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gow Boiler Covering Co. Bar-
rowfield Works
â– Gostling, J. C. & Co. Ltd. 133 St.
Vincent st
Granite (crushed) for concrete;
Ales. M'Ara, works, 49 to 69
Kinning st, south side ; oiEce,
65 Morrison st. ; telephone No.
1500.— -See Advt.
Grieve, John, & Co. 17 Stirling st
Hinshelwood, Thos. & Co, Glen-
park st
Howe, John, & Co. (of Carlisle)
manufacturers of plaster of Paris,
Keene's and parian cements, 65
Morrison st. s.s.; telephone No.
Hunter, Taylor & Spoor, Green-
hithe ; agents, Johnston & Co.
29 Waterloo st
Hutcheson, David T. 245 St. Vin-
cent st
Hydraulic Lime & Cement Works,
Barrhead and Glasgow, Alex.
M'Ara; telephone No. 1500;
office, 65 Morrison st. s.s. — See
Johnston & Go. 29 Waterloo st
Kidd, Mark, agent for M'Lean &
Co. Ltd. London, 109 W. George
Kirkwood, Allan, 101, lOTPollok-
shavvs rd.; telephone No. 3458
Lightbody, John, 256 Bath street
Lincolne & Co. non-conducting ce-
ment for steam pipes and boilers,
65, 67 North Wallace st
Linton & Co. 89 N. Hanover st
M'Ara, Alex. 65 Morrison st. s.s.
(telephone exchange No., 1500)
— See Advert.
M'Ara, John, & Son, 40 M'Culloch
St. Pollokshields
M'Dowall, Robt. & Co. 81 Great
Western road
M'Ghie, Thos. manufr. of plaster
of Paris, Keene's cement, terra
alba, and mineral white, Scottish
Plaster Works, New st. Ruth'gleu
M'Gregor, Peter, & Co. 200 Geo.
and 32 Bishop st. Port-Dundas
Mackay, A. & D. 35 Oswald st
M'Kenzie, D. & J. (cement and
granolithic workers, Keene's and
Parian cement), 191 St. Vin-
cent st
M'Lean & Co. (Lmd.) Lou4on,
109 West George st
M'Neill, Jas. & Co. 38 French st
M'Owat, W. C. 24 Baird st.
Magheramorae Irish Lime &Cement
stores, 26, 30 Clarence st. s.s
Martin, John & Co. 53 Waterloo st
Mathews, Maclay, & Manson, 104
Hydepark st
Mitchell & Davis, 94^ W. Kegent st
Morison, Jn. & Son, 43 Queen st
Moj-ton, Hugh, 125 Buchanan st
Morton, John (of J. Gilmour &
Co.), 10 Cook st
Murray, George, 139 New Dalraar-
nock road
Murray, Hugh, Station pi.; ho.
Alexandria pkce, Uddingston
Murray, James, & Co. (elastic
cement for boilers), 31, 33 Wash-
ington bt. ; warehouse & office,
8 Anderston quay See Advt.
Murray & Stewart, 98 Commerce
street; telephone No. 965
Neikon & Co. 116 & 118 Bishop
street, Port-Dundas
Newton, Robertson, & Co. 52 St.
Enoch square
Paterson, K. L. & Co. 98 and 100
Canningstieet and 42 to 46 Clyde
st. Calton
Paton, John D., Ardrossan and
Paul & Chapman, 159 London st
Piaster of Paris and Keene's ce-
ment ; works and stores, 49-69
Kinning st. Alex. M'Ara (tele-
phone No 1500), office, 65 Mor-
rison st. — See Adv.
Portland cement stores, tests guar-
anteed, Alex. M'Ara (telephone
No. 1600), 49 to 69 Kinning st
s.s.; office, 65 Morrison st, s.s. —
See Advt.
Rankin, James, 166 Eglinton st
Rea, Thos. & Co. 35 and 41 Pitt st
Reid,M'Farlane,& Co. 58, 60 Hyde-
park street. — See Adv. in App.
Raid, Parker, & Co. 6 Main street,
Robb, Jas. sen. (non-conducting),
Barrowfield Dye Works
Robinson, J. & Co. Ltd. Carlisle
(plaster of Paris manufactu-
rers) ; sole agents, Currie & Co.
(telephone exchange No. 544),
27 WelhDgton st
Rome, Geo. & Co. (successors to
Jas. Caird & Co.) 136 Waterloo
St., & 41a Shainrock st
Roman Cement and Hydraulic
Limeworks, 49-69 Kinning st. ;
mines and quarries, Barrhead ;
office, 65 Morrison street, s.s. ;
telephone No. 1500. — See Advt.
in Appen.
Ross, And. M. & Sons, 10, 12 Ann
St. city
Ross, Walter C. & Co. 223 Hope st
Scott, Jas. & Jno. G., Ltd., 28
Debbie's loan ; office, 84 Great
Clyde street
Scott & Rae (telephone exchange
No. 1380), stores, 348 West st.
West st. station; office, 67 Both-
well st
Selenitic (Patent) Cement Works,
49-69 Kinning st.; office, 65
Morrison street, s.s.; telephone
No. 1500.— A^ee Advt
Shaw, Alex. B. 65 W. Regent st
Shaw, John, 26 Apsley place
Smith, Peter, 4 W. Regent street
Steven, John, 105 Eaglesham st
Stevenson, Robt. & Son 25 Risk st
Stevenson,W. &Co.28 Robertson st
Stewart, P. M'B. & Co. 120 to 130
. Salkeld street
Storer, James, & Co. 48 French st.
and at London, Liverpool, Bir-
mingham and Leith
Struther.3, Robt., 22 Crookston st
Sussex Portland Cement Co. Ltd.;
agent, A. B. Shaw, 65 West Re-
gent st
Tonner, Wm. 85 Douglas st
Tunnel Portland Cement Co. (Ld.),
London, Jas. Rankin, sole agt.
166 Eglinton street
Wailes, Dove & Co. of Newcastle-
on-Tyne, sole manufacturers and
patentees of " Wailes' Marine
Cement," for ships' bilges ; one-
fifth the weight of Portland ce-
ment ; largely adopted in the
mercantile marine and H.M.'s
war- ships ; the original and only
successful marine cement in the
market ; beware of imitations ; 6
Oswald St.; telephone No. 3852 ;
telegrams "Wailes."
Wilson, Daniel, 124 Bothwell st
Wormald & Co. (marina cements,
paints, and glues, non-conduct-
ing coverings), 43 Victoria st.
Young, James, 616 Eglinton st
Those marked a are anolior makers.
ttAhbot, John, & Co. (Limited),
Park Works, Gateshead-on-Tyne;
sole agent, Wm. A. Dobie, 11
Bothwell st
Angus, J. & Co. 64 W. Howard st.
aArmour, Robt. 308 Stobcross st
Bain, Wm. B. & J. 93 Holm st
Baird, Arohd. & Son, 59-61 Water-
loo street ; branch warehouse,
stores, and works, Hamilton
Barclay & Mathieson, 159 to 163
Centre street
Barclay, James, 17 Oswald st
Biggar & Hendry, 84 Maxwell st
Cameron, D. & Co. Springfield
Iron Works, 80, 88 M'Neil st
aCherrie, James M. 21 Hope st
Connop Bros. Cradley Heath; J. J.
H. Cruickshanks, 62 St. Via. st
aCruickshank, J. J. H. (agent), 62
St. Vincent st
Gumming, R. S. Royal Exchange
Dalziel & Co., 8 Bothwell street
Dempster, Mooi-e, & Co. 49 Robert-
son st
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. 345 Argyle st
Donald, John, Ltd., 42 Cadogan

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