison, J. S., 61 Thistle st., s.s.
Gilchrist, D., 13 Cranston st
Gilchrist John, 158 Albert road,
Gilchrist, Wm., 370 Dumbarton rd
Gillespie & Davidson, 450 Govan
Gillespie, Miss Jessie, 332 Allison
Gordon, David, 470 St George's
Grant, W. C. & G. 44 Cowcaddens
Grierson. J., 313 Maxwell rd
Halliday, J. & J., 36 Nithsdale rd
Hami'ton, Jas., 254a Buchanan
Hamilton, Mrs. E. 688 Rutherglen
Hamilton, Elizabeth, 175 Parlia--
mentary road
Harvey, M., 644 Duke st
Htmpseed, A. L., 499 Dumbarton.
Hendry, Robt., 844 Rutherglen rd
Hendry, Mrs., 714 Dumbarton rd
Higgins, T., 135 Duke st
Hislop, Wm. 32-34 Dandas strert
Horsfield, H.H., 596 Rutherglen rd
Jackson, Mary, 865 New City rd
Jackson, Mrs. C. 431 Parliamen-
tary rd
Jamieson, Miss E. 16 Walmer ter
Janson, Sarah J., 47 Watt st
Jarvie, Mrs., 99 Stirling road
Johnston, David, 678 Dumbarton,
Jordon, Jas., 614 Dalmarnock rd
Judd. D. C, 1002a Poliokshaws rd
Kennedy, John, 6 Kildonan ter.,
Kent, A. & H., 600 Gt. Eastern rd
Kerr, Miss A., 182 Allison st
Kerr, Robt. W. 411 Gt. Western rd
Kilgour, Jane, 257 Gt Western rd
King, John. 496 Duke st
Kiuniburgh, Miss J., 247 Saracen
Kirkwood, Miss Jeanie A., 8 Cum-
berland street, s.s.
Lappin, Geo.. 157 Allison st
Laughlan, T. 422 Camberland
street, s.s.
Liddell, Miss, 12 Monkland st
Lipson, L., 296 Garscube rd
Livingstone, R., 138 Nithsdale rd
Lyle, Mrs. Mary, 17 Apsley st.^
Lyon, Christina, 73 W. Scotland st
M'Ara, Miss A. 178 Parliamentary
M'Cafferty, Miss C. & John, 166.
Stobcross street
M'Carrol, Mrs. E., 40 George st
M'Cartney, Miss M. 376 Govan st
M'CoU, John, 672 Eglinton st
M'Connachie, Mrs., 202 Cathedral
M'Connell, Kate, 687 Springburn
M'Culloch, Mrs., 275 Cathedral st
M'Dermott, Neil, 160 Rutherglen
M'Donaghy, Jno. 274 London rd
M 'Donald, Hugh, 734 Rutherglen
M' Donald, John, 32 Paisley rd.W.
M'Dougall, W. C, 380 New City
M'Ewan, Miss D. 19 Devon st
M'Ewan, R. L., 1225 Dumbarton
MacFarlane, P., 159 Crown st
Macfarlane, R. T., 230 Battlefield
road, Langside
M'Parlane, Wm., 75 Dundrennanrd
M'Gee, Mrs., 22 Parson st
M'Gregor, A., 534 Rutherglen rd

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