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Hendry Brothers, 79, 80 G. Clyde
Hill, Thos. & Co. 66 and 68
Robertson st
Lee, Russell, & Co. 50 Charles st.
St. Rollox
M'Ewan, Wm. A. 190 Claythorn st
M'Innes, T. S. & Co. Ltd. 41
and 42 Clyde place
M'Lean, Andrew, & Co. 109 Main
St. Bridgeton
MacLellan, P. & W., Ltd. 129 Tron-
Macleod, William, & Co. 56, 58,
and 60 Robertson st
Murray, James, & Co. 8 Anderston
quay, also at Mavisbankquay, s.s.
Pulsometer Engineering Co. Ltd.
valves, water gauges, steam
gauges, &c. 8 York st
Eamage & Whitehead, 30 Cadogan
Reid, J. Miller, 110 Lancefield st
Robson, Geo. J. & Co. 22, 24
Bath st
Rudd, J. A., 177 W. George st
Schaffer & Budenberg, steam gauge
makers, valves, lubricators, and
all engine fittings, 6 Welling-
ton street
Shiels, Elliot, & Nelson, 25 Gate-
side st
Spence, John, & Sons (brass), 9
Louden st. Airdrie
Steven & Struthers, Eastvale pi.
Stevenson Bros. 3 and 5 M' Alpine
Stewart, C. & A. 36 Falfield st
Stewart, John, & Co. 28-32
Oswald street
Stone, J. & Co. London ; sole
agent, C. R. Stewart, 46 Gor-
don street
Tangyes, Ltd. 96 Hope street
Tradeston Tube Co., 46 and 48
Wallace st., s.s.
Wilson, John C. & Co. Ltd.
99 Portugal st
Wilson, Wm. & Alex. 24, 26, 28
Broad st. near Bridgeton cross
Wylie, Brown & Co., Limited, 136
Nelson st. s.s.
Reid, M'Farlane & Co., 58 Hyde-
park street
Road Steam Engines Co. Ltd, 136
Lancefield st
Walker, James, & Co. 17 Oswald
Anderson & Nicol, 27 Ann st
city (furnishers)
Clarkson Bros., 8 and 12 Little
Hamilton st. and 95 High John
street ; stores and show-rooms,
63 and 65 Dunlop street
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 345
Argyle st
Dron & Lawson, 59 Elliot st
Laundry (The) Engineering Co.
Ltd. 360 Townmill rd
Manlove, Alliott, & Co. Ltd. 101
St. Vincent st. and Nottingham
Pyle, James & Co. 38 Elliot st
Robertson, R. & Son (furnishers),
15-17 Commerce st
Bain, W. B. & J. agent for Royle's
"Syphonia" steam traps, 65
Waterloo st
Biggar & Hendry (Norris & Son,
full- way steam traps, Richmond's
patent), 84 Maxwell st
Donald, James T. & Co. Ltd. 345
Argyle st
"Lancaster" Steam Traps, R. B.
Thomson & Co. 38 Stockwell st
Olipbant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
160 Bothwell st
Schaffer & Budenberg, 5 Welling-
ton st
Stuart, Geo. & Co. 24 George sq
Tangyes, Ltd. 96 Hope st
Wilson, Wm. & Ales. 24, 26, 28
Broad st. near Bridgeton cross
Acme Steel Foundry Co. Shettleston
Allan, Edgar, & Co. Ltd. Imperial
Steel Works, Tinsley, Sheffield ;
repres. Arch. Macphail, box 18,
Royal Exchange
Allison, John, & Co. 72a Waterloo
Armstrong, Whitworth, Sir W.
G. & Co. Ltd Manchester;
agent, Neil Macvicar, 342
Argle st
Baird, Archibald, & Son, Peacock
Cross, Hamilton, and 57 West
Campbell st
Bayne. John, agent, forgings, &c.
21 Gralton st
Beardmore, Wm. & Co., Parkhead
Forge, Rolling Mills, and Steel
Works, Parkbead
Brown, John, & Co. Ld. Atlas
Works. Sheffield ; sole agent,
Jas. Ritchie, 40 St. Enoch sq
Caledonian Steel Casting Co.
Helen st. Govan
Clydesdale Steel & Foundry Co.
81 Garngad road
Cook, Wm. & Sons, 24 Elliot st.
Darlington (Tlie) Forge Co. Ltd.
Darlington ; representative, W.
A. Kinghorn, 81 St. Vincent st
Firth, Thos. & Sons, Ld., Sheffield,
^ 70 Wellington st
Forsyth, Miller, & Co., 44 Broad
st. Mile- end
Hadfield's Steel Foundry Co. Ltd.
Sheffield; Geo. Heeley, repres.
61 Kylepark, Uddingston
Hardie & Gordon, Dumbarton ;
agents, Morris, Warden & Co.,
25 Gordon st
Harper, Hugh M. 93 Hope st
Hurst, Nelson & Co., Ltd.;
registered office and works. The
Glasgow Rolling Stock & Plant
Works, Motherwell ; Glasgow-
office, 160 Hope St. ; London
office, 11 Queen Victoria st. E.G.
Jessop, Wm. & Sons, Ld. Sheffield;
agents, Chas. Henderson & Co.,
Baltic chambers, 102 Holm st
Osborne, Samuel, & Co. Clyde
Steel and Iron Works, Sheffield;
repres. Wm. M'Kinnel, 234
Nithsdale rd. PoUokshields
Parkhead Steel Foundry Co. Van
street, Parkhead
Potter, Robt. & Sons, Barrowfield
Foundry, 48 French st
Rennie, Dugald & Co. Camlachie
Steel Works, 823 Gallowgate
Robertson, M. W. & Co., Avon
Steel Works, Glenpark st
Robinson, C. W. & Co. (tool
steel, steel castings and forgings).
Forth Bridge Steel Works, Pol-
mont station
Scotstoun (The) Steel & Malleable
Foundry Co. Balmoral street,
Steel (The) Co. of Scotland, 23
Royal Exchange square
The Springfield Steel Co. (Siemen?
process), 777 London road
Thistle (The) Chemical Co. makers
of high-class composition for
steel castings, and plumbago
factors, 170-176 Glenpark rd. ;
telegrams,"Compound," Glasgow
Achilles Steel Co. 11 West Regent
Acme Steel & Foundry Coy.
Allan, Edgar, & Co. Ltd. Imperial
Steel VVorks, Tinsley, Sheffield;
repres. Arch. Macphail, box 18,
Royal Exchange
Anderson, T. C. 80 Buchanan st
Armstrong, Whitworth, Sir W. G.
& Co. Ltd. Manchester ;
agent, Neil Macvicar, 342
Argyle st
Baird, Arch. & Son, Peacock Cross,
Hamilton, and 57 W. Campbell
Barclay & Mathieson, 159 to 163
Centre street
Baxter, Andrew, Whifflet Station
Bayne, John, 21 Grafton st

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