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aFellows Bros. Clyde Chain, Cable,
and Anchor Works, Cradley
Heath, Staffordshire; agents,
W. B. & J. Bain, 93 Holm st
Fleming, P. & E. & Co. 29 Argyle
aFraser & Co. 53 Gt. Wellington
Gray, John, & Co. Uddingston
Iron Works, near Glasgow. —
iS'ee Aclvt. in Append.
Gray & Morrison, 84 Centre st
Hamilton, Robert, 30 Moir st
Hannah, Wm. (special crane chain,
small anchors, grapnels, &c.), 9
Washington street
aHartshorne, Geo. & Co. Primrose
Bridge Wks. Nethei-ton, near
Dudley, Hartshorne's patent
stockless anchor; agents, Jas.
Cowie & Co. 196 St. Vincent st
aHingley, K & Sons, Ltd. Dudley;
John Hardie & Co. agents, 12
Waterloo street
Hill, Thos. & Co. 40 St. Enoch sq
aJones & Lloyd, Cradley ; agent.
Ales. Blair, 163 W. Eegent st
Kinghorn, W. A. 81 St. Vincent
Kirkwood, James, 80 Rose st. s.s.
Leckie, Graham & Co. 116
Union street
Leith, Cardie & Co., 29 Eagle.sham
M'Lean, Andw. & Co. 109 Main
street, Bridgeton
MacLellan, P.'^&W. Ltd. 129 Tron-
gate, and at Clutha Works,
oMorris, Warden, & Co. 60 Robert-
son street.
Neilson & Clelland, 116 to 126
Main street, Coatbridge
oParkes, Henry P. & Co., Tipton
Green Chain and Anchor Works,
Tipton, StatFordshire, makers of
every sort, kind, and quality of
chain and chain cables ; every
known make of anchors, special-
ties ; the finest qualities of chain
and cables ever yet produced ;
the simplest and best patent
stockless anchor in the market.
rtParkes, Henry P. & Co., Tipton,
Staffordshire; B. G. Laing, agent,
29 Waterloo street
aParkes, Timothy, & Sons, Oldhill
(chain cables & anchors, rigging
chains, crane and incline chains);
sole agents for Scotland, Alex.
Young & Co. 53 Waterloo st
Paterson, William, & Son, special
quality for cranes, 83 Pitt st. ;
telephone No. 980
Perrin's crane and incline tested
chains ; Jas. Seton & Co. agents,
box 11, Royal Exchange
Potter, Thos. 39-11 Cumberland
St. Caltoa
Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cadogan
Rankine, John, 31 Argyle street
aReid, John, 31 King st, s.s.
Reid, Wm. & Co. (patent weldless
chain), 5 Oswald street
Robertson & Fraser, 12 St. Vin. pi
Robertson & M'Gill, 135 Water-
loo street
Russell & Thomson, 153 Queen st
Schoenfeld, A. & Co. 21 Hope st
Sillars, Alex. L. Watson's lane
aStewart, James T. 175 St. Vin-
cent street
aTaylor, Samuel & Sons ; agents.
Sterling & Co. 7 Royal Bank pi
Thomson, William, 57 Smith street,
Kinning park
Tudhope Bros. 62 W. Howard st
aTyzack's patent triple-grip stock-
less anchors ; agents, Blackley,
Young & Co. 103 Holm st
Wallace, R. C. & Co., Finnieston
quay, Queen's dock
aWalker, J. G., & Son, Dudley;
agent, Hugh Loudon, 12 Dixon
Walton, John D., agent, 48 St.
Enoch square
aWatson, D. & Co. (to Her Ma-
jesty's Government), 122 Har-
mony row. Go van
Wilson, Wm. & Alex, of special
quality for crane.s and colliery
purposes, 151, 153 Canning st.
Bridgeton cross
aWood, Heniy, & Co, Liverpool ;
agents, W. G. Morrison & Co. 59
St. Vincent st .
aYoung, Alex. & Co. agents, 53
Waterloo street
Yuill, James, 47 Stockwell st
Parkes, Henry P. & Co. Tipton
Green Chain and Anchor Works,
Tipton, Staffordshire, makers of
every sort, kind, and quality of
chain and chain cables; every
known make of anchors, special-
ties; the finest qualities of chain
and cables ever, yet produced ;
the simplest and best patent
stockless anchor in the market
Agnew, Robert H. 381 Argyle st
Alexander, H. & A. G. & Co. Bar-
rowfield Steam Chair Factory:
patentees and manufacturers of
the celebrated adjustable babj'
chair (Plant's pat. lever action);
the new and popul'-ir base or plat-
form rocking chair, with spring
rockers ; white wood articles for
enamelling or hand painting;
and every description of folding
chair, steamer chair, camp and
steamer stools, &c.; 48 Frencli
street, Bridgeton; London show-
rooms, 8a City road, E.C.
Asylum for the Blind, 100 Castle
Atkins, E. London (fancy folding
chairs) ; agent, J. Shedden, 49
Jamaica street
Balfour, Robt. & Son, 11 Welling-
ton St. and 119, 121 Holm st.
off Argyle street
Boot, George, 26 Douglas street
Briden, Geo. 11 St. Peter's lane
Brown, John, 48 French street
Campbell & Co. 97 West Camp-
bell street
Crichton & Mooney, 31, 35 Aber-
cromby st
Crockatt, R. & J. S., 21 Richard st
Gumming & Smith, N. Wallace
Dove, John, 31 St. Andrew st. and
1 St. Andrewsq. — See Ad. in Ap.
Duffy, Bernard, 55 Duke st
Ferguson, Allan, & Co. (specialty,
patent combination child chair,
four movements, improved mild
steel and cast malleable iron
mounts), 104 Cowcaddens st
Gardner, A., & Son, 36 Jamaica st
Goodfellow, J. & Co. 54 Grseme st
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co. 20 Buchanan
Howell & Small, 108 St. Vincent sr
Howie, Ales. Bruce, 13 Eglinton st
Keen Bros. 13 Well street
Lamberton & Co., 82 Sauchiehall
M'Gregor & Brodie, Renfrew
M'Lean & Bibby, 82 George st
M'Phun, J. & D. (Windsor, patent
baby and base rocker), 40 Mill
street , Bridgeton
Moir, Alex. 48 French st.
Paterson, B. 77 Maxwell street
Quinn, John, 75 Portsr. Anderston
Reynolds & M'Culloch.581Sauchie-
hall street
Robertson, Matthew N., 5 Bed-
ford lane
Russell, David, 130 St. Vincent
street; telephone No. 1123
Shanks, Wm. & Sons, 144 Jlain
street, Coatbridge
Shedden, John, 49 Jamaica st
Smith, J. Newbiggmg, & Co., 28
Jamaica st
Stewart, Arch. & Co 42-48 Union
Stirling, Robt. M. 87-93 Ecnfielti
st. and 52-56 Bath st
Stratford & Wark, 108 John st
Taggart, Geo. & Co., 26 to 60
James street, Bridgeton
Thomson, Wm. 57 Smith street,
Kinning Park
Waddell, Douglas, & Co. (bed), 15
Brown street
Walker, Jas. 28 Landregsy sfi

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