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Beardmofs, Wifi. & Co., Parkhead
Forge, Rolling Mills and Steel
Works, Parkhead
Bell, Chas. agent, Baltic chambers,
50 Wellington st
Bennie, D. & Sons, Ltd. Atlantic
chambers, 45 Hope st
Binney & Son, 68 W. Howard st
Blackwood & Rodger, 22 Moir st
Bladen & Co. 198 St. Vincent St.;
works, Parkhead
Bodden, David, & Co. 81 St.
George's place
Bohler, Bros., & Co., Styrian Tool
Steel Works, Sheffield ; agent,
W. E. P. Bowie, 90 Dobbie's In
Brown, A. G. & Co. ; office, 342
Argyle st ; warehouse, 42 James
Watt st
Brown, Stephenson & Co. 51
Cadogan st
Brydall, Robt. & Co. 27 Oswald st
Burley, B. B. 9 Watson st. off
Bnrnet & Co. (Lindsay), flanged
steel plates, Mocrepark works,
Helen st. Go van
Burns & Glover, 23, 25, 27 Oswald
Butterley (The) Co. Ltd. Codnor
Park and Butterley Iron Works,
near Alfreton, also at Silverdale,
North Staffordshire ; agents,
David S. Miller & Son, 45
Renfield st
Caledonian Steel Casting Co.,
Helen st. Govan
Camraell, C. &Co. Ltd. Sheffield;
sole agts. for Scotland, W. Lester
& Sons, 11 W. Regent street
Castel & Latta, 138 W. George st
Carntyne Iron Co., tube strips,
boiler and ship plates, sheets,
&c. ; Carntyne Rolhng Mills,
Churchill, Chas. & Co. Ltd. 52
Both well st
Clark, Wm. & Co. 141 W. Geo. st
Clyde Tube Works, 41 Oswald st
Clydebridge (The) Steel Co. Ltd.
Clydebridge Steel Works, Cam-
Clydesdale Steel & Foundry Co.
81 Garngad road
Cocker Bros. (Lmtd.), Sheffield;
agent, Peter Smith, 4 W. Regent
Colville, David, & Sons, Ltd.
Motherwell, manufacturers of
Siemens' mild steel plates for
boilers, ships, bridges, &c. ; also
bars, angles, bulbs, tees, bulb
tees, channels, zed bars, &c. ;
steel rolls, heavy castings,
ingots, blooms, or slabs ; DalzeU
3-crown Swedish special steel,
also Dalzell 4- crown rjickel steel;
Glasgow office, 8 Gordon street ;
head offices, Motherwell
Connell, Campbell & Co. 125 Bu-
chanan street
Connell, George R. 79 Robertson st
Consett Iron Co. Ltd. 75 Bu-
chanan street
Cook, Wm. & Sons, 24 Elliot st.
and 42 Havelock street. Crans-
tonhill, and at Glasgow Steel
Works, Washford rd. Sheffield
Cowan, Wm. B. & Kinghorn, 105
W. George st
Crawford, Jas. S. 41 Robertson st
Crossley's, 62 St Enoch sq
Davidson & Co. 180 W. Regent st
Dempster, Moore, & Co, 49 Ro-
bertson St.
Denovan, Wm., 77 J Main street,
Dick, James, 93 Hope st
Dobbie, W. L, & Co. sole agents
for Saville's best tool steel, and
"Triumph" files, 101 Waterloo
Dobie, W. A., 11 Bothwell st
Donald, James T. &, Co. Ltd.
35 M' Alpine st
Dunderdale, Cyril, & Son, 19 St.
Vincent street
Dunlop, C. D. 146 West Regent
Dunlop, Thos. 25 Wellington st
Eekhout & Co. 92 W. Nile st
Elsworth, John, & Sons, 7, 9, 65 &
67 Commerce st
Ewing, Macdonald & Co. agents
for Mawhood Bros. Sheffield
(tool steel), 96 Renfield st
Feldtmann, R. & Co. 104 West
George st
Fergus, Jas. & Co. 58 York st
Ferguson & Co. 10 Saracen st
Ferguson, Weston, & Co. 394
Paisley rd
Firtb, Tbos. & Sons, Ltd. Shef-
field, 70 Wellington street
Fisher, George, & Co. Hoyle Steel
Works, Sheffield ; J. L. Petrie,
Flather, W. T. Ltd. Standard
Steel Works, Sheffield; agent,
Edwin S. Yates, 17 Oswald st
Fleming, P. & R. & Co. 29 Argyle
Flockton, Tompkin, & Co. Limited,
Newhall Steel Wks. Attercliffe,
Sheffield ; represented by Archd.
BaLUie, 2 Balmoral terrace,
Queens park
Forsyth, Miller, & Co., 44 Broad
st. Mile-end
Galbraith, S. 39 Charles street,
Gartcosh Steel and Iron Works
Gartcosh. — See Adv. at end of
Gillespie & Wilson, 75 Bothwell
Glasgow Iron and Steel Co. Ltd.
19 Waterloo st
Glengarnock (The) Iron and Steel
Co. Ltd. 127 St. Vincent st
Goodall, Andrew, 30 Oswald st
Greig, D. & Co. 41 Douglas st
Hadtield's Steel Foundry Co. Ltd.
Sheffield; George Heeley, 61
Kylepark, Uddingston, repres.
Hall, G. & J. 12 Dixon st
Hannay, Thos. 217 Buchanan st
Hardie, Alex & Son, 4 York st
Hendry Bros. 79, 80 Gt. Clyde st
Hobson, Seamen & Co. Don Steel
Works, Sheffield ; J. L. Petrie,
Houghton, W. D. wire drawer and
wire-rope manufacturer, Sankey
Wire Mills and Wire Rope
Works, Warrington ; Glasgow
office, Central chambers^ 93
Hope St. Telegraphic address,
" Houghton." G. R. Galbraith,
agent; London office, 101 Lead-
enhall st. E.C
Huntsman, B. Attercliffe, Sheffield;
A. R. Crawford, agent, 46 Muse
lane, Cowcaddens. — See Adot.
in App
Hurst, Nelson & Co. Ltd., regis-
tered office and works. The
Glasgow Rolling Stock & Plant
Works, Motherwell ; Glasgow
office, 160 Hope street ; London
office, 11 Queen Victoria St. E.C.
Hyslop & Paxton, 12 Waterloo st
Jacks, Wm. & Co. 23 Royal Ex-
change square
Jebb, Bros, (scrap), 42 Govan st
Jenkins, Jas. & Son, 33 Renfield st
Jessop, Wm. & Sons, litd., Shef-
field ; agents, Chas. Henderson
& Co. Baltic Chambers, 102
Holm st
Johnsons, Messrs. patent office,
handbook, " Hints to Inventors,"
gratis, 115 St. Vincent st
Johnstone, Jas. 212a St. Vincent st
Jowitt & Woodrow, 70 Wellington
Kidston, A. G. & Co. 81 Great
Clyde st
Kirsop, A. B. & Co. 31 St. Vincent
Laing, R. G., springs, tyres, forg-
ings, 29 Waterloo st
Lanarkshire Steel Co. Ltd. 183 St.
Vincent st
Law, Herbert B. 46 Belmont
Leitch, Archd. 40 St. Enoch sq
Leith, W. A. & Co. 21 BothweU st
Lester, Wm. & Sons, 11 W. Eegent
Letham, John, Whifflet
Lindsay & Co. 77, 79 Cathedral
Lindsay, J. H. 77 Cathedral st
Loftus, Chas. F. 35 Robertson st
Mac Bean & Ridge Beedle, 57 W.
Nile st

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