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Berkeley Street West, and at 76 Charlotte Street.
President, J. King, Esq.; directors, A. D. Ruther-
ard, Prof. Dickson, D.D., P. Gardner, W. Paterson,
1 J. Broadfoot, A. M'Onie, J. B. Russell, M.D., A. Fer-
gus, M.D., J. Manford, Jas. Raid, A. Paterson, Wm.
, Graham; treasurer, Geo. Munsie, 109 Virginia Place;
secretaries, Geo. Black and Wm. Geo. Black, 88 West
/Regent Street; senior surgeon, Thomas Raid, M.D. ;
: surgeons, T. S. Meighan, M.D., Henry E. Clark,
j jM.R.C.S., J. C. Renton, M.D.; assistant surgeons,
jD. N. Knox, M.A., M.B., J. Macfie, M.D., A. F.
.Fergus, M.B. ; house surgeon, D. J. Mackintosh,
. iM.B., C.M.; consulting surgeon, G. Buchanan, M.D.
Visitors — Gentlemen, W. Henderson, G. Gibson, B.
G. Munsie, Prof. Cowan, M.D., W. Galbraith, A. Han-
; nay, W. Newlands, A. Drew, Hugh Taylor, A. Mein.
. Ladies, Mrs. Mackenzie, 1 OakfieldTer., Mrs. Hether-
lington, 13 Oakfield Ter., Mrs. Ronaldson, 7 Park
iTerrace, Mrs. Jaap, 23 Oakfield Ter., Mrs. Wallace,
,, S Granby Ter., Mrs. Paterson, 8 Claremont Ter., Mrs.
, Hannay, 10 Clairmont Gardens, Mrs. King, 12 Clare-
' mont Ter., Mrs. Black, 1 Alfred Terrace, Miss Kerr,
,. 5 Newton Place, Miss Galbraith, Johnstone Castle,
,• >Iiss Gilchrist, 11 Sandyford Place. House steward
md collector of subscriptions at Berkeley St., Mr.
D.Anderson. House-keeper, Miss Chalmers. House-
keepers at Charlotte St., Mr. and Mrs. James Hunter.
■ At the end of 1884 there remained on the books
)f the Infirmary 3975 cases ; the number of new
jljiiases admitted in 1885 was 9580, making the total
lumber of cases under the care of the medical ofScera
jljluiing the year 13,545.
54 Ddndas Street.
Medical Officers. — Con. physic. Dr. J. B. Cowan,
iseases of the throat and chest, Dr. D. Maclean,
iseases of the ear and skin, Dr, A. D. Stewart.
iseases of women and children, Dr. A. M'Phee.
iseases of the kidney and urinary organs. Dr. C.
lack. Secretary and Treasurer, Robert Meldrum,
,mter, 87 West Regent Street,
; The Glasgow Public Dispensary was established
ior the purpose of giving gratuitous medical advice to
liersons in necessitous circumstances, not receiving
' larochial relief, and is conducted by various medical
fficers, each giving advice in a special department
f disease to which he has devoted himself.
Opportunities are afforded to students to study
pecial diseases under the medical staff, who conduct
Uniques twice weekly. Patients unalile to come to
he dispensary are visited at their own houses by
tudents under the supervision of the medical officers.
?he dispensary is supported by voluntary coutribu-
ions, but advice being gratuitous, it is expected that
hose who are able will pay for medicine supplied.
This Society was instituted in 1844 for mutual
'j|nprovement in professional knowledge, for mutual
ipsistance in professional duties when required, and
(jr the promotion of amiable feelings amongst the
l^embers. The society meets in 11 Bridge Street
very alternate Thursday from October to May (in-
lusive). Secretary, Jas. Hamilton, M.B., 24 Abbots-
)rd Place,
Corner of North Portland Street and Rottenrow.
The objects of this institution are— (1) To attend
to women in the hospital, and also at their own
homes during their confinement, and (2) to provide
a training school in practical obstetrics for medical
students, ladies nurses, and midwives. The hospital
was rebuilt in 1880, and is as complete as possible
both as regards constuction and sanitary arrange-
ments. Patients in labour are admitted at once on
application at the hospital loithout any recommenda-
tion. Separate wards are provided for married
women, and also for others who may need special
treatment. Women suffering from any infectious
disease are not admitted. A committee of ladies
visit the hospital and assist the directors.
Medical Officers. — Dr. G. Buchanan, consulting
surgeon ; Dr. Wm. Leishman, senior consulting phy-
sician ; Dr. Hugh Miller, consulting physician ; Drs.
Samuel Sloan and W. L. Reid, obstetric physicians ;
Drs. Wm. Muir and Arch. Sloan, assistant obstetric
physicians ; Dr. David Newman, pathologist ; Drs.
J. Dunlop, T, F. Gilmour, H. B. Wilson, M. Black,
John Ritchie, and Alexander Jamieson, out-door ac-
coucheurs; Miss Gordon, matron; James Reid, 184
Ingram St., hon. treasurer; Arthur Forbes, 146 Bu-
chanan Street, secretary ; Adam Sutherland, cashier ;
W. Beattie, collector.
The number of women who derived the benefit of
this institution during the past year was 1644.
126 West Regent Street.
Every subscriber of £1 Is. annually, and donor of
£5 in one sum towards the maintenance, shall have
the privilege of recommending three patients yearly,
with three additional recommendations for every
additional subscription of £1 Is., or donation of £5.
The number of new patients admitted to the bene-
fits of the Institution last year was 3295 ; of these
2915 were treated as out-door patients, while 380
were admitted into the house for important operations.
Secretary, Henry Johnston, 125 Buchanan Street.
The Institution is open to out-door patients daily,
between the hours of 1 and 3 p.m. Cases of acci-
dent admitted at any hour. Operations performed
on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A course of Lectures
and Clinical Instruction for Medical Students is given
during the summer and winter sessions.
41 Rottenrow Street.
Incorporated by seal of cause from the Magistrates
and Town Council, and supported by voluntary
This institution was formed in 1805, for the cure
of unfortunate females. The directors are chosen
annually, and consist of one from the Clergy, one
from the Town Council, one from the Merchants'
House, one from the Trades' House, two from the
Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, and six from
the general body of subscribers.
Dr. James Dunlop and Dr. A. Patterson, acting
surgeons ; R. Young, secretary, 4 West Nile Street ;
T. D. Findlay, treasurer, 146 Buchanan Street ; P.
Condra, superintendent.

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