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M'Gregor, T., 92 Stirling road
Macilwain, S., 96 Cadogan street
Macintosh, Margaret, 75 Gourlay
M'Intyre & Dancanson, 687 Gt.
Western road
M'Intyre, James, 65 Gordon street
M'Kay, Alex. 380a Dumbarton
road, Partick
Mackay, Miss, 49 Elderslie st
M'Laren, D. & Co., 298 West
Scotland street
M'Lean, J., 1011-1013 Dumbar-
ton road
M'Lean, Mrs., 88 Henderson st
M'Lean, Miss, 119 AUiion st
M'Neill, Agnes, 397 Cathcart rd
M'Phun. Jane, 151 Gloucester st
M'Rae, Mrs. C, 36 Bedford st
Martin, Wm. & Sons (wholesale),
Maxwell, James, jnn., 522 Vic-
toria road
Maxwell, James, 15 Kilmarnock rd
Millar, E. 999 Cathcart road
Millar, F. & A. 521 Gt. Western rd.
Miller.Elizabetb, 108 North Frede-
rick street
Miller, Miss, 6 Allison st
Miller, Mary, 734 Gallowgate
Mitchell, Miss, 1039 Cathcart rd
Moir, Thos. 393 Springburn rd
Moffat, Archd., 105 Watt st.. s.s.
Montgomery, Mrs. E., 44 Kirk-
land st
Mooney, Christina, 606 Gallow-
Muir and Ferrie, 686 Cathcart road
Munro, J. D. 109 Nelson st. s.s.
Murdoch, James, 144 Alexandra
Murray, John, 1116 Argyle st
Napier, J. S., 62 Polmadie rd
Neilson Bros., Ruchill gardens,
Bi Island drive
Nelson, M. 1058 Argyle st
Offord, Fred., 26 Millbrae rd
Ogilvie, Thos., 26 Langside place
Parker, Mrs. C , 98 Naburn st
Petrie, G. 370 Rutherglen road
Prentice, Mrs. 692 Dumbarton rd
Proud, Mrs. A., 22 Roebank st
Provan, James, 132 Norfolk st
Rae, James, 434 Cathcart rd
Ralston, T., 168 Butterbiggins rd.
Reid, J. & J., 221 Byres road
Rennie & Co. 102 Candleriggs
Robertson & Halerow, 288 Argyle
Robertson, Jas. 29 St. George's rd
Robertson, Janet, 77 Elderslie st
Rowand, A. & R 148 Gt. Hamil-
ton street
Rowley, J., 221 Gatscube rd
Russell, G. 260 and 252 Albert rd
Russell, T. 607 G. Western rd
Russell, W. 3 16 Cathcart road
Russell, Annie, 107 G. Hamilton st
Scott, John, 209 Dumbarton rd,
Scott, Miss J., 6 Morrison st. s.a.
Scouler, Thos. 727 Gt. Western
Sheriffs, Alex., 37 Byres rd
Sinclair, Miss, 135 Houston st
Smith, A., & Sons, Darnley road,
Smith, J , 261 Eglinton st
Smith, John, 116 Caledonia rd
Smith, Mrs. J., 1009 Arg\le st
Smith, Mrs. M , 137 High st
Spence, Mrs. 47 Waterloo st. east
Steel, Robert S., 208 and 210 Gt.
Western road
Stevenson, Thos. 340 Dumbarton
road, Partick
Stewart, A. C. 14 St. George's rd
Stewart Bros. 238 St. George's rd
Stewart, M., 617 Sanchiehall st
Strang, Mrs. 163 Albert st
Sunter & Co., 86 Bell street, city
Taylor, A. 3 44 J and 346 Duke
Taylor, Charles, 37 and 39 Findlay
Taylor, James Gibson, 15 Lang-
lands road, Govan
Taylor, John, 127 George st
Teaz, Wm. 60 New City road
Thomson, M.5 Rosebery st. s s.
Thomson, Miss E. 94 Ardgowan st
Wallace, A. C. & Co. , importers of
Seville oranges, 71 West Nile st
Walls, Thos. 63 Paisley road, W.
Watson, Rt. 148 Cowcaddens st
Watson, Janet, 104 Gt. Western rd
Watt Bros., 326 to 340 New
City road
Wharrie, Wm. 55 Shuttle street
WiLson, Geo. P., 164 Henderson st
Wilson, Wm., 1180 Dumbarton
Wi'son, Mi^s M. 10 Clincart road.
Mount Florida
Woods, Mrs. Patrick, Bazaar
Wright, Annie, 190 Garngad rd
Young, Miss K.., 19 Nithsdale rd
TURERS (Unfermented).
Buchanan, Joshua, & Son, 23
Clyde st, Port-Dundas
Hannah, Samuel, & Co. 189
Rutherglen rd
M'Donald, Peter, & Co. 4 Carlton pi
Rowat & Co. Craigton rd. Govan
Walker, George, & Son, Ltd., 48
French street, Bridgeton
Bennis (The) Mechanical Stoker
and Compressed-Alr Furnace ;
agents, Doddrell Brothers, 11
I Bothwell street
Brown, Robert, 16 Wellington st
Burnet & Co. (Lindsay), Moore
Park Boiler Works, Helen street,
Carty, J. L., & Co., agents for
'• Schubert " differential draught
gauge, 219 St. Vincent st
Davidson &: Co, Ltd., 63
Bothwell st
Green, E. & Son, Ltd., 144 St.
Vincent st; telep. Nos., Nat.
1743 Argyle, P.O. 4830 Central
Hamilton & Co., "^30 Berkeley st
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld. 129 Tron-
Meldrum Bros., Ltd., 93 Hope st
Proctor, Jas., Ltd. (patent shovel
stoker and bars), 140 Bath st
The Arthur^Paient Stoker Syndi-
cate, Ltd. (specialities, mechani-
cal stokers, self-cleaning grates,
coal conveying plant, induced
draught), 93 Hope st
Nobel's Explosives Co. Limited,
195 West George st
Clingan, Wm. 114 Parson street
Cobb, John, 138 Saltmarket
Davidson, Jas., 4 Whitevale st
Dobbie, Malcolm, 99 Castle st
Dobbie, Wm. Jas., 1 Glebe street
and branches
Dobbie, Wm. Jas., 195 Butter-
biggins road
Docherty, John, 147 Gt. Hamilton
Donnelly, John, 126 Rutherglen rd
Duncan, John, Ltd., 172, 174
Cambridge st, 59 Cambridge st.
(chief funeral office), 17 Smith
St., Hillhead
Gilchrist, Robt. B. 551 Gt. Eastern
road, Parkhead
Gilchrist, Wm. 392 Gatscube rd
Hadden, Thos., 16, 18 Abercromby
Henderson, James, Limited,
cafa and carriage hirers,
job-masters and funeral
undertakers —
Head Office— 6 Govan rd.
Tel., Nat. 1976 and 1976
S.S.; P.O. X 226
Central Funeral Ofilce, 47
Cambridge street
Branclies throughout the city.
Tele, address " Carriage,"
Jenkins, Duncan, The Cross, and
Shaw street, Govan
M'Ara, K., & Son, 65, 81 Sunny-
side rd., Coitbridge
M'Cabe, Francis, 72 London st
M'Kinlay, Wm. Hood, 205 Dal-
marnock rd

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